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what's in the box

The Clover pom-pon kit has an instant appeal: cute packaging. The whole thing comes in a colorful little box with fun pictures of pom-pon dolls all over it.

Inside the box are four pairs of U-shaped plastic pieces, each pair in a different size and color. My box, which was supposed to include instructions in English, had Japanese instructions instead. I can't read a word of Japanese, but fortunately the pictures were extremely clear, so I followed them instead.

step 1
step 1
join both sides together
cut around the perimeter of the form
tie the knot

Operating Instructions
In the very beginning, each piece of the pair is actually two pieces stuck together. You'll want to start by picking one color/size and separating each pair so that you have four pieces total.

Line two of the pieces up, back to back, so that the "feet" on the bottom face out. Take your yarn and begin wrapping it around and around and around and around, and when you think you've done enough, wrap some more.

Put this piece aside and follow the same steps with the other pair.

Coming Full Circle
Now you're ready to join the two sides together to make a circle. If you hold the "feet" near one another, you'll notice that each one slides into a groove in the other one to form a fairly solid join.

Cutting Loose
Now comes the fun part. Get a sharp pair of scissors -- I stress the word "sharp" here because dull scissors will make your life miserable.

Stick the tip of the scissors in the crack that was formed between the two u-shaped pieces of plastic. This runs around the outside perimiter of your circle.

Now, follow this crack and cut the yarn all the way around the circle. At this point you'll have a wad of loose strands, so this next step is critical: Take a strand of yarn (enough to give your hands room to work), slide it through that same crack in which you cut the yarn, tie a knot, and pull it as tight as you can. Keeping tension in that knot, tie another knot to make sure the join is solid.

Breaking Free
Freedom is on the horizon! Now you can remove the mold. Simply pull each side of the circle apart and poof, you've got a pom-pon.

Shake it out and trim any irregular strands, and you're ready to go!

To Buy or Not To Buy
This is a great little set of tools. Sure, the instructions were only in Japanese. But that won't keep you from getting years and years of use out of these little guys.

The only potential drawback is that each piece is made of a somewhat thin plastic. Several years of hard use might result in a crack.

But then again, if you make pom-pons as often as I do, these would probably last a lifetime. And at $5.50 for four different pom-pon molds, you're getting your money's worth.

Available Sizes
One boxed kit containing four molds: 32mm, 45mm, 55mm, and 90mm
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