the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival poster image Report from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
Howard County Fairgrounds
May 2003
by Jennifer H. (KR forum name Bluestocking)

How can I even begin to describe the fiber extravaganza that is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival?

It is complete sensory overload for the knitter, spinner, weaver, and felter. If you can imagine it, you can find it in multiples at the festival.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival has been held for 30 years at the Howard County Fairgrounds, located between Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland. Though penned in on all sides by urban development, Howard County is still a bucolic farming community in many respects thanks to an excellent farm preservation program.

This makes it a perfect spot for the festival, with its "agricultural county fair" character -- sheep, goats, alpaca, llamas, and rabbits proliferate, along with the accompanying shows, competitions, and activities.

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