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 How is Your Yarn Diet/Knit from Stash going?
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Permanent Resident

4177 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  12:07:13 PM  Show Profile Send kbshee a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Three weeks into the New Year, I thought I'd check in and see how those of us who are trying to reduce our stashes a bit are doing.

I've knit more than a dozen stash balls, I only succumbed to one sale: the Ram Wools 30% off sale, and I've only bought sock yarn which as we know doesn't count.

(If Ram Wools still had Sea Silk in stock, though, I couldn't be writing that).

I have printed out several sleeveless tank/shell patterns to use up my cotton ease stash...yes, I'm thinking spring and summer knitting!

So while I'm not perfect, I feel that I've really made an effort to lessen the stash. How are you doing?

kim in oregon

Permanent Resident

3449 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  12:13:50 PM  Show Profile Send hillstreetmama a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've been knitting from stash, but worked two days at the LYS and kept adding things to a sack of stuff to buy. Two days worth of "Oooh, I need this, and this...." and my total was $160. Of course, my wages offset a lot of that, but so much for my yarn diet. Well, tomorrow is another day!

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Gabber Extraordinaire

565 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  12:31:51 PM  Show Profile Send suzannevh a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Three weeks in and I'm doing well. I haven't bought any yarn so far and I skipped a great sale at my favorite LYS. I've used approximately 500g worth of yarn. I'd like to have knit more by now but other areas of my life keep intruding into my knitting.

Check out my project pics

Join the Yarn Diet-A-Long

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Permanent Resident

4160 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  12:57:05 PM  Show Profile Send dschmidt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I am currently knitting with some Karabella Frost from the stash and it is so beautiful. I've used stash yarn for the Red Scarf Project and Dulaan project. I am going to use some more for the latest Afghans for Afghans hat project.

Donna in VA
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  1:26:17 PM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I knit 2 pairs of socks from my Koigu stash but I am currently knitting a pair of Opal socks in yarn I ordered from Janette on eBay. It was a new colorway that I couldn't resist.

My LYS closed (Lion & Lamb) and I don't like the other stores in the neighborhood. I am no longer doing business in the area near Purl so I haven't been there in ages. My stash is pretty much my LYS. At least I like my taste in yarn, LOL.


the pictures tell the story
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Chatty Knitter

127 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  1:33:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit LadySpring's Homepage Send LadySpring a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far, so good....but I haven't bought any yarn since September 2006 :( I started to crochet two Garden Scarves (from SnB Happy Hooker), using some Blue Heron Yarn in Macaw and a mohair blend for one and some recycled silk yarn for another. I'm nearly finished with my sister's pedicure socks and my papa's scarf, knitted from, you guessed it, stash yarn. (There are photos on my blog and I'm posting more progress today.) I'm thinking about casting on some long hand/armwarmers today out of mohair from my stash (that was actually a gift from a very good friend. Gift yarn! Yippee!). Otherwise, even though I really really really want to buy some new yarn, I've been a good little knitter-from-the-stash and haven't bought any new yarn, even sock yarn. Having y'all along with me really helps...that, and knowing I have about a third of my stash at my mama's house still keeps me going. When I finally get it up to my house (8.5 hours away), it'll be like getting a load of new yarn. Keep on knittin', friends.

Knittin' harmony,

Knitters know a good yarn or two...
My blog:
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Gabber Extraordinaire

400 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  1:42:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit englishtch's Homepage Send englishtch a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I haven't done as well as the rest of you. I did finish two UFO's, but I still have several to go, and I fell to temptation and bought some more yarn. Webs had RYC Cashsoft 4 ply, and I want to try socks out of this. I justified it because I worked the gate at 4 basketball games at my school; I was paid nearly enough to cover the yarn.

My stash boxes are emptier because I took all the acrylic yarn and WIP's in acrylic to a friend. I don't want to finish them because I just don't like the feel of acrylic any more, and she was glad to get the yarn.

My blog:
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Sustaining Member

1565 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  1:43:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit Martheme's Homepage  Send Martheme a Yahoo! Message Send Martheme a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far so good here.

I've only bought some LB stuff at the craft store for the baby blanket I need to start soon.

I would have used stash yarn but didn't have anything that would work for this particular gift blanet.

I haven't used up much stash yet but I've been finishing off a lot of the smaller UFOs (5 so far with 7 total FOs) and I'm planning a couple of bigger projects coming up that will use more.

