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Gauge Wizard
 The Gauge Wizard

Brought to you by the same folks who make the Sweater Wizard knitwear design software, the Gauge Wizard is a simple plastic ruler with a magnifying element along the bottom. Set it on top of your swatches and you can clearly see and measure your gauge.

It's not one of those knitting bag essentials like, say, a measuring tape or darning needle. For people who never bother checking their gauge or knitting test swatches ahead of time, this tool won't be of much value. And if you have perfect eyesight and only use extremely well-defined yarns, you might not see the need for this.

But if you're a disciplined swatcher—as we hope you are—the Gauge Wizard will make your life a lot easier. I consider it one of those "Aha, I have just the tool for this!" tools you can smugly pull from your bag at the very moment you need it most.

Vital Stats
Measuring 8 inches by 2 inches, the Gauge Wizard ruler is made of clear plastic with a blue background and white lettering for easier readability. It has standard 8-inch ruler markings across the top and markings for four inches beneath the center of the magnifier, in the exact spot where you'd need to check your swatch stitches.

A few caveats: The measurements are only along one side of the tool, so you won't get a pure square measurement at once (i.e. stitches and rows at the same time).

Also, I recommend you keep it in its original plastic bag to preserve its scratch-free luster as long as possible. Then again, at $6.50 a pop, you can afford to replace it every year or two.

You can find the Gauge Wizard online at Software4Knitting.

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