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April 19, 2012
Mohair Magic and a Meyer lemon

Been to Tajikistan lately? Neither have I. But thanks to the wonders of yarn, I've just spent the day with a group of angora goats raised in the Asht region of northern Tajikistan. The fibers are being harvested, cleaned, prepared, and handspun into yarn as part of an international development project. Its name, Mohair Magic.

This Weekend
Atlanta's Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Cobb Galleria Centre will be overrun with knitters for Stitches South. The packed workshop schedule still has lots of openings, including with the likes of JC Briar, Melissa Leapman, Lily Chin, Sivia Harding, and Anna Zilboorg. Out in Puyallup, Washington, a far more "sheepy" time is to be had at the Western Washington Fairgrounds. The Shepherd's Extravaganza showcases local and national sheep breeders, with workshops, demonstrations, and a wool show and sale.

In the Forums: Saggy Silk?
Flicka has some gorgeous silk and she wants to make a sweater with it. But she's concerned that the fabric may stretch and sag with wear. Her question: How should she test her swatch to see if it'll stretch? How would you do it?

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As always, I thank you for your readership and your support.

Happy knitting, and I'll see you in the Forums,
Clara Parkes

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Serving up Mohair Magic and a Meyer lemon

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