January 11, 2001

Life is full of contrasts. This week is no exception.

Decidedly Upscale

First we venture uptown to admire a luxury angora blend from Adrienne Vittadini. Produced by French boarding-school bunnies, this yarn insists on being knit with both pinkies pointed daintily upwards.

Into the Country We Go

Then we cross the tracks and travel deep into the country to review one of my favorite books, Candace Eisner Strick's "Sweaters from New England Sheep Farms." You'll look into the lives of eight sheep farmers and get a realistic perspective on this difficult but rewarding way of life.

Bigger Prizes

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Happy knitting!


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New This Week...

Yarn Review:
Angelic Angelina

Adrienne Vittadini AngelinaAdrienne Vittadini Angelina
Luxury yarn producer Adrienne Vittadini strikes gold with Angelina, a mix of angora, alpaca, and wool.

full article

Book Review:
Sweaters from New England Sheep Farms

by Candace Eisner Strick

Sweaters from New England Sheep Farms
If you've ever fantasized about moving to the country and raising your own sheep for wool, read this book first. You'll find beautifully written profiles of eight New England sheep farmers, plus original patterns.

full review

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