November 2, 2000

Who says nothing comes for free? Certainly not I!

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Prizes are being thoughtfully donated by knitting establishments across the U.S. in support of Knitter's Review. I thank them kindly. Our first prize, which I'll award on November 30th, is a $25 gift certificate from Knitwear Architects, an exquisite Vancouver-based yarn shop and design studio.

A New Month, A New Fiber

Where does alpaca come from, and why is it taking over all the yarn shows? I'll answer that question - and many more - as we turn our attention to alpaca this month.

First I give you some background on alpaca, then I review one of my all-time favorites: Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. And finally, I interview knitwear designer Diane Soucy, whose simple, classic designs are taking the knitting world by storm.



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New This Week...

Fiber Profile:

Chase Tavern Alpacas
It's a camel! It's an ostrich! Just what is that odd-looking animal, anyway? Read on to learn more about alpacas.

full story

Yarn Review:

Inca Alpaca is the Pearl of Peru

Inca AlpacaInca Alpaca
Softer than cashmere and warmer than wool, Classic Elite's alpaca offering is a treat to behold and an even bigger treat to wear -- if your budget permits.

full review

Knitwear Designer Diane Soucy
Knitting Pure and Simple patternsKnitting Pure and Simple patterns
From a small-town yarn shop employee to full-time designer, Diane Soucy is proving that there's still a market for simple no-frills designs that fit well and allow knitters to flex their creative muscles.

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