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 Report on Knitting Resolutions edit: October 2009
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 01/28/2009 :  3:47:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My resolutions were made on Dec 23 and this is my January report:

Yes I Did
1. bought no yarn
2. borrowed 6 knitting books from library
3. knit 3 pairs of socks using stash yarn and 1 stash pattern, 1 pattern from library books, and 1 no-pattern
4. sold 30 skeins of yarn through Ravelry

On the Other Hand
1. bought 1 book, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn, in a moment of weakness but I'm glad I did.

The original thread was 7 pages of resolutions so let's hear from you!

my knitting photos on Flickr or Ravelry

Marg in Mirror
Permanent Resident

3205 Posts

Posted - 01/28/2009 :  5:37:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit Marg in Mirror's Homepage  Send Marg in Mirror a Yahoo! Message Send Marg in Mirror a Private Message  Reply with Quote
"Yes I did":

My resolution was to make a dent in a bag of projects (yarn matched with patterns) throughout this year. The first project -- a shrug for my DD's birthday -- was finished January 13th (The Day) and delivered to her 2 days later. It fits and she's pleased -- even the sleeves are long enough.

"Yes I am": I am currently working on a pullover for me from stash yarn -- not in the Project Bag -- but I am also working on a hat that was in the bag, and I finished 1 of a pair of socks while on my holiday last week.

Onward and upward!

Marg in Mirror

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Chatty Knitter

193 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  05:22:44 AM  Show Profile  Visit scarfitup's Homepage Send scarfitup a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Work from my stash - no visits to yarn stores! Well, I AM working from my stash and I haven't visited any yarn stores!

HOWEVER, when DBNY had a huge sale on Eros yarn, a particular ladder yarn that I use frequently, I bought MANY! At $1.99, how could i NOT???? And I also negotiated with a Ravelry member on another fiber that I use to make/remake my best-selling scarf!

BAD girl - but GOOD!!!

Scarf It Up!

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Permanent Resident

1844 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  05:27:06 AM  Show Profile Send scraffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I made resolutions to try to make something from patterns that I already had.

So far I made squidity squid (an on-line pattern) that I had, used yarn from my stash.

The Trekker hat that was in a free supplement that came witha knitting magazine. Used a skein of yarn from my stash.

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New Pal

4 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  07:32:43 AM  Show Profile Send Amaranthy a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Yes, I Did:

- knit three pairs of socks from stash yarn
- finish assembling the Doctor's Bag I knit

Fell Off the Wagon:

- was not going to purchase any new yarn, but ran out when assembling the Doctor's Bag, so had to buy one more skein, and got seduced by two other colors, BUT - did get a 30% discount!!!

- a friend asked me to knit a blanket for her baby, and I had nothing remotely suitable in stash, so did purchase that

- I overestimated how much time the Doctor's Bag assembly would take, so have not had time yet to knit a premie hat.

Looking forward to February's challenges to my resolutions!

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Permanent Resident

1060 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  08:43:02 AM  Show Profile  Visit susiknits's Homepage  Send susiknits a Yahoo! Message Send susiknits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, I never made any resolutions but, considering our new circumstances (thanks again, IBM, for making layoffs after beating the projected earnings!!), I am making them now: knit from stash, no purchases of any kind for the time being.

Happily, I'm a slow knitter, so that will last a while.

Currently, a scarf for a friend from last year's knit-hat-for-DS-girlfriend leftovers and a pattern I already know.

Plus socks from stash, using a pattern from a library book!

Are these Yes I Am's?

-- susi

--That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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Permanent Resident

1212 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  09:42:53 AM  Show Profile Send 2totangle a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've discovered some inherent conflicts in my resolutions. I've vowed to knit more for others, and to knit down my stash, most of which consists of sale yarn for projects for me. I've managed to knit several small items for others this month, but I've noticed that I'm using such projects to justify buying more yarn. Today, I'm off to my LYS for yarn for baby projects, even though I know this is a Bad Idea (2 new babies to knit for, one of which weighed in at 9+ lbs and needs a bigger sweater than anticipated, and the other of which received a ton of newborn clothes and therefore needs a bigger sweater than anticipated).

My resolutions also included designing more of my own projects, but somehow the research into various techniques is resulting in a proliferation of patterns and online time, both of which I'd resolved to cut down on. Clearly, I need to rethink these resolutions.


