January 24, 2002

Just as I was preparing your newsletter last week, Mother Nature played a trick on me.

Going AWOL

She brought in a heavy storm, knocking out my phone lines, and then Verizon took five days to restore them. I dedicate last week's nonexistent newsletter to both parties.

During my offline exile, I entertained myself by going through all the knitting patterns I've accumulated over the years. My game was to try and match patterns I liked with the available yarns in my stash.

Have It Your Way

Based on the results of last week's poll, it looks like you too enjoy piecing together your own projects. Luckily, we all have more yarn options today than ever before.

But all these choices can lead to confusion and mismatches if you're not careful. To help you navigate these waters successfully, I take a closer look this week at the fine art of substituting yarns.

In the Forums

This week we're sharing our favorite knitting-related links. Check them out and add your own by joining in the discussion.

Next Subscriber Giveaway

Next week I'll announce our January newsletter subscriber prize winner. What's the prize? I'm not telling!

Happy knitting, and I'll see you in the forums!


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