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 How many knitting bags do you have?
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Chatty Knitter

249 Posts

Posted - 04/22/2008 :  5:12:11 PM  Show Profile Send Rooster a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've just been doing some spring cleaning and I've been piling my knitting projects in the corner and I thought "wow, I have alot of knitting bags." O.K., only one I officially bought as a knitting bag, but it amazing how quickly you come up with something to carry one of your latest projects.

So, fellow knitters, how many "bags" do you have?


Gabber Extraordinaire

516 Posts

Posted - 04/22/2008 :  6:01:53 PM  Show Profile Send GaiaDea a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have three that are actual knitting bags......

I also have a wheeled bag for spinning stuff, about six grocery bags with works-in-progress, and a laptop bag with knitting stuff in the file folder side.

I have noticed a trend in my bags though. Over time, I have bought larger and larger bags for my knitting. Even though most of my projects are small, I have started toting along a pattern binder, whatever book I might be knitting from to show others, all my purse junk, and extra needles and yarn.

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Seriously Hooked

747 Posts

Posted - 04/22/2008 :  6:19:39 PM  Show Profile  Visit Fraggle's Homepage Send Fraggle a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have no official bags but at lest three bags in active use with a rotation of about six or seven depending on what I'm carrying for where I'm going.

~ Fraggle

". . . Or if you send me your size I'll knit you a new one" -Hawkeye on M*A*S*H

My websites:
Fraggle's World and For Me?! Knit-a-long
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Permanent Resident

3101 Posts

Posted - 04/22/2008 :  6:23:35 PM  Show Profile Send sandyt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have 2 official knitting bags. Both of them birthday gifts-they each have a project-upstairs, downstairs!
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Permanent Resident

1829 Posts

Posted - 04/22/2008 :  6:47:05 PM  Show Profile Send eldergirl a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have four canvas bags, two of them freebies, one from my ASDP trade group, and my bestest one, with the quote from Elizabeth Zimmerman of late and beloved memory. My most meaningful WIP goes into her bag, and there is a subtle psychological heirarchy as to what project goes into the others. I have a large, beautiful "living room bag-with-a-wooden=stand"--very handsome--but every dang wooden-stand knitting bag I've had has broken legs or struts in a heartbeat. I look at the lovely new bags and sigh, but they are an awful lot of money compared to a freebie canvas bag!
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Permanent Resident

1232 Posts

Posted - 04/22/2008 :  9:27:21 PM  Show Profile  Visit SR5Rfan's Homepage Send SR5Rfan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, I just condensed everything over the weekend while looking for my size 10 needles (which I think I may have loaned to my DIL2B). So, I have my wheeled tote, and the woven basket and one small canvas bag with knitting in them. There are several canvas bags that are recently emptied. The 3-drawer tub that is full of yarn. I have, however, very frequently used plastic grocery bags and my purse to carry projects.

Beth Not much knitting on it, but it's a start ...
"I was taught to respect my elders, but it is getting harder and harder to find one"
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Seriously Hooked

838 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  12:07:46 AM  Show Profile Send knittingrunner a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Three, I think. They are mostly for big stuff and sort of in-work storage. Timbuk2 bag is big enough to hold all purse type junk plus 1 to 2 small projects.

Running with knitting needles!
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Permanent Resident

1695 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  05:36:13 AM  Show Profile Send jtamsn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Ummmmmm...........I'm not sure I can count that high! Not all of them contain a project at the moment but I do have one for any occasion, small, medium and large. The larger ones were given as gifts and they tend to be used when I go to camp, as they can carry anything I might want to work on and anything I might accumulate if I'm somewhere and a skein starts calling my name. You might say a portable stash hauler.
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Seriously Hooked

669 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  05:48:20 AM  Show Profile Send jaw a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Like jtamsn I doubt I can count high enough. I am very weak when it comes to buying totes - I love them. I also have several that were given to me when I ordered books for my school library. Those were used to tote things to school, but after I retired they became knitting totes. I also have several LL Bean canvas totes and a couple of the larger Vera Bradley totes. Whenever I buy a new purse I tend to look at it and try to gauge how big of a project I can put in it. Of course there are also those nice totes from Bath and Body Works. I need to wear blinders when I go shopping - no more totes for me. HAH!!
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Chatty Knitter

179 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  06:04:08 AM  Show Profile Send FiberChef a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. Noooooowwwww I understand how that little nursery rhyme got started.
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queen of the east
Seriously Hooked

877 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  06:30:06 AM  Show Profile Send queen of the east a Private Message  Reply with Quote
4 Bags. One is empty! That will have to be remedied immediately. The other 3 bags started out holding WIPs, then their function switched to holding "next up project" yarn. Now, sadly, they are simply glorified stash holders.
All of the bags were part of gift with purchase cosmetic promotions. They are large, sturdy, fairly attractive and also come with small zippered bags that are great for holding all of those necessities a knitter needs to carry.

Ann in Montreal
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Permanent Resident

2424 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  07:16:36 AM  Show Profile Send azblueskies a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If I ever have WIPs in each of the bags I own, I'm in trouble! I'm one of those who hardly ever works on more than one project at a time but yet I can't resist buying more bags...go figure.

So much to learn, so little time.
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Chatty Knitter

132 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  07:25:35 AM  Show Profile Send Francie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Two, officially. I love leather bags almost as much as I love yarn. I don't carry a large purse but if I see a large one I like, it could be used as a knitting bag. Might buy it and retire another. One of mine is leather and contains all my WIP's. It lives in front of my seat on the couch. As you can imagine, it's all stretched out with so many projects in it.

