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 How is Your Yarn Diet/Knit from Stash going?
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Seriously Hooked

716 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  8:11:09 PM  Show Profile Send stitchmd a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I saw a book yesterday called One Skein Wonders, and Interweave has a one skein book also. My stash has a lot of leftover lonelies and I'm thinking of getting one of these books. For now I'm industriously knitting up some yarn I got from a clearance sale. It was going to be a sweater but now it's telling me it can only manage a vest from the number of balls they had left for sale.

I made DD a scarf from yarn I bought when she was a baby, she's 14. She hasn't worn it, but at least I tried.

You can't have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.
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Chatty Knitter

206 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  8:12:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit boboknits's Homepage Send boboknits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm doing well. I finished my first Snuggle and right now I'm working a vest from the stash. I haven't been tempted and I still have two Knit Picks gift certs that I got for Christmas that I still can use. So far, so good!

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Permanent Resident

1378 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  8:29:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit blr2449's Homepage  Send blr2449 a Yahoo! Message Send blr2449 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Very well. No yarn bought so far this year and I've several more projects started using the stash. :-)

If YOU don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?
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Seriously Hooked

788 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  9:45:07 PM  Show Profile Send westcoastchica a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, I'm doing alright except for sock yarn. But I was almost out. And life without sock yarn... well... would not make me happpy. LOL.

I do have a gift certificate to Michaels that I got for Christmas, so I'll plan out a few projects and shop for that.

In the meantime, I'm doing pretty well at the stash knitting. Log Cabin blankets are great for that. :-)

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Gabber Extraordinaire

544 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  10:32:29 PM  Show Profile Send highdesertrose a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've been doing well for the most part- had to pick up two more skeins of Aurura Bulky Melange to finish a scarf, but other than that, no yarn acquisitions. Before the New Year started, I spent some extensive time with the stash and plotted out projects; I was tired of buying yarn, starting new things, and having other projects bumped to the back of the queue, so to speak.

So far, so good....

My DH isn't afraid of anything- oh, except for those two words- "yarn shop".
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Permanent Resident

United Kingdom
1227 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  05:19:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit probablyjane's Homepage Send probablyjane a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far, so good (with a couple of small slips....) I have been working hard on my UFOs and have got the better of a hooded jumper for my sister, a clapotis, Truly Tasha shawl, Falling Leaves shawl, two pairs of socks and a pair of fairisle mitts. I have started a pair of socks and another shawl but am still plugging away on my other UFOs.

Stash wise, this means I am keeping my head above water, at least knitting with, giving away or selling more of it than I have acquired. However, I fell off the wagon with some Schaeffer Marjaana and a sock club membership. I have also almost completely catalogued my stash which, after lying down with a cold compress on when confronting its true size makes me feel a lot more in control - and also renewed my pleasure in some of the stash I'd forgotten I had.

Can't guarantee I'll go 'cold turkey' this year but I am determined to rein things in considerably.

'I am the milkman of human kindness - I will leave an extra pint' Billy Bragg
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Permanent Resident

1386 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  05:51:11 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I think it also depends how much yarn you have in your stash. I'm assuming that those on a yarn diet have enough yarn in their stash to take them through the year and then some?

If I ever get gauge for the Enchanted Forest sweater, I am going to buy yarn for it, but that project was planned before the yarn diet. And I swatched everything in my stash that was a possibility with no success.

I am also on a yarn diet and passed up several online sales. Yesterday I started a pair of fingerless gloves from some leftovers. Books are not included in the diet are they? They help us get rid of our stash by giving more patterns to choose from....
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Chatty Knitter

339 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  06:30:47 AM  Show Profile Send mkfromKansas a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The stash is no longer an embaressment because I learned my neighbor knits those Guideposts sweaters out of yarn leftovers. She is an artist at taking all those color (sometimes only a row or two per color) tidbits and making them beautiful. So I'm now down to skeins that have a predesigned destination. But I do wish I could knit my mouth shut between meals.
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Seriously Hooked

774 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  07:09:30 AM  Show Profile Send AuntyNin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far, so good, I think . . .

My only yarn purchase this month has been the Blue Moon sock club, which won't even start shipping until next month. Since we all seem to be agreed that sock yarn doesn't really count, I think I'm okay there.

New Year's weekend, I cast on two items, a pair of socks and a cotton cardigan, both from yarns that have been in That Closet for some time. I guess that counts as stash-diving, right? The cardigan's back is done, and most of one sleeve, and the second sock of the pair is waiting for me to pick up its gusset stitches.

On the UFO front, two items have been unceremoniously ditched, including the hideously awful yarns they contained. This stuff was industrial-grade ugly acrylic from the early 1970s, no hope for it. Also, the partially finished sweater from Shadow Knitting is going to the froggy pond, just because of how much it makes my hands hurt to knit DK weight yarn on a size 2 needle. There is hope for that gorgeous yarn, though, as I've spotted something in Fiona Ellis's Inspired Cable Knitting that seems to be perfect for it (the two-tone hooded zip-front cardigan).

So many projects, so little time.


Everything happens for a reason, except possibly football. --- Terry Pratchett
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Chatty Knitter

142 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  07:53:26 AM  Show Profile Send caroledward a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have been very very bad. I bought a bunch of Cashsoft from Webs. This was the gift exchanges fault. I bought my giftee some cashosft and fell in love with in so... since it was on sale at Webs I just couldn't resist a few bags - like 4. I also bought some angora from them that was on sale. Naughty Naughty! Then, Little Knits has Noro on sale and I couldn't resist a couple of bags of that either. The colors are just so pretty!! I am hanging my head in shame!! But, it was on sale!!! Does that count?

