January 4, 2001

Every knitter has that one special knitted item they pull out on gloomy days. For me, it's a pair of exquisitely soft socks I made several years ago with a pure French angora yarn. I slip them on my feet, and somehow all my troubles melt away.

Introducing Angora

Prior to knitting those socks, I'd never been fond of angora. My only experience of it had been in the form of cheap, department-store sweaters that scratched and made me sneeze.

But working with quality angora yarn is an entirely different sensation - comparable only to knitting with pure butter.

This Month

We begin the New Year by exploring angora. First, you'll learn more about the fiber, the bunnies that produce it, and why it costs so much.

Then starting next week I'll show you a variety of both pure and blended angora yarns.

Prizes Just Got Bigger

This month we're upping the ante with our newsletter subscriber giveaway with a $50 gift certificate to ForKnitters.com! Simply subscribe to our newsletter and you'll automatically be eligible to win. We'll announce the winner on February 1.

Happy knitting!


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New This Week...

Fiber Profile:
Adorable Angora

Two angora bunnies
This luxuriously soft fiber doesn't have to make you sneeze. Spun and blended correctly, angora can feel like butter in your hands.

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Online Shops:

Free shipping and a stellar collection of sock yarns make this shop well worth a visit.

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