Knitter's Review
May 29, 2003

peaceDoes handknitting have a history? If you browsed most bookstores, you wouldn't think so.

We've seen very little scholarly study on the subject of knitting. And yet it has its traditions, key figures, economics, politics, movers and shakers, movements, and trends.

Fortunately for us, Interweave Press has just republished a book that changes the tides in our favor.


New This Week
When Richard Rutt returned to England after spending 20 years in Korea, he was hit with what he called a "return culture shock." His wife suggested he take up knitting again, which his father had taught him as a child. Gradually his scholarly mind took hold, and this very important book was born. Read the review.

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It's summer, which can only mean one thing: Time to don those T-shirts once again. If you're in the mood for something new, check out the T-shirts in our Knitter's Review Boutique.

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Is it possible to abstain from any new yarn purchases for an entire month? Many of you are trying!

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As always, thank you for your readership. Happy knitting, and I'll see you in the forums!

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