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Seriously Hooked

814 Posts

Posted - 12/07/2005 :  8:42:26 PM  Show Profile Send Bullmonty a Private Message
a great indicator of how the relationship is proceeding
but not an end-all...
everything I knit for DH is too hot to wear
and I know he does appreciate it
even if he teases the crap outta me....
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Gabber Extraordinaire

558 Posts

Posted - 12/07/2005 :  8:46:02 PM  Show Profile Send mokumegane a Private Message
Lol! I'm knitting a blanket for my boyfriend right now and a Kitty Pi for his mom's cat. I gave him a stuffed animal cat that ended up looking just like his mom's cat. He loves it and says it reminds him of me, then calls me a cat and says I'm cute enough to be one.

Laugh- it keeps you sane!
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Honorary Angel

5539 Posts

Posted - 12/07/2005 :  8:48:26 PM  Show Profile Send azknitter a Private Message

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Chatty Knitter

114 Posts

Posted - 12/08/2005 :  10:43:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit saashka's Homepage  Send saashka a Yahoo! Message Send saashka a Private Message
I often used my sewing and knitting obsession as a test for potential boyfriends. Anyone who didn't at least oooh and aaah about my creations was quickly forgotten.
Now that I'm married, DH is my enabler. He even designed our honeymoon around a machine knitting workshop in Canada.
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New Pal

4 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2005 :  07:53:01 AM  Show Profile Send cactusqueen a Private Message
My husband lets me order yarn for any purpose, any time and actually wants me to happy! And I love him, too! We're not alike in a lot of ways and he felt very unfamiliar to me because he is so different. That actually was a good thing. I was not appreciated in my childhood home, so I tend(ed) to pick losers. Not this time!

Love .....
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Chatty Knitter

122 Posts

Posted - 12/27/2005 :  8:30:43 PM  Show Profile Send knitting_physicist a Private Message
My hubby and I have found the best solution for this "single-person" hobby problem. We both have our own hobby (my knitting, him model making). Then, we can both hobby away on our own, but I bring my knitting into the garage and work near him. Close enough to count as spending time together, but still each in our own little worlds!


No...gravitational physics makes the world go round.
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New Pal

5 Posts

Posted - 12/28/2005 :  07:23:03 AM  Show Profile Send vakelly a Private Message
My current boyfriend is just like the others. He wants me to put down the knitting and pay attention to him. He says that we don't see each other much and I am concentrating on the knitting instead of him. He does like back massages too! Doesn't everyone? I do bring my knitting every time I see him, but I don't seem to work on it. When he complained in the past, I just told him to get a hobby of his own!
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Permanent Resident

1568 Posts

Posted - 12/28/2005 :  2:57:56 PM  Show Profile  Send mamid a Yahoo! Message Send mamid a Private Message
Mine loves RPG stuff. So, this year when he got another 7 or so boxes of dungeon making 3 dimensional tiles, he has now got an incentive to clean out the spare room so he can play with his "tinkertoys". He also likes cooking so any neat toys for the kitchen he gets. You should see his knife collection. LOL

He doesn't begrudge me my hobbies (origami, knitting, crochetting, cross stitch and more) because he knows I need an outlet for my creativity. Raising two kids is a huge strain on a mother's emotional balance - especially when one is "hyperactive" to the point of people telling me he should be on drugs to calm him down. So I need someway to keep me from wanting to sane. And with the two kids and myself sick, having something I can concentrate on between coughing spasms helps.

So he lets me indulge. It could be months between splurges.

Craftiness is Sanity
The Last Thread
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Permanent Resident

3076 Posts

Posted - 12/28/2005 :  5:20:24 PM  Show Profile  Visit kadiddly's Homepage  Send kadiddly a Yahoo! Message Send kadiddly a Private Message
My bf and I also do the "single person hobbies in the same room so we can be together" sort of thing. We have this nice, unexpected balance. I love knitting and cross-stitch and, while computer games interest me, they don't often hold my attention for long. He loves computer games and, while fiber crafts interest him, they don't hold his attention for long. So we can still "share" in each other's hobbies but we still "do" them seperately. And we still both take time for each other. If we get too busy with our respective shows, the hobby times suffer and spending time together gets the priority. About the only time that I wouldn't bring my knitting around him would be if I went to help/visit him in a scene shop - I wouldn't want the sawdust on the yarn!