I've also been sorting and reorganizing which has made me realize just how much I have out there. Honestly, I must have a whole flock of sheep worth of wool to spin at this point. Easily 100 - 150 lbs, seriously! That alone should keep me busy until the baby is in college . . .

Off to work on the Afghan for Afghans hat . . . from stash, of course.


KnitUFO - turning UFOs into FOs together.

Baby blog:

2007 Stats: CO: 2; Frogs: 0; WIP/UFO: 13; FO: 6.
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Seriously Hooked

825 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  1:50:19 PM  Show Profile  Visit glccafar's Homepage Send glccafar a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm still with the program. I've finished one adult hat, one baby hat, and am working on a number of other stash projects.

Yarn used in 2007 FOs: 1.5 balls
Yarn purchased in 2007: 0 balls
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Permanent Resident

3076 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  1:55:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit kadiddly's Homepage  Send kadiddly a Yahoo! Message Send kadiddly a Private Message  Reply with Quote
It's only 21 days in, but I haven't bought any yarn so far this year. I've finished one sweater with stash yarn, and found a project for another that should help me get rid of several more skeins. I guess I've kind of added back to the stash, though, since I frogged a couple of my WIPs.

"Alright everyone, back to your knitting..."
- Fred or George Weasley, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (movie)
Backstage Stitches
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Chatty Knitter

194 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  2:04:03 PM  Show Profile Send diamondgirl a Private Message  Reply with Quote
No yarn this year so far, though knitting from the stash has jumped my WIPs to seven, prompting the Husband to announce that my yarn had taken over the house.

One of my friends thoughtfully gave me a gift certificate to my LYS. GAH! [crazy] Must.... not.... use it.... yet!!!

Third Generation Craft Ho
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Chatty Knitter

254 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  2:09:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit PuppyMomma's Homepage Send PuppyMomma a Private Message  Reply with Quote
*snort* Yarn diet?!? Not here. But I am knitting from stash at the moment. Kind of. Sometimes I wish I had 8 arms so I could knit more things at once.


Every day may not be a good day to die, but every day is a good day to eat pancakes.
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Mama Cat
Permanent Resident

1223 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  2:15:03 PM  Show Profile Send Mama Cat a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, within the first five days of January I ordered something from Etsy. But I made an exception for that - last purchase and all. Kind of like a condemned prisoner's last meal or something, you know? And that yarn is now OTN for a pair of socks, which are really looking wonderful. So I don't regret the purchase.

But then some stuff I had ordered before Christmas turned out not to be available, so I ordered a replacement for it someplace else. Plus a little bit of something else because, you know, the shipping charge was the same. I actually do have a project in mind for this yarn, though - which is part of my other knitting-related New Year's resolution, which is to do a lace project.

And then I lost a friend's scarf, and I told her I'd knit her a new scarf. So I needed to get something for her. But when I started knitting it up a few days ago, I didn't like it. I *really* tried to find something else that would work in the yarn I already have, but couldn't. So I ran out to the LYS and got 3 skeins of ArtYarns Ultramerino. (which is working up GREAT. This went straight from store -> needles on the same day, so I think it's a worthy exception, too.)

BUT that's it, SWEAR! I have also had some successes. I'm knitting up some very old Baruffa 7 Settembre yarn into a short-sleeve sweater, and I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. I'm also working on the Palette Cardigan, which is going to use up a lot of yarn that's been on my conscience for a long time now.

I tried to knit up some really horrifying violent blood-red South Maid cotton yarn into string grocery bags - but the pattern was BORING and yet fussy, the yarn kept splitting, and I hated the color - so I threw the whole thing in the trash. According to the dated pricetag on the yarn I spent $1.77 for the yarn in 1997. So throwing it out isn't exactly bankrupting me. Why I bought it I have no idea, other than that the date on the price tag is shortly after my daughter's birth. I blame it on post-partum brain fog.

Throwing that yarn out felt pretty good, so I used the momentum to get rid of some other hideous old yarn that I was never going to use, and could not in good conscience pass on to anybody else. My yarn now has a decent quality:crap ratio, and I'm pleased about that.

I also have projects in mind for almost everything, except a few odd bits of yarn (2-3 balls each) leftover from other projects but too good to throw away (at least not yet).

