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 Spirituality and Religion Locked?
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Seriously Hooked

679 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2005 :  4:38:05 PM  Show Profile Send greengirl a Private Message
I just noticed that the entire Spirituality and Religion category has been locked. Is something going on, or is this just a simple mistake?

I've seen individual topics locked, but never an entire category before...

Permanent Resident

4942 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2005 :  6:11:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit Lissa's Homepage Send Lissa a Private Message
Perhaps Clara has realized that she runs a KNITTING forum, not a free-for-all....


"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian." --Dennis Wholey

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Permanent Resident

12598 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2005 :  6:59:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit RoseByAny's Homepage Send RoseByAny a Private Message
If you would read the description on the main section (which you won't see if you just click Active Topics like I do 90% of the time) forum admins left us this note:
This section has been given a time-out for bad behavior. Until things cool down, we recommend you seek out one of the many other public forums that were created specifically for religious discussion.

"Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color. Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense, and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable."
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Gabber Extraordinaire

559 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2005 :  11:02:23 PM  Show Profile Send momslake a Private Message
I was disappointed to see that the Spirituality forum was locked. I enjoyed reading it, most of the time. I enjoyed discussing the topic with other knitters. Having knitting in common made me feel less like I was talking to total strangers about spirituality and religion. That's why I don't read other forums, blogs or newsgroups on spirituality.

It feels a little like the whole group was punished for the actions of a few...even if it is only temporary. I wish there were some way to deal with the people who are the problem without locking everyone out. I know I'm a newbie, but it always seems to be the same people.
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Chatty Knitter

198 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  08:08:04 AM  Show Profile Send Deni a Private Message
I just read Clara's history of the religion and spirituality forum (it was in existence when I came here) and her reasons for closing it. I run a message board (nothing remotely to do with knitting) and I've had to run interference when people wanted to talk about religion and politics, too. We have a much smaller membership so I probably didn't feel the pressure Clara did to create a place to talk about controversial subjects, but still I thought about it.

I deeply appreciate Clara taking the time to talk about the closing of the religion and spirituality forum. I may borrow some of her sentiments or even her words for the next time our members start clamoring to talk about religion. I think it's probably for the best.
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queen bee

4414 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  08:21:38 AM  Show Profile  Visit Clara's Homepage Send Clara a Private Message
You're fast, Deni! I just posted a much longer explanation of the history of that section, and my reasons for closing it. I thought you guys deserved a bit more of an explanation as to why I did this, because I know it's a big change.

The closure is temporary, not for all time and eternity. And I know that many people used that section for the reasons I created it in the first place. But we also had some difficult issues that just wouldn't go away, and they were causing far more division than unity. So I wanted to pull the plug for a while.

Anyway, if you're curious, you can read my longer explanation.

Thanks for being here, everybody!

Your friendly and occasionally frustrated and disheartened Knitter's Review publisher
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Permanent Resident

5199 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  08:30:28 AM  Show Profile  Visit Lanea's Homepage Send Lanea a Private Message
I really like to discuss questions of religion and spirituality too, but I absolutely understand where Clara is coming from. She is our host, and I know she wants KR to be a friendly, welcoming place. I'm guessing that she has privately asked individuals to tone it down in the past, and I know several of the KR members have requested that in heated threads. Were I in her shoes, after however many repeated instances of bickering and nastiness and months of cat-herding, I would probably have shut it down too.

I am pretty good at encouraging myself to be thick skinned in debates and touchy discussions, but I saw one particularly inflamatory comment right before the area was locked and I was floored. I've got to say, Clara's analogy about a neighbor's tomatoes was dead on: my opinion of one of our community members has changed drastically.
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SustaYning Member

4435 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  08:51:44 AM  Show Profile  Visit Jane's Homepage Send Jane a Private Message
Thank you for the perfect explanation and history lesson, Clara. I've been here long enough to have seen a lot (oh, the things we've been through!) and you always, without exception, do the best for us and for KR. You have grit and grace, as they say. "Thank you" will never cover it, but I'll start there.