You know, my telepathy would work if I had something to READ!
Backstage Stitches
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Permanent Resident

1386 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2005 :  05:12:00 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
When we were dating, my DH loved the idea that I was into what he called the "domestic arts" which are cooking, sewing, and knitting. He felt that those things made a house a home and was so happy he found someone who loved doing those things.
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Permanent Resident

5199 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2005 :  06:24:28 AM  Show Profile  Visit Lanea's Homepage Send Lanea a Private Message
My husband is also very supportive of my hand-crafts. His mom, a wonderful woman (how lucky am I to have a great mother in law!), also loves to quilt and knit and weave and cook and such. Scott appreciates that I am also interested in artisinal work and cooking and loves the things I make for myself and for him. He also appreciates that we each have our own passions to occupy our time with, and that we can discuss them and appreciate them together. He also doesn't expect to always be the recipient--if I don't feel like cooking, he is happy to be in charge of dinner. If I don't want to make a particular article of clothing, he'll buy what he wants without complaint.

Wow--I sound like a total Pollyanna.

Support our Yarniversal charities:
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Chatty Knitter

130 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2005 :  07:18:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit pixie_day's Homepage Send pixie_day a Private Message
My husband is okay with me knitting although he wasn't thrilled with me purchasing so much yarn and not finishing things as quickly. Then when I was cleaning out cabinets in the kitchen and found 4 bottles of Caro Syrup (He couldn't even tell me what he uses it for). He made a deal, he won't complain about my yarn if I con't complain about his kitchen stuff!
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truly violet
Permanent Resident

6399 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2005 :  07:23:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit truly violet's Homepage Send truly violet a Private Message
Ok I haven't read page two yet
when I met my bernie, he built model cars...
a neighbor of ours told him at that time....NOT to marry me as when you get married the wife makes you stop building models...
30 years later
he is STILL building model cars...
only NOW they are extremely highly detailed....

what made him take notice of me....( Ok besides the fact that THEN i was adorable and sexy and all that )
was I was always doing something different from normal folks

bottle raising a calf.
doing enameling on copper
making dollhouse miniatures
I had pet rats, cats and parrots
making jewlery...
building dollhouses
I knit
I sewed
I crocheted
I embrodiered
I cooked ( amazing huh?)
I had a small business, I made jewlery, miniatures and christmas ornaments.... ( some things really don't change huh?)
he'd never met anyone like me before

he's been pushing me for a YEAR to get this lendrum......

I didn't feel we could afford it before now

he found he loves books stores, craft stores, sewing stores,
plus he adores the cats, and the chickens
the goats and the sheep.....

every hairbrain idea I come up with....
he tends to figure is brilliant....

( gees he really has a blind eye when it comes to me huh?)

THAT is what you want in a man
interest and interesting...

oh and he makes me laugh.... a LOT


none of this will matter in 100 years.......
except I will finally be at my goal ~now with chickens!
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Seriously Hooked

960 Posts

Posted - 12/29/2005 :  11:02:09 AM  Show Profile Send Tabbico a Private Message
When I was dating my now hubby, I was being crowded out of my bedroom (2 br. apartment) by my stash and he helped me create a craft corner in my office (other bedroom). When we got married and bought a house, he eyed a very dilapidated outbuilding and saw a music studio - I saw something that could be demolished, but I went along with him. His band now practices there and the place is totally cool! I knit while listening to him practice. I did get him interested in my two other interests - I am teaching him how to fly (he is almost ready for his checkride for his license) and hooked him on Civil War reenacting (where I can also knit and he can also play guitar).

A relationship requires understanding, compromise, appreciation of the strengths each has, a tolerance of the weaknesses, and one huge sense of humor.
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Chatty Knitter

116 Posts

Posted - 01/16/2006 :  4:51:23 PM  Show Profile Send iluvdeftones a Private Message
Originally posted by achrisvet

. My DH loves the cats and is fascinated by the everyday things they do. As in, "Honey come look!" So I go only to see that the cat is sitting in a box. Ooookay....

My completed projects

and here

Oh my gosh, that sounds just like my bf!!! He is obsessed with every cute thing his cat does, which I admit, is pretty darn cute.