A few pics:
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Knitwit 08
New Pal

12 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  09:48:19 AM  Show Profile Send Knitwit 08 a Private Message  Reply with Quote

1. Knit something for me -- I have started a furry Mardi Gras scarf and should be finished that soon.

2. Knit for Charity each month -- In January I knitted a washcloth to go along with others from a Mission Knitting Group

3. Organize my stash and patterns -- All "free floating" patterns are in page protectors in a giant 3 ring binder. I have logged all of my stash and will be exploring ravelry to hopefully make keeping track of it easier

4. I have enjoyed my projects (even organizing my stash since I got to "visit" with my friends all over again!)

I am on target so far, and I have added one new resolution -- to keep up with the journal I have started thanks to all of the wonderful posts I read on this site!

Knitwit in LA
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New Pal

43 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  5:00:27 PM  Show Profile Send jlpanecki a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I made a resolution to finish projects that were waitng around - I hate the seam sewing, button attaching,etc.

I not only finished several projects that I was working on, but worked on my daughter's Harry Potter scarf- I didn't yet finish it though- but I have worked on it enough to see some progress. I do hope to complete it before winter is over, so that I can send it out to her and she can wear it before June! It's so monotonious!

I have a man's cardigan sweater all knit but yet to be assembled- then I will knit the collar- I don't know what kind of collar I want on it so I need to wait and see it together and then I will do the collar.

And after that, I can start something new.

Except for Harry Potter, all my projects were made from yarn stash. I am happy to say, that 2 coats that I knitted for dolls used up some soft fuzzy mohair that I just couldn't get rid of but had no other use for. What does a person do with just one ball of yarn!

I promised myself a scarf from some beautiful turqouise tweed nubbly yarn that has been calling to me- I hardly even knit for myself, so it will be a real treat!

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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  9:36:36 PM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message  Reply with Quote
As posted at the outset:

1.I will try to not buy anymore yarn until I've knit down the stash.. ha ha ha, there's about 0 chance of that happening.

2. I WILL work hard on the Aran sweater and the Pi Shawl. They need to be finished and handed to, or sent off to, the people who are getting them.

I plead the fifth on sock yarn. Honestly, I'm not sure I bought any but not sure I didn't. I KNOW I didn't buy any other yarn.

And the second rez, well, Haven't touched either project, but it's still January. There is hope.

lella Zippiknits
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Gabber Extraordinaire

388 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  10:16:57 PM  Show Profile Send pyewackett a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far, so good on the resolutions:

1. Knit one charity hat or scarf a month, from stash: Scarf #1 is in the bag.

2. 2 out of every 4 projects (ok, 50%) must be from stash yarn: So far every project is from stash! - 1 each hat, scarf and mittens (finished); 1 pair of socks (in progress, just turned the heels); and 1 more scarf (just started today)

3. Learn new techniques I currently consider daunting: Today I started my first piece of lace, the Heartstrings Maple Leaves Scarf pattern. It's going well, but the concentration required means this is NOT a project to bring to my weekly knit club.

Bring on February!
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Permanent Resident

4773 Posts

Posted - 01/29/2009 :  10:41:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit kdcrowley's Homepage Send kdcrowley a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well resolutions are really goals....I made a couple of resolutions this year, which I have knocked out a couple already. But I did also join the 12 Sweaters in 12 Months thing on Rav, and am just waiting for 2 more balls of the yarn for #1, and then cogitating on #2's destiny while I resist buying some Fishermen's wool to knit that blanket with....maybe this weekend I will go through stash to find some handspun to do the blanket with.

Can you believe that one of the ladies at knit night is on #3?....of course, she's out of work right now.

I also promised myself to knit some things with my handdyed, with the patterns written up for my customers to take home....

Check out my solar-dyed yarns at
and my blog at
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Seriously Hooked

993 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2009 :  06:36:57 AM  Show Profile Send lacylaine a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have started on the next pair of felted clogs. DS & I were sick as can be last week with the stomach flu so I'm just getting caught up with everything, including schoolwork.

I did knit two dish cloths this week, using different combos of the Fibonacci sequence, which I love.

The family has been home due to the weather, but later today I plan to pull all of my yarn and projects out and sort them. Then I will get some of my extra yarn posted here at KR for swapping.

I now have more reason to knit for relaxation than ever before. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer yesterday and they can't even get me in to operate until March 20th!

The good news is that, if all goes well, I'll only need a few sessions of radiation therapy afterwards. So I don't have to worry about losing my hair, which is nice!

