March 8, 2001

Whether for chopping carrots or shoveling snow, quality tools make a world of difference. Knitters have their share of gadgets, from stitch holders and color wheels to button spacers and skein winders.

It Dices... It Slices...

Just like those Ronco gadgets advertised on daytime TV, how many of these tools are merely frivolous add-ons you'll never use? To answer this question, I introduce a new review section called Knit Tools.

We kick it off this week with a look at the D-Fuzz-It Sweater and Fabric Comb. It's designed to remove pills and fuzz, but, as I discovered, it removes a lot more than that.

In Other News

This week I also review Classic Elite's Newport Cotton, a heavy worsted, mercerized Pima cotton cable yarn that comes in 28 delicious colors. And finally, I invite you to pay tribute to the person who taught you to knit in this week's poll.

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New This Week...

Yarn Review:
Strength and Shine in Classic Elite Newport Cotton

The four-stitches-per-inch gauge of this mercerized cotton may imply fast knitting, but we encountered a few snags... literally.

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Knit Tool:
D-Fuzz-It Undoes It

This handy tool removes excess fuzz and pills from your garments. Unfortunately, it can also severely damage them in the process. We explain why.

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