June 22, 2001

Last week's Kool Aid dye tutorial sparked quite a bit of interest!

Reader Remarks

One reader, who has a degree in textile science and spent many hours in the school's dye labs, explained that Kool Aid is actually one of the best acid dyes on the market. That's why it's almost impossible to get rid of Kool Aid stains.

Solution: Stop drinking it and start dyeing with it!

Another reader cautioned that Kool Aid dyes aren't particularly light-fast. Apparently, if you place Kool Aid-dyed garments in direct sunlight for long periods, they will fade faster than if they'd been treated with commercial dyes.

Color on the Run... Literally!

And finally, one reader told me a funny story about a recent sheep to shawl contest. As the name suggests, these events pit groups of knitters against one another to see who can take raw fleece from a sheep and turn it into a shawl as quickly as possible.

One team was lucky enough to have pre-dyed sheep. The shepherd had apparently sprinkled different Kool Aid colors on the sheep several weeks prior, and then covered them with the standard sheep "coats" that keep burrs and other dirt out of the fleece. The sheeps' natural moisture and warmth caused the dyes to set in their fleece, resulting in true "dyed-in-the-wool" yarn!

Send Your Pictures

Our Kool Aid photo gallery is slowly growing. Look for more photos daily, and send us your own. Be sure to include the name of the dyes you used, plus any other helpful tips.

This Week: What Colors Say About Us

Ever wonder what drives our color choices? This week we take a step back from knitting to examine the underlying significance of colors. Although some may find this as questionable as horoscopes, there's no denying the vast research that exists on the subject.

We'll look at four different color theories: how colors relate to moods, energy, the chakras, and Feng Shui.

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New This Week...
What Colors Say About Us

color theories
Why do we feel blue, roll out the red carpet for royalty, or get green with envy? Many theorists believe that colors offer a direct insight into the human psyche. You'll have more fun picking yarn for projects after you read this!

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