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 knitting or crochet?
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Seriously Hooked

786 Posts

Posted - 03/15/2007 :  08:20:48 AM  Show Profile Send YarnAndCoffee a Private Message
I'm a 98% knitter but have been known to crochet. I have some great lace afghan patterns for crochet, and the blue lace cotton afghan that I made for my son when he was 5 travels with us to tournaments every weekend. I think that crocheting is tough on my hands, especially the right (hook-holding) one. I'd like to get back into cross stitch and embroidery one day again too -- I used to do lots of that.

-Elizabeth in Alabama
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Warming Up

68 Posts

Posted - 04/28/2007 :  11:02:21 AM  Show Profile  Visit needlestohook's Homepage Send needlestohook a Private Message
I can do both (knit and crochet) and I have found that each one has its own quality. In my opinion a knitted fabric looks nicer. . .As a cleaner look. A crochet hook can go faster in my hands that a pair of knitting needles, so I tend to pick up a crochet pattern more often, just because I can finish it in the least amount of time.

All in all, I LOVE them both! And I wish there was a pattern that can include all the crafts I like to do: machine knitting, hand knitting, crocheting, perhaps a touch of sewing, tunisian crochet, bead crochet, and maybe some more different techniques. I always love to add a little of my own touch to my projects and I hoping to come up with a sweater or similar garment that might include the techniques written above. That would be a lot of fun to do!

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New Pal

18 Posts

Posted - 05/14/2007 :  04:48:11 AM  Show Profile Send craftdudley83 a Private Message
I love crochet to be quite honest, I've been doing it for 3 years and I've made my 5 year old daughter a beautiful orange sweater and now working on a double cross stitch tunic sweater, its amazing.I am finding out that the longer youve done something ,the easier it gets with no patterns,but I am also a new knitter, whitch right now I think is really hard, but I'm still experimenting with it.

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Warming Up

76 Posts

Posted - 05/23/2007 :  10:28:59 AM  Show Profile Send joycet a Private Message

I love to crochet and actually find it easier than knitting. I think that's because I have done more crochet projects and it was what I learned first. I really enjoy both though. I usually have projects going simultaneously in both knit and crochet.

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Chatty Knitter

120 Posts

Posted - 05/23/2007 :  12:22:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage Send a Private Message
I was a crocheter long before I was a knitter. Have been crocheting for 44 years and knitting for only 39 years. My mother taught me to crochet and I always had someone to go to for help. But she didn't knit and I only took a semester of knitting in home ec. So once that was over I had nobody to ask questions of or to demonstrate things for me. So I was never as confident with my knitting as I was with crochet. I am still the only one in my circle of family and friends who knits, but I have really made it my main focus for about the last 10 years. And thanks to the internet and the wealth of information here and at other forums, I feel that my knitting is now on a par with my crocheting. I still grab my hook if I'm in a hurry for a small gift, but my needles are far more busy these days.

Knit someone a scarf and they'll have an accessory; teach someone to knit and they'll be in stitches for the rest of their life.
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Permanent Resident

4859 Posts

Posted - 05/23/2007 :  12:46:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit Momma78239's Homepage  Send Momma78239 a Yahoo! Message Send Momma78239 a Private Message
I learned to crochet at age 8 in 4H. I tried knitting once in my teen years and hated it, then tried again, just for ribbing for a crocheted sweater (which I still have!) at age 23, and loved it! Now I'm 41, and have become expert at both, doing lots of designing my own projects. I love combining them, too. I knit far more than I crochet, because I can do it faster, but I really enjoy both.

And all the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, and of fine linen. Exodus 35:25
Knit, Spin, and Crochet at Yarnivore!
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 05/23/2007 :  1:57:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message
I started knitting when I was a child but I taught myself to crochet in the early 1970's because it was imperative to have

1. the crocheted hats that Ali MacGraw wore in Love Story
2. a granny square hippie poncho
3. a long crocheted mesh vest

and it was definitely not cool to buy any of those items in a store.

I am currently obsessed with crochet again partially because I am on the last leg of finishing a granny square afghan and partially because of this book



the pictures tell the story
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Chatty Knitter

260 Posts

Posted - 07/28/2007 :  10:43:04 AM  Show Profile  Visit Miss_Lizzyisaknitter's Homepage  Send Miss_Lizzyisaknitter a Yahoo! Message Send Miss_Lizzyisaknitter a Private Message
I love doing both, crocheting is faster for some items but knitting is prettier for some items. I am able to read knitting patterns easier than crocheting patterns so most of my crocheting so far has been simple things (blankets, dishcloths mostly) but i have a pattern for a towel topper that i've yet to work up the courage to crochet, lol.