My bf is an artist, so he understands my MANY hobbies. He paints, plays videogames, draws, makes lightboxes, and he even took a bookmaking class in college and taught me. I would love to move in together because we would have one huge room dedicated to our arts and we could combine all of our materials and learn new things from eachother. *Sigh* Maybe someday.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
-Lewis Carroll
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New Pal

38 Posts

Posted - 02/10/2006 :  1:23:21 PM  Show Profile Send RubyKnits a Private Message
After reading this post and realizing Valentine's Day was only a few short days away, I realized something wonderful about my own hubbby. He told me awhile back that when we first met and he saw me knitting at some point during our first few months together, he realized I was "the one." He can't explain why, I don't think he rightly knows, but dating someone who knit just seemed like a good idea to him. Years later, he still wears the quite ugly blaze orange stocking cap I knit him--the first thing I ever knit for him. Sometimes actions truly do speak so much louder than words.
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Chatty Knitter

United Kingdom
183 Posts

Posted - 02/10/2006 :  4:57:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit gallant_duck's Homepage Send gallant_duck a Private Message
Although my partner teases me about being "a granny", he's also confessed that he secretly likes the fact I knit so obsessively. Mind you, it could be because knitting keeps me preoccupied, which comes in handy when he's neglected to do the dishes.. All the same, he's really not keen on me making something for him. He grudgingly agreed to let me knit him a pair of socks, but I could tell he wasn't thrilled by the idea. I finally tried to do what everyone seems to suggest: I took him down to my LYS to get him to choose some yarn for himself. Nothing doing. Still not interested.

Then I offered to knit up a monster. Socks he's not interested in; misshapen blob? Try and stop him. If I could just get him to stop pestering me about it, I might one day finish the stuff I've already started and swatch it up!!

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Chatty Knitter

United Kingdom
183 Posts

Posted - 02/10/2006 :  5:01:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit gallant_duck's Homepage Send gallant_duck a Private Message
Originally posted by pixie_day

My husband is okay with me knitting although he wasn't thrilled with me purchasing so much yarn and not finishing things as quickly. Then when I was cleaning out cabinets in the kitchen and found 4 bottles of Caro Syrup (He couldn't even tell me what he uses it for). He made a deal, he won't complain about my yarn if I con't complain about his kitchen stuff!

Haha! I only just read your post Pixie -- I get the same thing.. Maybe THAT'S why he doesn't want me to knit him something: he can already see that it will mean buying up still more yarn and having to relocate his sock-bin for eightieth time! Why use what you've got when there are SO MANY PRETTY PRETTY YARNS out there?!

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Susan T-O
Permanent Resident

2481 Posts

Posted - 02/10/2006 :  6:47:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit Susan T-O's Homepage Send Susan T-O a Private Message
Originally posted by achrisvet

My DH loves the cats and is fascinated by the everyday things they do. As in, "Honey come look!" So I go only to see that the cat is sitting in a box. Ooookay....

But it's a kitty!!! In a BOX!!!!!!!! (Obviously, your DH & I are of the same blood )

My DH is the world's biggest enabler: Me: "I *know* I have a set of size 1 dpn's SOMEWHERE!" Him: "Guess it's time to go to the yarn store and buy more." Me: "Sweetie, help me decide which one of these colors to buy." Him: "I like all of them; get them all." Me: "I need a set of size 6's for this project." Him: "Better get two sets in case you break or lose a needle." And yes--I intend to keep him!!

--Susan T-O in Long Beach CA

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the
most discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny.'" --Isaac Asimov
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Chatty Knitter

New Zealand
320 Posts

Posted - 02/11/2006 :  02:02:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit eclair's Homepage Send eclair a Private Message
Mine is like that too! When we go to the yarn shop (once every 3-4 months) and I can't decide he says "Get them both, whichever one you choose, you'll always wish you had the other" and points out stuff like "if you like it now, they won't stock it tomorrow!".

My first husband hated the sight of me knitting. I have no idea why. My second man points me in the direction of the bedroom and hands me my knitting bag when I need some Time Out from the children / work / him. He knows it calms me down!

He recently bought me both Nicky Epstein books, for no reason even though my birthday was a couple of weeks off. I told him he could have saved them and given them to me for my birthday present but he says he couldn't wait to make me happy!

It's stuff like that I have to remember when he entirely ignores Valentine's Day. He refuses to be 'romantic' in the conventional manner. I just have to recognize this is a blind spot with him (after 9 years of arguing there is really no point in fighting it any longer, he's not going to change!) and remember that although he doesn't do the Hallmark Holidays he does surprise me with little things like a set of Denise needles which I didn't expect and had wanted for ages, the Epstein books or our favourite present: A Blank Cheque From The Bank Of Guilt. Free rein next time I hit the yarn /craft stores! And I buy my own Valentine's present (as well as his) so, oddly enough, it is always something I want!

He buys me jewellery too and he loves going shopping for it together. All other shopping he loathes but hey, who couldn't live with that!

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