Melanie in Indiana

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." Ecclesiastes 9:10

FO 2009: small market/shower bag; gray watch cap

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Permanent Resident

1606 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2009 :  08:17:28 AM  Show Profile Send AngieSue a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far so good!

Cannot buy any more sock yarn - check!

Make my own sock club - check! See my "Year of the Sock" project on my Ravelry page. Thanks to GFTC for the idea.

Knitting something using the continental method - not yet.

My Ravelry
My Pictures
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Permanent Resident

1212 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2009 :  09:08:01 AM  Show Profile Send 2totangle a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Oh, Melanie, I'm so sorry you're sick. Two of my friends have been treated for thyroid cancer in the last couple of years, and both are doing great (and kept their hair!). Best wishes for successful treatment, speedy recovery, and lots of knitting time.


A few pics:
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Permanent Resident

1830 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2009 :  3:13:19 PM  Show Profile Send eldergirl a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, I got sideswiped by Grandchildren over Christmas!

They were so excited about my sock knitting (I finished one while I was there, and started the next.) ! The 6 year old said, "Grandma, it is unbelievable that you can knit a sock!"

So I am knitting socks for little guys, and I show them the progress each week when we "Skype" them online.

So resolutions are on hold until I finish two pairs of socks.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

388 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2009 :  3:26:22 PM  Show Profile Send pyewackett a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Anna, isn't it great when the little guys think you have magical powers? I've no grandkids, but my nieces and nephews are in that stage, and I wish they'd stay there forever. Have fun with the wondersocks!
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Permanent Resident

2493 Posts

Posted - 01/30/2009 :  9:03:19 PM  Show Profile Send MindyO a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My resolution was to continue what I've been doing, thinking, planning plotting and rethinking before buying more stuff.
So far so good, I've made two purchases, both were well thought out. I did lose out on a couple Etsy items with all my thinking, but hey, did I really need them? NOT REALLY.
I also resolved (not in my post) to FINISH things. And so far I've finished several items, small as they may be they are still finished.

My Ravelry
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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2009 :  3:02:02 PM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far, I've been ambiguously successful on keeping my resolutions. Like Suzanne, keeping some of my resolutions conflicts with keeping others.

1) Finishing my UFOs--or at least cutting the number by half. Started the year with 15; am now down to 13. I'm allowing myself tostart 1 project for every two I finish. Thus far--3 FOs, 1 new WIP. A few of my UFOs are vintage, and I really want to finish those first. I'm a couple of days away from finishing my oldest-a vintage 1992 Enchanted Forest cardigan from VK

2)Continue doing Fair Isle. Not yet, but I bought two Knitpicks Palette baq kits (thus violating #3, knitting from stash. But I can't start knitting them until I finish 3 more UFOs (see #1)

3)Knitting down the stash. Violated twice--once to buy stuff for fair isle
projects, the other to get the yarn for an intarsia baby sweater. But no more violations are in sight.

4)Doing the works already in my queue that I have the patterns and yarn for.
One is on the launching pad--just need to finish one more UFO.

5) Learn some new skill--entrelac, continental purling, designing in the round, whatever--something I haven't done before. Not yet. Again, I have to finish stuff before I can even think about this.

6) Charity knitting. I've got a couple of project ideas, but will not allow myself to start them until I finish the appropriate number of UFOs.

Anne in NJ

Knit long and prosper
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Permanent Resident

1429 Posts

Posted - 01/31/2009 :  5:21:26 PM  Show Profile Send fiddlerbird555 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
One down. I more-or-less finished the fingerless gloves. (Debating on whether to add unnecessary thumbs).


I can go loopy, or I can knit. Your choice.
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Sticks and String
Permanent Resident

1113 Posts

Posted - 02/01/2009 :  3:48:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit Sticks and String's Homepage Send Sticks and String a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Yes, I did:

Finish the January socks.

The February socks are in the gusset of the 2nd sock.

Bought the Bartlett I knew I needed and I got it very inexpesively. My knitting group has a Swap and Sale every year and I got it there for less than half the retail price.

I've knitted a shrug and a hat from my stash and have made plans for other stash-busting projects.

I finished 2 UFOs. 1 pair of socks and 1 stocking ornament for next Christmas.

OK. I *did* buy yarn to make another pair of socks but I had to or I wouldn't make it thru the year with 1 pair a month...

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