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Key (sts. per inch)
Superbulky 1.5-2.75 | Bulky 3-3.75 | Heavy worsted 4-4.5 | Worsted 4.5-5.5 | Double-knitting (DK) 5.5-6 | Sport 6-6.5 | Fingering 7 to 8

Gauge Yarn Manufacturer
Bulky Wabi-Sabi Alchemy Yarns
Bulky Kyoto Artfibers
Bulky Portrait Artful Yarns
Bulky Fisherman's Bulky Bartlett Yarns
Bulky Cirrus Berroco
Bulky Techno Blue Sky Alpacas
Bulky Robusta Briar Rose Fibers
Bulky Ecological Wool Cascade Yarns
Bulky Malizia Cascade Yarns
Bulky Shimmer Crystal Palace Yarns
Bulky Muschio Filatura di Crosa / Takhi Stacy Charles
Bulky Fee GGH
Bulky Intension GGH
Bulky Fluff Great Adirondack Yarn Co.
Bulky Alafoss Lopi Istex
Bulky Cashair Jaeger
Bulky Chamonix Jaeger
Bulky Empire Jill Draper makes Stuff
Bulky Aurora Bulky Karabella Yarns
Bulky Softig Karabella Yarns
Bulky Super Yak Karabella Yarns
Bulky Jam Knit One Crochet Too
Bulky Malabrigo Chunky Malabrigo
Bulky Transitions Noro
Bulky Baby Alpaca Brush Plymouth
Bulky Merino 12 Prism
Bulky Osprey and Puffin Quince & Co.
Bulky Cabana Reynolds
Bulky Cork Rowan Yarns
Bulky Cotton Braid Rowan Yarns
Bulky Cotton Tape Rowan Yarns
Bulky Polar Rowan Yarns
Bulky Purelife British Sheep Breeds Rowan Yarns
Bulky Sheep 2 Sheep Shop Yarn Company
Bulky Un-Spun Icelandic Schoolhouse Press
Bulky Baby Alpaka Naturbelassen Shoppel Wolle (Skacel)
Bulky Roulette Skacel
Bulky (several) Solitude Wool
Bulky Lana Tahki Yarns
Bulky Bouclé White Gum Wool
Bulky Boutique Yarn (Line Preview) The Yarn Boutique
Bulky Zealana Eco Merino/Possum Chunky Zealana
DK Hand Paints The Alpaca Yarn Company
DK Soft Linen Classic Elite Yarns
DK 2016 Hebridean Daughter of a Shepherd
DK British Blue Wool Erika Knight
DK Mink Cashmere Great Northern Yarns
DK Granite State Green Green Mountain Spinnery
DK New Mexico Organic Green Mountain Spinnery
DK Sylvan Spirit Green Mountain Spinnery
DK English Leicester Longwool Hawthorne Cottage Yarns
DK Heirloom easy care 8-ply Heirloom Yarns
DK 2-Ply DK-Weight Yarn Imperial Stock Ranch
DKLuxury Tweed Jaeger
DK Jo Sharp handknitting yarn Jo Sharp
DKCashmere Elite Karabella
DK Buachaille Kate Davies
DK Baskerville Kettle Yarn Co.
