A skein of Regia Jacquard
Regia Jacquard once knitted up

Yarn Profile: Regia Jacquard

First Impressions
If you ran a painting through a fine shredder and held up one strand for examination, chances are it'd look like nothing more than a mess of colors.

That's exactly what any skein of Regia's nifty pattern-printed yarns looks like. But knit them up and a magical, orderly pattern of colors unfolds before your very eyes.

The result looks totally professional. Only you (and any Regia-conscious passers-by) need to know how easy it was to knit.

In this review, we look at the Regia Jacquard pattern.

Knitting Up
Regia knits up quickly and effortlessly, with no snagging or twisting. Despite the yarn's fine gauge, you'll find that your socks will progress quickly. You can use the color repeats to determine how long you'll knit, giving yourself a certain number of color repeats before stopping.

You'll also find that the color repeats help alleviate any potential boredom. I found it hard to stop knitting because the unfolding colors were so captivating.

How do the colors work? Simple: The Jacquard pattern is based on a series of horizontal color bands alternating from a solid color to a two-color blend that looks heathered once knit up.

Because there's no vertical design, you don't need to align stitches on top of one another at a precise gauge. This means you're free to knit any size sock in any pattern you'd like. The larger the sock, the shorter the color bands will be, simply because it takes more yarn per row to knit a large sock than it does a small one.

You can begin from either the center of the skein or the outer edge, and you can include ribbing (or not) without destroying the pattern repeats. (The sample sock pictured above has a one-inch k1,p1 rib.)

Blocking / Washing
Despite the intense colors in many of the Jacquard combinations, I've yet to encounter a skein of this yarn that bleeds or fades in the wash. It's a superwash yarn, and all of my test socks performed beautifully in the washing machine (but I don't recommend putting them in the dryer).

There was no change in gauge, and the socks bounced back into perfect shape once dry. Any irregularities in my knitting seemed to vanish.

The 25% polyamid content means that you don't need to add reinforcement with this yarn. I have a pair of Regia Jacquard socks that are entering their second year of heavy wear and are still strong, colorful, and pill-free.

Regia Jacquard has a non-irritating wool that is soft on the feet, with no scratching or irritating bumps.

It's warm but not stifling, breathes well, and holds its elasticity over time. It's thin enough that you can comfortably wear Regia socks with a variety of shoes.

Just as professional painters might scoff at paint-by-number kits, I imagine that heavy-duty sock knitters may look askance at Regia as the "cheater's yarn." And that's fine.

But for beginners or people who simply want a breather project between more challenging ones, this yarn is magnificent. It's fun, fast, easy, and produces great, easy-wash results. This makes it ideal for gifts.

An average women's sock requires two skeins, bringing the bill to a mere $12. In my opinion, your money's well spent.

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Previous Reader Comments
"I love the colors of this yarn and how it works..It's small but works up well. The colors are fascinating how they blend together.....very pleased" Candy, 12/28/2001

"This yarn really does work for socks! The yarn inspired me to knit my first ever pair of socks and discovered that they are fun, more so as I watch the pattern change. But I don't understand the heel instructions. Does anyone have a better way of explaining them or a picture???" patompat, 12/28/2001

"I'm a big Regia fan. I have used the jaquard yarn for 11 pair of socks and I'm now working on a cardigan using jaquard leftovers. It's growing fast and looks gorgeous!" knitter, 12/28/2001

"I saw this yarn on this site before and when visiting my yarn shope I did find it. The cost was the same, and I was glad because here things tend to be more. I am trying it today as I am staying in and have a day off, so I am excited to see how mine will be. My first attempt at making socks but I feel and hope they will come out fine. Hoping that I too can keep then for years. Wish I had got started on Christmas presents with it, but maybe next year, or I can start now?!!" anonymous, 12/28/2001

"My daughter told me about your sight and the socks made in Rgia Jacquard yarn. I live in Orange County California and would like to know where I can purchase this yarn. It sounds very exciting since you don't have to use a lot of different colord yarn that get all tangled up while you are working." pwpeanut, 10/28/2001

"I love Regia & have dried mine in the machine. They still look beautiful. Machine drying does not hurt them at all!" dtritz, 10/21/2001

"I made some socks for my baby niece, using the Regia Jacquard, and had enough left over to make a matching hat. In order to get the same pattern as the socks, I knit the hat in strips, using the same number of stitches as each sock, joining each strip as I knit. The results were amazing!" Paires, 10/19/2001

"I usually determine the longest repeat color (Regia Jacquard) and purl that color...adds texture to the pattern." Ruthieknits, 10/19/2001

"I love this yarn! The Jacquard is my favorite - everyone thinks I'm some fantastic knitter. Only my yarn supplier knows for sure . . ." olivia, 10/19/2001

"Regia is a wonderful sock yarn and as it goes through washer and dryer cycles it just gets softer. Our knitting guild caught the Regia fever from seeing my socks - top Redia Jacquard, sole in heather to match - worn with clogs." jp, 10/17/2001

"All the Regia yarns are terrific -- solids, patterns, heavier weights. They wash beautifully (I also don't put them in the dryer), maintain their color, their shape, and their integrity. And they come in colors as bright or as subtle or as plain as you could want. And so many of them!! A great yarn." Hieke, 10/16/2001

