Sizing Up Oddballs
How much yarn is in that skein?

yummy leftovers!

If you're like me, you have bins of yarn whose labels have long since disappeared. And in those few cases where you thought to save the label, the skein itself has been partially used. So how do you figure out how much yarn you have left, and what its gauge and recommended needle size are?

Sure, you could unravel the skein by hand and use a ruler, but this could make quite a mess. Likewise, you could knit swatches with every needle size you own until you see what looks best—but who has the time?

If you're serious about making use of your leftovers, there are some tools and techniques to help.

  New: Using a Kitchen Scale
  Using a Niddy Noddy
  Using a McMorran Yarn Balance
  Using a Yarn Meter
  Matching to Needle Size and Gauge