DK Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice Silky Wool KFI
DK Shine Knit Picks
DK Overview Knitspot Bare Naked Yarns
DK Cashmere Canapa Lanaknits Designs Hemp for Knitting
DK Green Line DK Lorna's Laces
DK Swirl Lorna's Laces
DK Mrs. Crosby Mrs. Crosby
DKWater Street North Light Fibers
DK Angora Northwest Angora
DK Supersoft 8-Ply Pear Tree Yarn
DK Cashmere Passion Plymouth Yarn
DK Calmer Rowan Yarns
DK Cashsoft Rowan Yarns
DK Linen drape Rowan Yarns
DK Wool cotton Rowan Yarns
DK Un-Spun Icelandic Schoolhouse Press
DKTwig Shibui Knits
DK Luminous The Sincere Sheep
DK (several) Solitude Wool
DKStansborough Grey Stansborough
DK Sable Tahki
DK Ulysses DK and Chunky Toft
DK Boutique Yarn (Line Preview) The Yarn Boutique
Fingering Mohair Magic Adventure Yarns
Fingering Haiku Alchemy Yarns
Fingering Juniper Alchemy Yarns
Fingering Titus Baa Ram Ewe
Fingering Bluefaced Leicester Laceweight Blacker Yarns
Fingering Loft Brooklyn Tweed
Fingering Buffalo Gold #11 Buffalo Gold
Fingering Lux #12 Buffalo Gold
Fingering Supersock Cherry Tree Hill
Fingering Vail Classic Elite
Fingering Smooshy Sock Yarn Dream in Color
Fingering Nirvana and Superior together Filatura di Crosa
Fingering Piper Quince & Co.
Fingering Superior Filatura di Crosa
Fingering Spinnery Sock Art Meadow Green Mountain Spinnery
Fingering Cashmere Habu Textiles
Fingering Nature's Palette Merino Hand Jive Knits
Fingering Nature's Palette Silk and Wool Laceweight Hand Jive Knits
Fingering Sea Silk Hand Maiden
Fingering Entice Hazel Knits
Fingering Himalaya recycled silk Himalaya Yarn Co.
Fingering Isager Yarns overview Isager
Fingering Alpaca 4-ply Jaeger
Fingering Caravan Just Our Yarn
Fingering Baskerville Kettle Yarn Co.
Fingering Overview Knitspot Bare Naked Yarns
Fingering Koigo Painter's Palette Premium Merino Koigo Wool Designs
Fingering Sterling Kraemer Yarns
Fingering Lou Lou Land O Lace
Fingering Helen's lace Lorna's Laces
Fingering Solemate Lorna's Laces
Fingering Mooi Louet
Fingering Signature Series Paco Vicuņas Louet
Fingering Lace-weight merino Morehouse Farm Merino
Fingering Mrs. Crosby Mrs. Crosby
Fingering Kureyon Sock Noro
FingeringWater Street North Light Fibers
Fingering Mericash Punta del Este
Fingering Ravenwood Cashmere Ravenwood Cashmere and Soaps
Fingering Rio de la Plata Sock Rio de la Plata
Fingering Fine Art Rowan
Fingering Regia Jacquard Schachenmayr
Fingering Un-Spun Icelandic Schoolhouse Press
Fingering Milan Tilli Tomas
Fingering Symphony Lace Tilli Tomas
Fingering High Twist A Verb for Keeping Warm
Fingering Qiviut Royal Blend Windy Valley Muskox
Fingering Boutique Yarn (Line Preview) The Yarn Boutique
Fingering Shetland 2000 Yarns International
Fingering Air Zealana
Fingering Opal Zwerger Garn
Heavy worsted / AranEva Adrienne Vittadini
Heavy worsted Natasha Adrienne Vittadini
Heavy worsted Kozmos Alchemy Yarns
Heavy worsted Signature alpaca/merino blend Alpaca Fiber Exchange
Heavy worsted Mohair classic & classic heather Berroco
Heavy worsted Techno Blue Sky Alpacas
Heavy worsted Worsted Hand Dyes Blue Sky Alpacas
