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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  09:08:02 AM  Show Profile  Send a Yahoo! Message Send a Private Message
Lately I've been seeing/hearing stories on talk shows on TV and radio about regifting. To do or not to it OK or is it tacky to regift? It started me to thinking..."What if someone regifted one of the gifts that I've knitted for them?" What about you--how would you feel if you found out that someone regifted the knitted item that you made especially for them? I think my feelings would be pretty hurt.

Happy Knitting!

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  09:32:18 AM  Show Profile  Visit Lanea's Homepage Send Lanea a Private Message
I actually append a "If you don't want it, give it back to me" clause with all my hand-made gifts. Sometimes things may be itchy or not quite the right color or not ideal in some other way. If I can fix it so the recipient will like it or use it more, I love to have that opportunity. If not, I'd rather get my handwork back to distribute as I see fit than find out it had gone to a stranger.

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  09:41:10 AM  Show Profile Send MMario a Private Message
hey - once you give something to someone - it is *theirs*; the decision of what to do with it is *theirs*. It has become *their property*. You are out of the loop. If you can't handle that - don't give the item as a gift in the first place.

On the other hand - consider the the re-gifting *can* occur because they *do* love it - and want to share it. I know of a "comfort shawl" I made that is on it's fourth or fifth recipient.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st century - but I play a character who does.
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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  09:58:23 AM  Show Profile  Visit Knitrageous's Homepage Send Knitrageous a Private Message
I made a sweatshirt for my MIL a long time ago. Not knitted but it took a long time and was tedious. When they were fashionable...remember? Anyway, I saw it on a girl at the HS that I taught at. I didn't really care if she got rid of it but when you are in a small town...well, I thought she could have been more considerate.

On the other hand..MMario is right. It was hers to do with as she pleased.

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  10:10:29 AM  Show Profile  Visit Martheme's Homepage  Send Martheme a Yahoo! Message Send Martheme a Private Message

I tend to only knit for people after discussing colors and patterns with them. Takes some of the fun and surprise out of it, but prevents issues down the road. With my Step-father a few years ago I spent time dyeing some very orange yarn to make him a hat for when he goes out in the woods; I showed him the yarn before I knit the hat . . . good thing I did. Turns out he has lots of bright orange hats and could really have used a grey or dark blue one for wearing places other than the woods.

There are a few family members who I take changes with, like my Mom, Dad and Gram, They will wear pretty much anything I knit for them

As for regifting other things: I'm all for it. If its new or like new and you know someone who could make better use of it than you could than why not? I keep a plastic tub with things we have been given but are unlikely to use just for this reason (makes for great last minute gifts) the only trick is making sure things get labeled so you don't give them back to the person they came from or to someone they are likely to spend time with. As long as you can keep it organized so you don't upset anyone than I say go for it!

Just my 2 cents,


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Seriously Hooked

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  11:53:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit glccafar's Homepage Send glccafar a Private Message
I'd be horrified. Which is why I'm cutting down on giving away my knitted items.
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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  12:02:47 PM  Show Profile  Visit blwinteler's Homepage  Send blwinteler a Yahoo! Message Send blwinteler a Private Message
I only knit for people I know will appreciate it. Now, I am going to be knitting a hat for a young boy on my son's bowling team. He will probably outgrow it before it is worn out. If it is given to someone else at that time, that would be great.
As for re-gifting in general, I have mixed feelings on it. I just gave away a coat that I had been given my first winter in Colorado. However, that was 10 years ago, and I am in the desert now, and the woman I sent it to is in KS and needed a coat. I don't think that counts as re-gifting. But some people may see it as such. If someone will get more use out of an item, give it to them. I like my gifts to be unique, so I don't give what I have been given. But that is my personal thing. My SIL was given a sewing machine by her husband several years ago. She never opened it (some wierd trauma about sewing, or so I hear). She gave it to me a couple years ago and it has been used again and again. I even taught her daughter to sew on it. I think that was appropriate re-gifting. It is much better going to someone who will use it than sitting in a closet or basement gathering dust.

Take care!

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Seriously Hooked

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  12:32:30 PM  Show Profile Send westcoastchica a Private Message
Heck, I only give *gifts* to people if I think they will like it and use it. My teeny tiny family is easy to buy for, since I almost always know exactly what they want (or see something and instantly know that it'll be perfect). My friends and I have never done the gift exchange. Maybe a few small things for important events, or if we're invited to a party at someone's home, we'll bring a little something. We have a "here, I saw this and thought of you" type of policy. It's great.

This year I *did* knit gloves for my boyfriend's family (cheaper than buying them gifts, plus it's my way of saying "sorry I can't fly out and see y'all this year"). If they like them, great, if not, that's cool too. I've detached myself from them.

As for regifting, I say why not? This idea that we have to go to the store and purchase or make a brand new item for each person for each occasion is just capitalist b***sh**t. I've passed on many things; generic presents (chocolates, white wine - I prefer red, things that could be bought anywhere); some more unique items that I know someone else will like more than I will or whatever. I've even recycled a couple sweaters that my mum knit for me because they ended up a little too small and weren't *quite* my style.
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Chatty Knitter

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  12:46:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit petrova's Homepage Send petrova a Private Message
I too only knit for people who I know will appreciate it, and people who are very dear to me. If a friend admires something I've made and I feel they would really love it I give it away. Most of the time I knit for my pleasure. It's too much pressure for me to knit something for somebody, always wondering if the project will turn out the way they would like it and if it will fit etc. It takes all the fun out of knitting for me. But that is just me. I had bad experience once or twice knitting for somebody and it turned out bad so I gave that up years ago.

As far as regifting, I'm all for it. If it's something nice and I know someone may like it I give it away. Most of my friends and I have agreed to regift years ago. We have so much stuff, and just to keep buying seemed like a waste. My girlriends all have agreed to regift freely if we feel like it.

I have visited a girlfriend and admired a beautiful vase just to find she wrapped it up and gave it to me for Christmas. I loved it. So if we feel like regifting the gift is just as appreciated as a brand new just bought item.

Happy Knitting
Venice Beach, California
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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 12/20/2005 :  1:04:17 PM  Show Profile Send azblueskies a Private Message
Maybe the controversy over re-gifting is in making the recipient think it's a brand new item. From what I've read above, I'm not sure that's what any of you are doing. I saw this discussed on Oprah and I think one of the women put a gift she had received in an expensive box and passed it off as a "new item" purchased at that store. I think it's smart to give someone something you have but don't like/can't use/whatever if you think they'll love it/use it/whatever. If someone admires something you have and you give it to her, she knows you didn't run out and buy it for her - you gave up something because you knew she'd love it maybe more than you did. Just a thought.
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