My second one is small. One of those Land's End canvas totes, the smallest I think. It's just for going out with that day. It gets emptied when I get home. This prevents the accumulation of too much stuff. I tend to throw in a pair of scissors, crochet hook, cheapo reading glasses, maybe some stitch markers, etc. When I cleaned out all of my knitting bags (I used to have many), I was overwhelmed by so many little scissors!
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Chatty Knitter

101 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  10:12:07 AM  Show Profile Send GGKnits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm a tote lover also and it's amazing how they can become "converted" to knitting bags! Does anyone have the Knitpicks Total Knitting Tote? It comes in three colors and looks like it would also have room for purse stuff.
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Permanent Resident

1136 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  10:27:57 AM  Show Profile  Visit PBELKNAP's Homepage Send PBELKNAP a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have four. One is a Lancome "Free with purchase" bag that's small enough to be unobtrusive if I want to have a take-along project. One is a Lion Brand bag that's enormous -- I use it for my afghan projects. One is a cheapo Wal-Mart canvas bag with fish on it (got it for $5). And one is an obscenely expensive LYS knitting bag that I insanely paid $80 for. It is useful, though, for sweater projects.


WIP = Scrap Sweater (knit)

Done this year = Scrap Scarf (knit), Gloves (knit), Mittens (knit), Afghan (crochet), Pinwheel Afghan (crochet), Knit Your Bit Scarf for the WWII Museum (knit - charity)

If I could only do this for a living...
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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  11:16:23 AM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have lots, one of which I actually bought as a knitting bag. I like repurposing bags that have some aesthetic value. Projects tend to drift from one bag to another.

Besides my official knitting bag, I have the following:

---a sort-of patchwork bag in green velvets and brocades that doubles as a carry-all junk bag when I travel.

---a small felted bag I made myself

---a falling-apart plastic sunflower-bedecked gift bag that was given to me by a former student. The main gift was a set of cosmetic bags, which I also use for knitting stuff. It needs some repair work but I don't want to trash it.

---a straw handbag that has pretty colored stripes. Rather than tossing the handbag when I got tired of using it that way, I repurposed it.

---an ancient cloth B&N bag with a nice antiquey picture on it. This one holds a vintage UFO

Then there are the misc. plastic bags from various bookstores, yarn shops, and such. These tend to have a shorter shelf life. But the more UFOs I have, the more bags I accumulate.

Anne in NJ

Knit long and prosper
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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  11:41:21 AM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I believe there are seven, at least that much I'll admit to.

1.A blue shell fabric one I made, has a lot of acrylic for snuggles in it.

2. A large batik multi colored beauty from a friend's etsy shop with two WIPs in it. (short fingered gloves projects)

3. A blue damask and leather from Border Leather Yarns, for Homespun and other yarns for afghan-in- waiting in it.

4. Lanea's project bag - Jane's Hedgerow socks

5. Electrician's Rigging bag- Drops Aran sweater

6. "Ditto above" with Snuggles stuff

7. Round,zippered cosmetic bag (from Ross's after a tip Rissa posted) with Pi Shawl "Gretchen" and her yarn in it.

8. Lunch kit bag with trekking boot socks- I take this last one just about everywhere along with the littlest bag. They hang well together.

Well that's eight.

There are a lot of various book and donation gift cloth bags of hanging yarn projects-of-the-future and my spindle spinnings on a coat hanger in the storage room. It's a floor stand with pegs at top.

Wendy, I just finished a clean up, too. What a job! [:00]

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Gabber Extraordinaire

433 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  11:44:15 AM  Show Profile  Visit amosellie's Homepage Send amosellie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
A LOT - and not enough!!! It is another weakness I have!!!

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Permanent Resident

4773 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  12:00:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit kdcrowley's Homepage Send kdcrowley a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by jtamsn

Ummmmmm...........I'm not sure I can count that high! Not all of them contain a project at the moment but I do have one for any occasion, small, medium and large. The larger ones were given as gifts and they tend to be used when I go to camp, as they can carry anything I might want to work on and anything I might accumulate if I'm somewhere and a skein starts calling my name. You might say a portable stash hauler.


**hangs head in shame**

Check out my solar-dyed yarns at
and my blog at
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Permanent Resident

2373 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  2:05:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit RobA's Homepage Send RobA a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Close to uncountable. I have one "official" bag, the Bagsmith Project Bag. I have a wonderful red bag with lots of pockets that holds projects, has gone to MDSW and Stitches events -- it is just fantastic. It cost me $16, I think, at Target. Target thought it was a beach bag, silly people. I also have scads (that's a mathematical term, right?)of tote bags that have been given to me or that I have purchased over the years, that are all used for yarn or projects. Just bought the latest one to celebrate my first San Antonio Fiesta.

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Permanent Resident

1844 Posts

Posted - 04/23/2008 :  2:45:31 PM  Show Profile Send scraffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have a knitting bag that I bought at the LYS. Excellant for larger projects.
I have a shoulder bag I picked up at a non-knitting conference that is good for medium size projects.
Then I use small bags that I get at the LYS for yarn when I am making a washcloth, fingerless gloves, or any other small project.
Oh and I have knapsack with wheels that I use for going to the local wool and fiber festival! Need the extra space for roving/yarn/patterns and the luxury t0 pull/push it instead of carrying it.
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