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September 6, 2002

fall leaves and fall yarnWhile going through my grandma's yarns several years ago I stumbled across a most unusual find.

It was a hefty, oblong cake of barely spun fiber that -- despite my purest intentions -- reminded me of a giant cow pie.

I'd never before seen yarn in that shape. Lacking a tag or note, it left me stumped for years.

When I spotted this week's yarn, the mystery was solved.


New This Week
As the Icelandic sweater is to Iceland, so the Cowichan sweater is to Canada. These sweaters originated with the Cowichan people of Vancouver Island and are one of Canada's national symbols.

Legend has it that the Cowichans learned their telltale circular knitting style in the late 1880s from a Scottish settler, Jeremina Colvin. Their sweaters are made of pure unspun wool with wonderful loft and impenetrable to cold.

Although easy to find in Canada, true Cowichan-style yarn has been hard to find elsewhere, but this week's yarn changes everything. Called White Buffalo Unspun, it comes in the traditional shape of, drum roll please, huge cow pie-shaped cakes.

Big Changes for eKnitting
Many of you have commented on a decline in eKnitting service over the past several months. The complaints centered on frustrating backorders that could drag on for months at a time.

These delays may have been symptoms of deeper issues. Today eKnitting announced its merger with Patternworks. You may recall that Patternworks itself was recently acquired by Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, Hew Hampshire.

We hope this change works out well for everybody.

In the Forums
Despite the latest mergers and acquisitions, what are your favorite online yarn shops?

Boutique Bounty
Thank you for such an amazing response to our newly launched Knitter's Review Boutique! Men, did you know we had something for you too?

September Subscriber Prize
Fall is the time for savory stews and baked goods, which is why we're giving away a $50 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma to one lucky subscriber at the end of this month.

Fall Retreat Update
Please join us in November for the Knitter's Review Weekend Retreat at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Virginia. The lodge serves decadent sweet rolls every morning, and I'll be bringing boutique items for a show and tell, extending a 10% discount to all participants. Learn more about the weekend and how you can register.

I wish you all a safe week until we talk again.


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