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Crystal Palace Daisy Single-Pointed Knitting Needles

Crystal Palace Yarns Daisy needles
Close-up of the Daisy needle tip
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First Take
You can never have too much whimsy in your life. And these lightweight, colorful needles definitely qualify.

Brought to us by Crystal Palace Yarns, the Daisy Knitting Needles are a fun way to complete your needle arsenal without breaking the budget.

They're made of a strong, lightweight plastic resin that bends ever so slightly in the smaller sizes. The tip and cap are one color, and the body is another—and the color combinations are different with each needle size.

Size is marked in US and mm in large, black old-fashioned lettering.

Deconstructing Daisy
The needle construction couldn't be any simpler. The body is a hollow tube, with tip plugged in one side and cap plugged on the other.

The join between tip and body is almost imperceptible to the touch, which means you won't have to work when sliding stitches over it.

The tip has a short taper that steepens at the very end.

The smooth plastic introduces moderate drag over your stitches, holding them snugly in place.

Dare I Say... a Delight?
Despite the high cuteness factor of these needles, they're actually pleasant to use. I shared them with several experienced knitters who normally sniff at anything but Addi or solid rosewood, and even they were surprised.

Not that they'd replace those needles, but they're a great alternative to have handy in emergencies. And even the largest pair—a size 35 that could double as croquet mallets—is only $7.50.

Available Sizes
Needles marked in US and metric sizes.

10- and 14-inch:
US 9, 10, 10.5, 10.75, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 35
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