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  Vogue Knitting on the Go:
Baby Blankets

edited by Trisha Malcolm
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A perennial favorite for children's knits is the baby blanket, slow to be outgrown and sure to offer great comfort.

You'll find a huge assortment of free baby blanket patterns online, but nothing can kick-start a project like a Vogue Knitting pattern. That's because you get clear, colorful photographs of the finished product, plus instructions that are consistently clear, professional, and easy to follow.

Colorful Collection

This book, another in the Vogue Knitting on the Go series, presents 24 baby blanket patterns spanning a variety of styles, techniques, and skill levels. You'll find chevron lace, entrelac, fair-isle, floral patterns, figural motifs, and easy patchwork patterns.


The book's small size means easy portability, although baby blankets aren't generally as portable projects as, say, socks.

Recommended yarns are mostly low- to mid-priced machine-washable wools and acrylic blends, with a few cottons and alpaca blends as well.

The Patterns

The skill range for these patterns is intermediate to expert, with only three patterns at the Very Easy, Very Vogue level.

Patterns are fully charted and diagrammed where necessary. Color charts are coded by colors rather than symbols, which could cause difficulty if you choose to make a photocopy enlargement of the chart.

Getting with the Times

My one peeve with most knitting books today holds true for this one as well. At the end of the book, you'll find a two-page list of yarn company names and addresses.

Although the list is helpful, it would be infinitely more useful if it included Web site URLs and email addresses too.

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