June 28, 2002

Some knitters go on a knitting hiatus during the warmer summer months. But many of us crazy souls brave the heat to continue getting our fiber fix.

Knitting with Ribbon
Ribbon re-emerged last summer as a popular warm-weather yarn. Its flat surface knits up to provide an almost mesh-like fabric that provides good air circulation and a dramatic visual effect.

Unfortunately, ribbon yarn is often made of smooth, shiny nylons and acrylics that are almost impossible to manage. To make matters worse, the flat surface of ribbon yarn can act as a moving target for the tips of your needles, resulting in snag after snag after snag.

Are the finished results worth all the effort? In this week's yarn review, we find out.

In the Forums
Does knitting have its own occupational hazards? You bet! Read one harrowing tale and share your own stories.

Coming Next Month
When the weather's too hot to knit anything heavy, why not give lace a try? Throughout July, we'll explore the common stitches you'll find in lace patterns and, of course, review some of the most popular lace-weight yarns.

June Winner
Congratulations to Helen M., winner of the June newsletter subscriber prize. While she enjoys her $50 gift certificate to White Flower Farm, you can simply stay subscribed and you're automatically in the running for next month's prize.

Happy knitting, and I'll chat with you in the forums,


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a skein of Tartelettea swatch of Tartelette

K1C2's innovative ribbon yarn looks gorgeous both on the hank and in the finished garment. But knitting with it is an entirely different story.
full review

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