Charlie's stocking

Charlie's Christmas Stocking
by Cat Bordhi

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My grandson Charlie needed his first Christmas stocking this year. Being an utterly in-love grandma, I wanted to design something extra special for my little guy.

Children love pockets, so I inserted two pouches in the arch expansion area, one to hold carrots for Rudolph and the other a gingerbread cookie for Santa.

woops, too big!

My first try had three pouches and was bigger than Charlie!

Charlie with his unfelted and felted stocking for comparison

Here is Charlie with his final felted stocking and an unfelted one for comparison.

The Miracle of Felt
Felting makes the stocking sturdy and blurs all stitch details—any minor mistakes vanish! And the stocking knits up rapidly on one 24” (60 cm) circular needle, except for the toe and the inner pouches, which require dpn’s, a second circ, or one long circ.

I describe a secret of arch expansion in my book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One: Arch increases may be organized in any way one likes. This knowledge assured me the pouches could function as a shaping (increasing) device.

The Miracle of Disproportionate Waste Yarn Openings
Look at the photo. See how the pouches actually widen the leg over the arch, stairstepping their way forward? The lower edge of each pouch is twice the length of its upper edge.

This is achieved through a technique I call disproportionate waste yarn openings. A cousin of standard waste yarn openings (which produce openings with equal numbers of stitches top and bottom), my disproportionate waste yarn opening technique lets you make one edge longer than the other.

I’ve made two Youtube videos demonstrating the process. You’ll find them here and here.

I hope the readers of Knitter’s Review will find this intriguing technique useful in their own knitting explorations. In a recent workshop I was delighted when I shared the idea and one participant began to spout design concepts like a fountain!

 Download the pattern (in PDF format)
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