Heavy worsted Shelter Brooklyn Tweed
Heavy worsted Chunky Baby Alpaca Catalina Yarns
Heavy worsted Bazic Wool Classic Elite
Heavy worsted Newport cotton Classic Elite
Heavy worsted Lush Classic Elite
Heavy worsted La Gran Classic Elite
Heavy worsted Mohair 12 ply Cleckheaton
Heavy worsted Mohair Frappe Crystal Palace Yarns
Heavy worsted Hand-dyed mohair Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm
Heavy worsted Cormo Alpaca Classic Foxfire Fiber & Design
Heavy worstedThe Irish Ewe Aran The Irish Ewe
Heavy worstedMasham Worsted Lorna's Lace
Bulky Empire Jill Draper makes Stuff
Heavy worsted Boku Plymouth Yarn
Heavy worsted 2nd Time Cotton Knit One Crochet Too
Heavy worsted Tartelette Knit One Crochet Too
Heavy worsted Twist Malabrigo
Heavy worsted 1824 cotton Mission Falls
Heavy worsted Merino Ribbon Mountain Colors
Heavy worsted Mrs. Crosby Mrs. Crosby
Heavy worsted Summer tweed Rowan
Heavy worsted Mohana Schachenmayr
Heavy worsted Un-Spun Icelandic Schoolhouse Press
Heavy worsted Rare Comfort Jo Sharp
Heavy worstedShokay Pure Yak Down Shokay
Heavy worsted Baby Alpaka Naturbelassen Shoppel Wolle (Skacel)
Heavy worsted Silk Wool SMC Select
Heavy worsted (several) Solitude Wool
Heavy worsted Bandolino Stahl
Heavy worsted 2-Ply Natural White Sweet Grass Wools
Heavy worsted 10 Ply Aran Weight White Cormo Ton of Wool
Heavy worsted Berkshire Valley Yarns
Heavy worsted Pioneer A Verb for Keeping Warm
Sport weight Sportweight Alpaca Blue Sky Alpacas
Sport weight Loft Brooklyn Tweed
Sport weight Undyed Merino Catskill Merino
Sport weight Fresco Classic Elite
Sport weight Hauk Dalegarn
Sport weight 2016 Hebridean Daughter of a Shepherd
Sport weight Sea Wool Fleece Artist
Sport weight Swiss Mountain Silk Hand Maiden
Sport weight Buachaille Kate Davies
Sport weight Ambrosia Knit Picks
Sport weight Maine merino Maine Merino
Sport weight Elena Moeke Yarns
Sport weight Weaver's wool Mountain Colors
Sport weight Mrs. Crosby Mrs. Crosby
Sport weightWater Street North Light Fibers
Sport weight Cashmere Passion Plymouth Yarn
Sport weight Chickadee Quince & Co.
Sport weight Piper Quince & Co.
Sport weight Riihivilla Aarni Riihivilla
Sport weight Mohair Haze Rowan
Sport weight Un-Spun Icelandic Schoolhouse Press
Sport weight Sunday Knits Overview Sunday Knits
Sport weight Symphony Lace Tilli Tomas
Sport weight Boutique Yarn (Line Preview) The Yarn Boutique
Sport weight Blend No. 1 Ysolda
Superbulky Houdini Artfibers
Superbulky Circus Artful Yarns
Superbulky X-Press Berroco
Superbulky Gusto Cleckheaton
Superbulky Corriedale Pencil Roving Crown Mountain Farms
Superbulky Alaska GGH
Superbulky India Lana Grossa
Superbulky TDF (To Die For) Mango Moon
Superbulky Implession Noro
Superbulky Sahara Noro
Superbulky Baby Alpaca Magna Plymouth
Superbulky Bulky Lopi Reynolds Yarns, a division of JCA Inc. (now from Alafoss)
Superbulky Alpaca Chunky Rowan
Superbulky Cotton Braid Rowan
Superbulky Lumio Schachenmayr
Superbulky Alegretto SMC Select
Superbulky (several) Solitude Wool
Superbulky White Buffalo Unspun Spinrite Yarns
Superbulky Baby Tahki / Stacy Charles Inc.
