Quick Gifts

 Chenille Scarf

I saw a scarf similar to the following in a local boutique and refused to pay $80+ for even the child's size!

Not much of a pattern and certainly adaptable to any size.

Knit a "scarf" rectangle in your favorite varigated chenille or other specialty fiber/yarn. You need to knit in a lacy pattern or very loose garter stitch--no wrong pattern or size. Just a pattern that will allow you to see a bit thru the knitted fabric.

Bind off.

Sew knitted scarf to a piece of velvet or velour, using a matching color of thin cording or piping for the edges. You could also cut the velour/velvet larger and "wrap" around to the front of knitted piece and finish similar to quilt binding.

Wish I had a picture of one, but I have given all away before pictures could be taken.

My favorite combinations have been black velvet with varigated primary or jewel tone chenille. The black background allows the colors to show themselves.

Happy knitting and Joyous Holidays to all!


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