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Hand-Dyed Yarns From Willow Wood Pond

Willow Wood Ponds yarnWillow Wood Ponds yarnWillow Wood Ponds yarn
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Cecelia Taylor has always been in love with color. Long before she picked up her first pair of knitting needles, she had already spent years studying watercolor and oil painting.

When she learned to knit two years ago, she began to study the color of yarns around her. "I didn't find a lot that was really different," she says.

"If I couldn't find the unique," she decided, "I'd learn how to make it." So she enrolled in a dye class at her local yarn shop, and soon Willow Wood Pond was born.

Willow Wood Pond YarnTurning Lemons into Lemonade
Cecelia began to sell her hand-dyed yarns to local shops while continuing to work full-time in real estate -- a job she found deeply dissatisfying.

In the summer of 2002, things came to a standstill when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She took the news as a sign that it was time to move from the unfulfilling to the fulfilling, turning her energies full-time toward something she loved. She launched the Willow Wood Pond Web site and began to promote her yarns on a national level.

Today Taylor is doing wonderfully and maintains a philosophical attitude about her illness. "If I hadn't discovered I had breast cancer," she explains, "I wouldn't have closed my real estate office and started to dye yarn full-time. And I wouldn't have meet the wonderful people who have become my customers and students."

She adds, "How lucky we are to follow our heart."

Willow Wood Pond YarnEye for Color
When people tell me they're just starting out at something, I tend to adjust my expectations accordingly. But when I opened the box of yarns Cecelia sent, I gasped in wonder.

She applies her colors with the sophisticated eye, confident hand, and creative moderation of an experienced artist.

The results are rich and vibrant yet harmonious. She resists the temptation to go overboard with her colors, understanding the power of subtlety.

The Offerings
Cecelia has chosen an assortment of yarns as her palette, not just your standard washable wools but also textured cottons, brushed and smooth mohair blends, cotton and rayon chenilles, and innovative combinations of textures and fibers plied together.

All colors are painted onto the yarn by hand using artist brushes, which guarantees a more varied color distribution in the knitted product. All colorways are available in all yarns.

the bright and cheerful Jelly Beans colorFruity Favorites
Taylor's young business continues to grow as she explores new ways to bring color and texture to the knitted medium. Most recently, she launched a new line of washable wool yarn for children's socks and clothing.

She calls it the Fruit Yarn, with names such as Jelly Bean (shown here), Lime Aid, Lemon Aid, Orange Aid, and Grape Juice. The idea is to offer what Cecelia calls "bright colors we all need in our lives."

She's also starting to explore the idea of mix-and-match color and texture collections. She plans to offer coordinating prints (or color mixes) and solids (light and dark hues of the same color) in mohair, cotton, and ribbon.

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