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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  08:54:02 AM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
It's a good thing books aren't included in a yarn diet. I've been going crazy buying knitting books.

Anne in NJ

Knit long and prosper
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Chatty Knitter

191 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  12:13:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit Redrobin's Homepage Send Redrobin a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I guess I am doing ok. I bought a bag of Noro Lily about a week before I started my yarn diet, and I did just buy 3 balls of yarn from Knitpicks for the scarf my BF has requested (but only because he only wants blue, and blue is one color I simply didn't have in my stash, for whatever reason).

I did just recycle some gorgeous pumpkin colored Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk from my failed Alterknits Modern Bustier (looked just horrible on me) into a Backyard Leaves scarf (sooo pretty!!!), but the scarf didn't use nearly as much yarn as anticipated, so I'm now making lace wristwarmers from the 2006 Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar, too, and I may even end up with a pair of bedsocks.

The Lily is on needles as Picovoli, and I have identified winner patterns for other stash, so I feel like it's going well, although I am a somewhat slow knitter.
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Chatty Knitter

125 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  1:10:29 PM  Show Profile  Visit KathyMarie's Homepage Send KathyMarie a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm doing just fine, although because my own personal Knit From My Stash rules limit me to buying sock yarn only after I finish 2 pairs of socks, I'm going a little bit batty everytime I look at Blue Moon Fiber Arts' website.

I haven't made any purchases since the end of December, but my FIL and step-MIL gave me a gift cert to a LYS (one that I have not yet visited) as a belated Christmas gift, and I have to go spend it down by March 30th. This is going to throw off my whole system.


My Blog:
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Chatty Knitter

300 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  2:42:55 PM  Show Profile Send imamshua a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, I purposely didn't commit becuase my LYS has a wonderful sale starting the 1st Saturday after New Years and I purchased yarn for 3 sweaters, and odds and ends to complete other projects, but I am stash knitting - since September, I have started and completed a cardigan for myself and one for my grand-daughter, plus completed a UFO cardigan from 2004, a purse from 2005 and am just starting the sleeves on a sweater from 2002.


If you think you're too small to be effective you have never been in bed with a mosquito - Bette Reese
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Permanent Resident

9715 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  3:17:26 PM  Show Profile Send lella a Private Message  Reply with Quote
There's a yarn diet? uh oh.. I'm dead in the water. Just was gifted some, which doesn't count, and we went on a mini stash builder at the LYS. Alzzzoo, I have four more balls of regia sock yarn flying to me as we speak. It should be here today. I posted some pics of the LYS and gift yarn on the blog. The orange will be fingerless gloves for DD2 or maybe me. or not. But the blue is definitely mine all mine mine! [:00]


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Warming Up

78 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  3:23:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit Hanne's Homepage Send Hanne a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far everything is fine. I've knitted solely from stash and after I realized there was a ball of yarn I didn't remember having, the yarn diet felt very justified.
It has been nice experience, which surprises me. I have so many projects on the line waiting for their turns that it is a relief to think that I will actually knit them one day because I won't buy new yarn for something else.
My goal is to be able to see the bottom of my yarn basket or knit from stash until October. Now my stash is the above mentioned yarn basket, a box and a plastic bag full of yarn. So there is plenty to do still..

My knitting blog
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Chatty Knitter

339 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  3:25:56 PM  Show Profile Send mkfromKansas a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Books don't count? Yay!!! It snowed here and I holed up and while doodling on Amazon managed to buy six more books (but 4 of them were used). I'll repent next month when the c-card bill comes in. And also, the stash is smaller. I'm sure there's a balance there somewhere.
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Chatty Knitter

282 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  3:42:00 PM  Show Profile Send rfknits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far so good and it better stay that way! :) Nothing stops stash enhancement like a move to a smaller space. If I buy anymore yarn, my roommate will throw my yarns out because they are already taking up our common area. I finished up a skirt in Linen Print and currently working on 3 pairs of socks right now.

BUT, instead of yarn, I started buying knitting related stuff. I bought 2 knitting bags (Zelda and Lady B) and some other stuff that I'm not counting towards knitting (Tia Clutch and matching Minis set for Lady B).

Yarn purchase = 0.
Money saved = still 0.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

352 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  3:59:41 PM  Show Profile Send ShannonM a Private Message  Reply with Quote
It's going surprisingly well. I was buying yarn almost compulsively, so it was smart for me to go cold turkey. It's also helped me focus on my UFOs. I'm not feeling guilt about all the yarn coming in and casting on in a frenzy so I just work steadily on - whatever I'm working on.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

575 Posts

Posted - 01/22/2007 :  5:07:57 PM  Show Profile Send agnesgooch a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I haven't bought any significant amount of yarn in quite a while. However, I need to make an oath not to buy any patterns or books. This past week I've spent about $60 on pattern leaflets. I've got my eye on about $40 worth of more hat patterns, but I'm trying to resist at least until next month.
I'm on a sock-knitting binge right now. I'm determined to have at least one pair of hand-knitted socks for each day of the week. I did my first pair on two circular needles (a lot faster) and I've gotten the hang of kitchener stitch. On to pair #2!
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