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Knitter's Review
September 7, 2000

Welcome to the first issue of Knitter's Review! I am excited to bring you what I hope will be a valuable new part of your love of yarn and knitting.

Knitter's Review is a free weekly e-mail newsletter that will help you select the best yarns, books, shops, and other knitting-related resources. Our companion Web site brings the newsletter - and a lot more - to your fingertips.

We're also an independent publication. We have no affiliations with yarn manufacturers or retailers that could get in the way of our editorial mission. This means you'll get the honest truth from someone just like yourself.

Through Knitter's Review, I hope to help you spend your money wisely and connect you to a broader, richer knitting community. This is the first step of an exciting journey for all of us. Let me know how you like it!

Yarn Review:
Getting Fluffy with Classic Elite La Gran

Looking to try mohair for the first time, or just interested in trying a different kind? Classic Elite La Gran is one of our favorites, with sublime colors and a variety of patterns written expressly for it.

full review

In Print:
Knitting in America

by Melanie D. Falick

If one book could turn around the public perception of knitting, this is it.
Buy it now at
The book offers well-written profiles of accomplished knitters and fiber artists across the country, paired with gorgeous photographs and select patterns.

full review

Online Yarn Shop:

Since the mid-90s, Ann Cannon Brown has done a remarkable job of building an online yarn empire for herself. A monthly newsletter tells of new specials, closeouts, and oddballs. Books come individually wrapped in paper to prevent damaging the cover -- a very nice touch.

full review

De-Fuzzing Mohair

Mohair has long been known as the "sneeze" yarn. It doesn't have to be this way. You can significantly de-fuzz your mohair by putting the yarn or finished item in a plastic bag in your freezer overnight. Obviously, this won't change the fundamental structure of the fiber, but it'll keep your sniffles to a minimum.

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