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Permanent Resident

3145 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  10:58:03 AM  Show Profile  Visit blwinteler's Homepage  Send blwinteler a Yahoo! Message Send blwinteler a Private Message
Well, anything I would say has been said, but I will post here anyway. I also thought Clara's history and explanation was very good to read. And I really appreciate her handling of the difficult issues. I enjoy being here, and a large part of that is that Clara keeps it friendly and happy. Thank you Clara!

Take care!

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Seen on a church marquee: Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape.
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Honorary Angel

5539 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  11:49:11 AM  Show Profile Send azknitter a Private Message
Well, since everything's been said already.....I'll just quote Martha....."It's a good thing!"...

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Gabber Extraordinaire

507 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  1:08:35 PM  Show Profile  Visit desi_knitter's Homepage Send desi_knitter a Private Message
Clara, I just want to say, you're a wonderful writer: not just about knitting, but about people and life.

"I disagree about that cast-on method, but fine. You're the one who'll have to live with the tight edge"

Priceless. Made my day. Thanks! I love this forum.
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Permanent Resident

2454 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2005 :  3:53:12 PM  Show Profile  Visit celia's Homepage Send celia a Private Message
Thanks, Clara, for the explanation. You didn't oweit to anyone, but you did it all the same. Thanks!


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Seriously Hooked

956 Posts

Posted - 09/10/2005 :  2:02:15 PM  Show Profile Send dragonmom a Private Message
i had heard about the locked topic, but hadn't been here in a few months. i applaud you, clara. and your explanation hit the nail on the head. those are two topics i refuse to discuss in mixed, polite company: politics & religion. my ex husband was a big one for trying to find out a person's political affiliation, and then refusing to have anything to do with them, thereafter, limiting himself. there are a lot of beautiful movies out there that he refused to see because the leading actor/actress had made a political statement he didn't agree with. you were either with him or against him. gee, no wonder he's my ex! anyway, i digress

a person's spiritual belief is just that, a belief, and i refuse to step on anyone's toes for that belief. you go, girl!


the world is knitted from one beautifully variegated skein and it's up to us not to drop a stitch.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

516 Posts

Posted - 11/29/2005 :  02:42:44 AM  Show Profile Send GaiaDea a Private Message
Life is too short to pass up good friendships over things that are one's private business and beliefs. I know I have not been here in a long time, and did not witness the difficulties between folks in the spirituality and religion forum, but I hope that all of us here can get past our differences and pull together as creative and caring people.
I have always enjoyed coming here to bask in the relative sanity of the KR forums as compared to many of the folks I encounter on a daily basis here at home. I know I truly appreciate the privilege of being able to participate with all my friends here on Clara's boards. I have learned so much from everyone here, and think of all of you as my friends, and think of KR as a sort of "secret handshake" kind of club, where we all have fiber in common.
Sometimes, even the best of friends have their differences, and we have to figure out whether what we value about the friendship is worth losing over a difference of opinion. Many of us have strong opinions, and just as many of us can be upset by strong opinions held by others. For the sake of our wonderful community, I hope that we can all find a way past those differences to remain a wonderful community, with or without potentially "warm" forum topics.

My point being, Clara works darn hard to give us a place to post. If things get out of hand, she certainly shouldn't have to put up with it. I know if I have a strong opinion about something, I want to talk about it. I also don't want to inadvertantly disrespect those I am speaking to either. I know it is difficult at times to be respectful of a person who holds an opinion that you feel very strongly against. Nevertheless, it is important in MY opinion to at least respect yourself by being respectful of others, even when it hurts. That is one of the things that I was taught as a child that marks a responsible adult. This forum is only one of many forums I subscribe to, and I can tell you, it is by far the most mature and respectful one memberwise.
Thanks again Clara, for the chance to be here and meet with all the fun, quirky, different folks at KR. If that means we lose a couple of topic areas because of difficulty, so be it. I know I just love the chance to be here and talk about all things fiber.

Hugs to all
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