Knitter's Review
November 23, 2002

winter warmthYou never know where a chance encounter will lead you, especially if it's brought about by needles, yarn, and curiosity.

I recently met a woman who saw me knitting a pair of socks on circular needles and was inspired to try it for herself. While I helped her get the first few rows going, she told me her story.

She hadn't knit since the early 1970s, when she had owned a thriving yarn shop. She'd had her choice of abundant yarns from around the world. She'd enjoyed making custom yarns by stranding other yarns together. And she remembered tracking down a rare new type of unspun pencil roving from Alaska and using it to make thick, warm coats.

Was she talking about today, although it's some 30 years later? A few things have changed, but many are repeating themselves. We're all part of the cycles of knitting.


New This Week
We've gone from bulky to chunky to polar to superbulky to super-duper-duper bulky and beyond. While the instant-gratification knitting train appears to be running out of track, is it time for a bulky backlash?

Many knitters still question their ability to complete a more difficult project. But as you'll discover in this week's six-step program for completing challenging creations, you can achieve just about anything if you put your mind -- and hands -- to it.

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You said you wanted a green version of our signature canvas tote -- I give you a green version of our signature canvas tote. In my completely biased opinion, it's possibly the best color combo yet! See what they look like.

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In observance of Thanksgiving, there will be no newsletter next week. The forums will remain open as always, and I hope to see you there! Happy knitting,


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