A skein of Dive Mohair Kiss
Dive Mohair Kiss once knitted up

Yarn Profile: diVe Mohair Kiss Ombre

First Impressions
After a certain point, all brushed mohairs begin to look alike. Many are actually manufactured at the same mill, then labelled under different names and shipped to their respective vendors. Because of this, our purchasing choices are often based more on packaging, price, and available colors than on the fiber itself.

The mohair I decided to try attracted me because of its extraordinary color. Although diVe Mohair Kiss is available in a number of solid colors, it was the "Ombre" multicolored line that drew my eye immediately.

Not only are the Ombre colors vivid and compelling, but they are spaced close together so that your resulting garment has specs of color instead of sloppy looking stripes.

You're likely to find this yarn at your local shop, possibly in the sale bin. As for the online world, I was only able to locate it online at Yarns-And.com, where it's sold in economical 10-skein bags. You can view the Ombre color card here and the solid colors here and here.

The colors are typically Italian, varying from loud and sassy to rich and sensually earthy. For this review, I used color #1058.

Knitting Up
Mohair Kiss Ombre behaved like most other brushed mohairs I've tried. I made slightly exaggerated hand movements to make each stitch, instead of my normal close-to-the-needle throwing and tugging. This kept the snag-happy fuzz in check.

It was a pleasure to watch the colors unfold in front of me. Each color is dyed in shorter batches, making the color changes more frequent.

Blocking / Washing
Don't be surprised if you see a little bleeding during your first wash. The bleeding appears to be a one-time phenomenon. In subsequent washes, the water was clear each time.

There was no change in gauge, and no visible loss in color.

The swatches required only minimal blocking. With brushed mohair, blocking can flatten the fluff. To revive the texture, simply take the dried, blocked garment in your hands and squeeze it a few times.

Mohair Kiss Ombre is a solid yarn that wears well. After a good amount of torment, the mohair fibers finally began to flatten a bit. However, the yarn's core still had enough strength and body to keep the fabric looking good.

There's a slight brassy feel to the yarn when placed directly against the skin. It may have an airy, lightweight texture, but Mohair Kiss and Mohair Kiss Ombre will definitely keep you warm.

I fell in love with this yarn at first sight and knew I had to review it. When I got home and tried to find it online, I was dismayed by its scant availability. Generally I won't review a yarn unless it's easily available online, but I decided to make an exception because of its stunning colors.

I fear that this yarn has been discontinued now that di.Ve is part of Lane Borgosesia. I urge you to check your stashes and keep an eye out for it at your local shops (which is where I found my skeins).

If you do see it and are considering brushed mohair, rest assured that your money will be well spent with Mohair Kiss and Mohair Kiss Ombre.

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