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  Too Cute! Cotton Knits for Toddlers
by Debby Ware
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Everyone I know seems to be having babies these days. And as every knitter knows, a new baby means a new project.

The first book from Debby Ware, this soft-bound, beginner-friendly pattern collection focuses on toddlers, with most patterns for 6-12 month or 18-24 month-olds.

Ware's style is charming yet conventional. Occasionally you'll find a hint of whimsy that's reminiscent of Jill Eaton (of Minnowknits).

Best for Beginners
Excepting an occasional bobble, rib, or seed stitch, Ware's garments are made using simple knit and purl stitches. A few designs use multiple colors, but even here, Ware often instructs you to add the colors later using duplicate stitches.

Advanced knitters will most likely want to skip the Knitting Basics section at the beginning of the book. There you'll find extremely elemtary information such as the basic "must-have" knitting tools and why Ware finds them important.

A sizeable instructions area details techniques such as the one-needle cast-on, knit and purl stitches, increasing by knitting in the front and back of a stitch, binding off, checking your gauge, reading charts, using bobbins, etc.

This is followed by several pages describing various finishing techniques.

Room for Romping
Of the eight garment designs in the book, the majority are loose-fitting cardigans. You'll also find patterns for a beret, beanie, hat pattern, and five bootie variations. In all cases, Ware adds a generous amount of ease to her patterns.

One Book, One Yarn
Reading this book gave me a sense of deja vu. While the patterns are decidedly different from one another, they all share a common sense of uniformity. Re-reading, I discovered that they all call for the same yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic.

Considering the frequency with which yarn companies change their offerings, I was surprised that Ware and her publisher would feel comfortable potentially limiting their book to such an extent.

The minute Tahki discontinues Cotton Classic, Ware's book will become outdated. Yes, more knitters are comfortable substituting yarns these days, and Cotton Classic is one of the Tahki staples. But still, I was surprised.

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