I've also organized my yarn & craft area and I am extremely happy with how neat & tidy everything is. Everything is in labelled plastic boxes, and stacked neatly on the shelves in my basement. It had been willy-nilly boxes, bags, etc. I had about a ton of ribbon - given to me by my mom, for reasons that are now obscure to me - and I'm passing it all on to a pal who is a crazy quilter. It's all bagged up for my daughter to bring to school tomorrow, and give to my friend's daughter who is in her class.

All in all, not bad - though I did slip up a couple of times. But that's it, no more yarn is entering this house until October at the earliest.
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queen of the east
Seriously Hooked

877 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  3:30:34 PM  Show Profile Send queen of the east a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I haven't bought any yarn since the first of the year. BUT a new yarn shop is open in town. I've not got the address so I haven't rushed off to have a look, yet. I think it is in the neighbourhood of another LYS so I am going to try to steer clear for at least 6 or 7 weeks. I have a birthday coming up then. Trying to maintain my knit two( or is it three?) projects from stash, buy yarn for one project. The knit 3 projects is tough because currently 2 of them are lace, honking big shawls. Well they seem really big, and the progress is slow. I may have to knit up some other quicker projects or I will not be buying any new yarns for the next decade.

Ann in Montreal
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Chatty Knitter

300 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  3:56:33 PM  Show Profile Send cpknits a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Let's see. I've gained 5 lbs. and my stash has also had a net gain (if you count the sock yarn). I had camel/wool yarn for a hat and scarf but decided I would add enough to make a sweater instead since it is so nice. I have also added several skeins of sock yarn, Fleece Artist and Austerman's which has aloe and jojoba oil. I've never knit with these but am excited. I have finished three sweaters, two pairs of mittens, two scarfs and am almost there with a pair of socks. These have also been from stash. My yarn diet will start February 1, maybe three out, one in. I also wish I had 8 arms.
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Permanent Resident

Costa Rica
1987 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  5:10:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit booglass's Homepage Send booglass a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I just bought a oodles of yarn BUT to be fair, I have a friend (and fellow knitter) visiting from the states and it maybe my one and only chance to get yarn this year. I am dying to use Debbi Bliss Cathay. To my credit I did not order the yarn for my Vest project, I went stash diving and found a reasonable replacement. **Sigh**


Check out my blog:
Tropical Knits
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LI Craftgal
Gabber Extraordinaire

382 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  5:13:35 PM  Show Profile  Visit LI Craftgal's Homepage Send LI Craftgal a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So far so good. Only sock yarn, but that doesnt count right? And I did finish some socks and am working on others.

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Permanent Resident

2761 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  5:19:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit purlthis's Homepage Send purlthis a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The only yarn I've bought was for the exchange! I did receive some lovely Rowan Cashsoft Aran however in the exchange. FABULOUS yarn, yummy aubergine color. Now what to make...

As I get older, I prefer to knit. Tracey Ullman
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Permanent Resident

3019 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  5:26:50 PM  Show Profile Send abt1950 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm hanging in, although my fingers are gettting twitchy. I'm also in the UFO knitalong and restricting myself from starting new projects. I've got enough in the queue that I'm safe until the Spring mags come out. Then it's "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson."

Anne in NJ

Knit long and prosper
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Permanent Resident

3363 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  5:27:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit CatherineM's Homepage Send CatherineM a Private Message  Reply with Quote
No yarn purchases, and no real urges for any. I'm working through the stash - it was all bought for love at one time, and it is time for it to feel the love. I may be a sailor on shore leave if I get to go to MDS&W (it is my free weekend on my year-long yarn fast, and work will determine whether I get it) but so far, the oath is a breeze.

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Permanent Resident

1093 Posts

Posted - 01/21/2007 :  7:34:14 PM  Show Profile  Visit LittleMousling's Homepage Send LittleMousling a Private Message  Reply with Quote
It's going very well! I actually stopped buying yarn around mid-November, although I got a quick skein right before the end of the year. I wouldn't have, except I thought that if it suddenly became unavailable, it was the one yarn I would regret having missed out on (a skein of Fearless Fibers sock yarn in Thoroughbred, for a second pair of my favorite socks EVER).

So far? Haven't been even the slightest bit tempted. I have good yarn and lots of it. I've just finished a sweater for myself (started in late December) and I'm working on a pair of socks for my kid sister and a stole for my school's May Day celebrations. I've got plenty of yarn and projects to tide me over; I don't think this will be difficult. Hope that doesn't mean I'm burnt out!

-Molly, obsessive but not exclusive socknitter
Stash photos, WIPs and some FOs
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