~~Proud Knitter~~
mom to Jaemie & Christopher Jr
i'm a "chatty knitter" yay!
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Seriously Hooked

704 Posts

Posted - 07/29/2007 :  9:35:12 PM  Show Profile  Visit eepster's Homepage Send eepster a Private Message
I learned to knit first and have been mostly knitting lately b/c I have a toddler boy and crochet always looks girly to me. However, I'm really a crocheter at heart.

.." "
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Mama Cat
Permanent Resident

1223 Posts

Posted - 07/30/2007 :  2:37:29 PM  Show Profile Send Mama Cat a Private Message
I'm pretty ambicraftual. My mother taught me to crochet when I was 8. And I got comfortable very quickly, and was soon working up fairly plausible finished objects. I taught myself to knit not much after that from the instructions in the back of a pattern booklet - probably a book of knitted Barbie fashions, but I really don't remember now! But it didn't "take" quite as well as the crocheting, and I really didn't take off with the knitting until I was in grad school.

These days, I go through phases - exclusively knitting for a while, interspersed with heavy crochet phases. Right now, I'm crocheting and thinking about crochet projects more than knitting. The crocheting muse has grabbed hold of me with an idea for a sweater ... but I don't want to start making it until I get at least one more of my WIP's finished off.
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Janice Rosema
Chatty Knitter

207 Posts

Posted - 08/04/2007 :  09:38:18 AM  Show Profile Send Janice Rosema a Private Message
In my opinion, knitting or crocheting are not mutually exclusive. Both can be combined in wonderfully creative and beautiful ways that make the most of what each has to offer. There are many freeform artists who use both in very skillful ways and produce garments, wall art, handbags and other amazing items. In my own work, I use both and have had work displayed in international and national exhibits. As a matter of fact, the Los Angeles County Fair even added a freeform knit/crochet category this year to the needlearts division.

Also, on fashion runways, you will see many incredible interpretations of these two skills such as John-Paul Gautier's couture line recently. So, don't limit yourself to one or the other as they are both divine! Janice Rosema
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Stitching Fool
Chatty Knitter

196 Posts

Posted - 08/08/2007 :  12:48:47 PM  Show Profile Send Stitching Fool a Private Message
I've been an obsessed knitter for the past 2.5 years, but recently wanted to learn to do more than single crocheted edges on my knits, so I bought the Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. Now I am crocheting with the best of them---so much fun!! I love the lacy look of crochet. A fun book that incorporates both is "Knitting Loves Crochet" by Candi Jensen.

Happy ....crafting everyone,
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Permanent Resident

1408 Posts

Posted - 08/08/2007 :  2:30:16 PM  Show Profile Send Katheroni a Private Message
I do both, but much more knitting lately. I have a crazy idea that I'm going to crochet a decorative lace shower curtain, though. You know, so the cats can shred it.
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Permanent Resident

1927 Posts

Posted - 08/08/2007 :  6:58:07 PM  Show Profile Send Chayah a Private Message
Over the past year I have become addicted to knitting washcloths. I have so many different colors of cotton yarn that I have started crocheting four- round granny squares using each new color and odd bits. This is very relaxing and colorful. Eventually I guess I will put them all togetherwith a neutral color. Happy knitting and crocheting, chayah

"When I was young I admired clever people. Now that I'm old I admire kind people."(A.J.Heschel)
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New Pal

4 Posts

Posted - 08/16/2007 :  1:54:49 PM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
Both, but I learned to crochet first. Self taught using a book when I was 15, then dropped it for many years as I didn't want to just make afghans. Now, there are wonderful patterns and yarn for just about any thing. I usually have one knit and one crochet project going on at the same time. I like to take crochet with me to the jazz club, I find a (relatively) well lighted corner and work away. I find that crochet seems more portable but knitting more engaging. Totally addicted to both and spending money like crazy.

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Warming Up

79 Posts

Posted - 08/17/2007 :  05:19:34 AM  Show Profile Send knittinks a Private Message
I learned to crochet when I was 7 years old from an Aunt trying to keep me from freaking out during a thunderstorm. I crocheted for years before learning to knit. Now I pretty much just use crochet for borders, etc. I just bought a whole set of Addi crochet hooks so I probably should use them more to justify the purchase.
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