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Knitter's Review
March 5, 2015
A happy heap of leftovers

A healthy yarn stash is like a garden. If we tend it well, with prudent weeding and fertilizing, it will feed our creativity indefinitely.

But that same stash can quickly get out of control. Blink, and that tidy bin of leftover sock yarn will, like a zucchini plant in July, have ballooned beyond usefulness.

In 2009, I introduced the notion of "slow stashing." Not so much about cutting yourself off from the pleasures of new yarn, it was about taking an honest assessment of everything you have and letting go of what no longer works for you. The goal was to help bring our stashes back from overwhelm to a place of order and delight.

Sensing a collective return of stash overwhelm, I've created a brand new Craftsy workshop that takes up where slow stashing left off. Called Stashbusting, the class brings more depth, movement, creative inspiration, ideas, and interactivity to the task of weeding our stashes back to a place of wonder and inspiration. And, because they give me the power to do so, I'd like to offer you 50% off the price of the class. I hope you enjoy it!

Coming Up
Europe's fiber community converges in Edinburgh next weekend for the Edinburgh Yarn Fest. While just a few classes have spots left, the marketplace alone will showcase more than 100 vendors. Don't miss the Saturday night Ca-Baa-Ret soirée led by Felicity Ford, aka KNITSONIK.

Up next, how does Ireland in May sound? From May 21st to June 2nd, Amy Detjen is leading a yarn-filled exploration of the west and south coasts of Ireland, with hands-on workshops and private museum tours and mill visits. Find more fun things to do in our online calendar of events.

Get Lost in a Book
Looking for a good read? Rachael Herron, author of the Cypress Hollow Yarn series, has just released a brand new novel called Splinters of Light. It's her best to date, and she even managed to sneak a little knitting into the story.

Care for the Skein-Winders
When the people who make our yarn are happy, we are happy, right? Carrie Sundra is the force behind Alpenglow Yarn. She's been putting her electrical engineering background to use developing an automated, motorized skein-winder that promises to make every hand-dyer's life a lot easier. She needs our help to bring it to fruition—and she's offering great rewards if you back her project.

As always, I thank you for letting me be a part of your knitting life.

We'll talk again in two weeks!

Clara Parkes

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A happy heap of leftovers

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