"This yarn is an adventure to knit. I am an experienced socknitter. I have made a couple pair of socks with the Regia Jaquard yarn and had no pangs of guilt for "cheating"....It's great, because during times that you don't want to have to look at your work (ie, at a meeting, at the movies) you can still create a visually stunning piece. It assists in the effort toward efficient use of one's time!" Joniknits, 10/16/2001

"I bought some Regia sock yarn last year and loved it. Around our LYS we're all admiring whomever is working on a skein that no one has worked on before. I think it's great to discover what the pattern will look like. I was bored with socks for a while, but I still will finish them because I love how they look." erica, 10/16/2001

"I've been tossing my Regia Jaquard socks in the dryer at least once a week since April and not noticing any shinkage etc." Scampercat, 10/16/2001

"I'm sitting here right now with my new Regia Jacquard socks on. They were fun to knit and everyone I show them to can't believe how easy they were. People that normally don't knit socks are interested. Here in Canada it is $7.95 ball so are a little more expensive. I have knit with Regia before and always was quite pleased. I knit many socks for my husband so they had a lot of wear and tear." mlatimer, 10/16/2001

"I knitted a pair of Regia & misread the directions using #4 needles for the body of the sock. It definitely holds it shape as I have tried to shrink them with no success." marvelus, 10/16/2001

"We agree on the Regia. The effect is impressive and easy. The yarn holds up very well. Makes a very impressive gift for yourself or others." mhk, 1/016/2001

"I'm making my first pair of socks in 30 years out of Regia Jacquard and they are going very well despite the fact that I am visually impaired andcannot see the stitches on size 2 needles. I love the way the colors work and I think it looks like Fair Isle knitting. I can't wait to finish them so I can wear them(I've never worn hand-knitted socks before!)" Spinner, 10/16/2001

"I LOVE the Regia Sock Yarn. I'm on my third pair of sock and a sack full of Regia to knit all winter! My first pair have been washed and dried too many times to count! I Love the yarn. If you are going to take the time to knit a pair of sock, take the time to buy Regia! I want a pair in every color." jprvw, 10/16/2001

"I share what you said in your evaluation of this yarn. It is FUN! Also, I made a pair for my husband using the Ringel yarn (just bands of color) and I throw those into the dryer without any apparent harm. Of course, he hasn't had them for two years so maybe it wouldn't be good long term but I throw everything into the dryer except sweaters." pkegh, 10/16/2001

"I have just been gifted 2 balls of Regia yarn and am at present knitting a pair of socks and loving it. The colour makes it so interesting and you just don"t want to stop knitting. Wonderful yarn I wish it was available here in Australia." joy, 10/16/2001

"I just started knitting with Regia Jacquard yarn about 3 weeks ago. I agree with everyone. It is wonderful. I look forward to knitting many socks with it." gperkins, 10/16/2001

"I'm on my second pair of socks using Regia sock yarn & I totally agree with the reviewer. The yarn makes socks fun to knit and definitely not tedious. I was glad to hear that they wash up well, I have been saving mine for holiday presents." kproberts, 10/16/2001

"I like Regia very much. I have knit four pairs of socks with Opal yarn. What fun. Lot of interesting printed patterns but you do need to stick with a 7/stitch gauge. One 100 g. ball easity makes a pair. It is a little tricky getting the second sock started to match the first. The last pair I made had the socks starting inside and outside the ball. I wonder how they did that?" donnaid, 10/16/2001

Opal is another pattern-printed yarn, similar to Regia. Because it isn't as widely available as Regia, we decided to focus on Regia instead. -Clara

"I agree completely about the Regia--but I do put mine in the dryer and have had no probs. I love the stuff." akirkman, 10/16/2001

"Regia is my absolute favorite sock yarn and I discovered it only this summer. Since then I've knit several pair. Each pair is different and I always get plenty of comments. Right now I have a sock in progress in my basket for the times I want a break from the sweater I'm making. I'm glad to know they will wear well, since most will be holiday gifts. I'd like to know why you don't recommend the dryer. Thanks!" nancy, 10/16/2001

Hi - I normally avoid putting superwash yarns in the dryer simply because it adds unnecessary strain to the fibers. However as you'll read below, other readers have had good success with Regia and the dryer. So I stand corrected on this one! -Clara

"I love this yarn, at first because of it's clever colours but now, after one year of wear, I appreciate the indestructable nature of my socks. It does not feel wonderfully soft to knit up, but after washing and blocking, the socks are as soft as you could wish...

If you feel that you are 'cheating' by having all the colour work done for you, then you could always, as I have done, use the opportunity to try out a new cuff texture or heel style." alison, 10/16/2001

"ditto Regia yarn. I happened on to this last spring. It is all you said. For me it has been therapy. I spend weekends with my 96 year-old strong-willed Mother, who still is living at home. I have her knitting with Regia also. Fun Fun" brsalmon, 10/16/2001

"We are trying it out to knit a childs pullover..so far it looks great. I'll tell you more when we get further along." ingy, 10/16/2001

"I've made lots of Regia socks. I wash AND dry all my socks in the machine. They tighten up a bit after washing, but relax to fit within 5-10 minutes. None of the socks are showing any real wear and most are worn by my SO who is very harsh on socks." ddancer, 10/16/2001

"I found Regia Jacquard yarn at my favorite shop a few months ago. I love it! It feels great in the hands and on the feet. I've got several skeins in my Christmas gift knitting queue. One addendum to your article: buy 3 skeins for large men's socks. Can't wait to try the Regia needles!" jladick, 10/16/2001