Over-the-Counter Colors:
Hand-Dyed Yarns From Koigu

Koigu skein  Koigu sock - detail

In stark contrast to the bulky fluff of Colinette, Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) yarns are tight and consistent, knitting up at 7 stitches to the inch. To read full details about Koigu, read our review.

Koigu is true art yarn. By this I mean that you must be willing to relinquish control over your project and let the yarn dictate.

When you order a color, be prepared for it to look slightly different when you finally get it. Koigu colors are almost impossible to capture on film.

Are these sacrifices worth it? In my opinion, yes.

Maie Landra produces amazing yarns that combine colors I'd never conceive of doing myself. But it works.

Popular for Socks

Because the yarn is so compact, you don't need as large a surface to get a full impact of the colors. For this reason, Koigu is lovely as a sock yarn.

Despite the tiny gauge, it knits up quickly and tightly, the colors produce beautiful effects, and the merino is lovingly soft on your feet. My Koigu socks never cease to draw praise from total strangers.

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