October 19, 2001

So far we've looked at sock yarns and needles, but we've neglected one very important topic: How you actually knit socks!

Zen and the Art of Sock Knitting

That's why we bring you a brand new, comprehensive guide to knitting socks. It covers everything from casting on to shaping heels and grafting toes. You'll also find great online sources for free sock patterns.

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Happy knitting!


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New This Week...
The Sock-Knitter's Companion:
Step-by-Step Sock Help

tools for sock knitting
Sock patterns can cause heart palpitations if you're not prepared. You'll encounter terms like "Kitchener stitch," "instep gusset," and the elusive "S1K1PSSO." Let us walk you through it, and in no time you'll be reaping the warm and colorful rewards of hand-knit socks.

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