Superbulky Boutique Yarn (Line Preview) The Yarn Boutique
Worsted Angelina Adrienne Vittadini
Worsted Hebridean 3 Ply Alice Starmore
Worsted Signature alpaca/merino blend Alpaca Fiber Exchange
Worsted Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Artyarns
Worsted Looney Tunis B&Y Farm
Worsted Two-ply mohair/merino blend Beaverslide Dry Goods
Worsted Suede Berroco
Worsted Vintage Wool Berroco
Worsted Colorflow Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill
Worsted 2-Ply Worsted Black Water Abbey Yarns
Worsted Luscious Single Silk Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Worsted Shelter Brooklyn Tweed
Worsted Buffalo Gals Yarn Buffalo Gals
Worsted Crestone Classic Elite
Worsted Inca Alpaca Classic Elite
Worsted Kumara Classic Elite
Worsted Vista Classic Elite
Worsted Wings Classic Elite
Worsted Heaven's Hand Wool Classic Cornelia Hamilton
Worsted Alpaca Silk Debbie Bliss
Worsted Cotton Angora Debbie Bliss
Worsted Cotton Cashmere Debbie Bliss
Worsted British Blue Wool Erika Knight
Worsted Wooly Worsted Washable Ewe Ewe
Worsted Mermaid Fibra Natura
Worsted Upland Wool and Alpaca Foxfire Fiber & Design
Worsted Angora-Tweed Garnstudio
Worsted Julia Goddess Yarns
Worsted Wool and Alpaca Good Karma Farm
Worsted Mountain Mohair Green Mountain Spinnery
Worsted Wonderfully Woolly Green Mountain Spinnery
Worsted Botanica Halcyon Yarn
Worsted Nature's Palette Organic Worsted-Weight Columbia Yarn Hand Jive Knits
Worsted Kettle-Dyed Pure Merino HandPaintedYarn.com
Worsted Breeze Heirloom
Worsted Shetland DK Jamieson
Worsted Aurora 8 Karabella Yarns
Worsted Cornucopia Kollage Yarns
Worsted Kitchen Cotton Lion Brand Yarns
Worsted Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Lorna's Laces
Worsted Malabrigo Malabrigo Yarn
Worsted Twist Malabrigo
Worsted Cotton Stria Manos del Uruguay
Worsted Marr Haven Fine Wool Yarn Marr Haven Wool Farm
Worsted Seacolors Meadowcroft Farm
Worsted Mostly merino Mostly Merino Fine Vermont Wool
Worsted Mrs. Crosby Mrs. Crosby
Worsted Foxen Sheep Nature's Luxury
Worsted Lily Eisaku Noro
Worsted Classic Merino Patons
Worsted Peace Fleece Peace Fleece
Worsted Supersoft 8-Ply Pear Tree Yarn
Worsted Pakucho 100% Organic Cotton Peru Naturtex
Worsted Cashmere Passion Plymouth Yarn
Worsted Royal Cashmere Plymouth Yarn
Worsted Royal Llama Silk Plymouth Yarn
Worsted Lark Quince & Co.
Worsted Denim Rowan Yarns
Worsted Kidsilk haze Rowan Yarns
Worsted Lima Rowan Yarns
Worsted Rowanspun DK Rowan Yarns
Worsted Un-Spun Icelandic Schoolhouse Press
Worsted Cashmere Queen Schoppel Wolle
Worsted Cashmere-Moda Schulana (Skacel)
Worsted Silkroad Jo Sharp
Worsted Sheep 1 Sheep Shop Yarn Company
Worsted Silk Wool SMC Select
Worsted (several) Solitude Wool
Worsted Clun Forest Solitude Wool
Worsted Optimum South West Trading Company
Worsted Soy Silk Phoenix Yarn South West Trading Company
Worsted Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller - Overview Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller / Red Heart
Worsted Soft Donegal Studio Donegal / Leilani Arts
Worsted Angora Merino Sublime
Worsted Swans Island Certified Organic Merino Swans Island
Worsted Cancun Tahki S. Charles
Worsted Donegal Tweed Tahki Yarns
Worsted 2-ply worsted Tregellys Fiber Farm
Worsted Binario Trendsetter
Worsted Pioneer A Verb for Keeping Warm
Worsted O-Wool Balance Vermont Organic Fiber Co.
Worsted Poppi's Worsted Icelandic Wellspring Woolens
Worsted Får Woolfolk
Worsted Boutique Yarn (Line Preview) The Yarn Boutique
Worsted Zealana Eco Merino/Possum Chunky Zealana
Worsted Maratona Zegna Baruffa / Lane Borgosesia
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