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 Weird knitting prejudices
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Permanent Resident

1789 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  02:35:46 AM  Show Profile Send luv2knit944 a Private Message
I knit so much with so many size needles and all kind yarns that I can't think of anything I hate.Except patterns that are written with either mistakes or written in a way that are a little too complicated to figure out unless you read an re-read and re-read and re-read.Which I don't come accross with too much.

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SustaYning Member

4435 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  03:19:10 AM  Show Profile  Visit Jane's Homepage Send Jane a Private Message
I don't like using straight needles, either, except dpn's, which I love for socks. It's mostly because they get in my way. Long dpn's, though, may as well be straight needles, so I use magic loop for bigger pieces.

I also dislike super-bulky yarn because the fabric just doesn't do anything but sit there and look lumpy. I'm lumpy enough, thankyouverymuch.

I like to purl, except when it's preceded by a yo. Too fussy.


Blog: Not Plain Jane
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Posted - 10/20/2005 :  04:19:18 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I dread picking up stitches. I can never seem to do it in a way that feels (and looks!) like anything but winging it.

Any project with infinite bits and bobs--I once made a Debbie Bliss bear, with lovely cashmere, and I threw all the pieces away in disgust. It had to be destroyed. Even the yarn was defiled.

I'm making friends with finishing, which the languishing sweater pieces in my room will be pleased to know.

Poorly written patterns. Patterns with mistakes. Oh, there are far too many of them!

I am so over novelty yarns.

As for loves--
I have a Noro problem. Can't keep my hands off of it. Same with Manos.

Circular addi turbos--slick and fast. I even make Icord on them.

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New Pal

13 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  05:57:18 AM  Show Profile Send tukaluc a Private Message
I detest acrylic yarns!!!! Therefore I detest 99% of novelty yarns because they're always made of some man-made, nasty material. I loathe craft stores because they LOVELOVELOVE novelty/acrylic crap yarns! UGH! I also hate plastic needles and weaving in the ends of projects.
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Chatty Knitter

206 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  06:42:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit Quill's Homepage Send Quill a Private Message
Here's a second on picking up stitches-- I hate it.

Oh, I HATE it when I'm knitting along, and suddenly I discover that my ball of yarn is not really all one piece but is KNOTTED together.

I am, however, making my peace with:


I LIKE ponchos, though it took me a awhile to get over the trendiness aspect. But knitted skirts? Good heavens.

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Chatty Knitter

201 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  07:16:28 AM  Show Profile Send lamknits a Private Message
I don't mind novelty yarns, used sparingly, they have their place. I don't mind gingundo needles and bulky yarn -- making something big and fast can be fun once-in-awhile. I do hate intarsia and all those stupid bobbins that tangle together. I hate projects where you have to knit a border separately and then sew it on; and I hate projects that require the use of more than 2 small graphs (think Alice Starmore fisherman sweater). Leslie in Beautiful Bucks County, PA where the trees are getting bare and I can finally work on my mohair & silk cardi without turning on the A/C.
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New Pal

1 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  07:19:33 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I hate picking up stiches (no entrelac for me!) and blocking. When making a gift, how it looks without blocking is a factor in deciding what to make - I know, I know, but I just hate it!
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New Pal

24 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  08:05:15 AM  Show Profile Send WrensMom a Private Message
I hate swatching, because I feel like I am "wasting" yarn that way, so usually I end up making a swatch, checking it, then frogging it so I can still use the yarn

Also, I have this weird habit where if I have to stop in the middle of a row for some reason, but not set the work down, I always have to stop after pulling the loop through but before taking it off the needle. I don't know why, but I have always done that.

Bulky yarns and giant needles are annoying, too--it feels like knitting with rope and tree trunks[crazy]

I like circs, DPNs and straights, but I am particular about what needle and needle material for what project.

Gads, we are a neurotic bunch, eh?[:00]

My blog (just getting started, don't expect much yet!)
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Chatty Knitter

United Kingdom
147 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  08:24:01 AM  Show Profile Send KnittingLiz a Private Message
There's not much I actually dislike about knitting apart from obsessing about one particular aspects of it (its socks at the mo) and knitting and reading everything to do with that until I go onto the next thing. Its peoples' comments that drive me mad! Top of the list are:

-can you knit me one?

-why don't you knit loads of (insert said item) and sell them?

-You've got too much time on your hands.

-or people (non knitters usually) who just burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter when presented with one of my creations.

I've just learnt to filter out all these types of comments and just carry on knitting. Any type of knitting is better than not doing it in my book. If i can't get my knitting out (say if I'm at work) I just imagine that I'm knitting and feel really chilled and happy!

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New Pal

5 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  08:37:48 AM  Show Profile Send grannygoodknit a Private Message
I made a Debbie Bliss bear - after that I re-charted it, to be knitted in the round, head and body with gussets in one piece. I hate to have to guess if the toys need an 'extra' edge stitch - they should just say it. And I hate directions with next row, etc, next row - is it so hard to put numbers on the rows?

For that matter, all garments, toys, etc. should just say which cast on they use - whether they used an edge stitch and what method, then I am at least forwarned, and I can do as I like at my own peril.

And I have big issues about the way the gauge swatches are made - why should I have to take expensive yarn and knit a large swatch in a complicated pattern then steam it (thereby making it pretty useless to use for that particular project) - only to find it won't work and I need to do another?? I think the designer should design the pattern, using whatever needles and yarn, then at the end - make a stockinette piece with the same needles and yarn, so I can do the same. This is why so many knitters risk not making the swatch - the waste of time and money/yarn just kills us.

Still Crazy after all theses years
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New Pal

32 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  08:40:00 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I really hate 100% acrylic yarn and its generally ugly colors. Acrylic yarn can be spotted a mile away.
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New Pal

3 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  08:51:31 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I have to agree with the poncho thing. But my biggest prejudice is color. I do not like all the bright slap-you-in-the-face projects done on big needles. My LYS has given up on me when I go in and just directs me to the "white/cream/tan" section.
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New Pal

47 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  09:10:19 AM  Show Profile Send knittymom a Private Message
Hi all,

I truly dislike patterns with no pictures or patterns with pictures of the models at odd angles so you can't see all of the piece. Oh, and patterns that don't give measurements of completed pieces. I'm also not terribly fond of the using the kitchner stitch to finish socks...mostly because I'm not very good at it.

I never realized that ponchos, novelty yarn and acrylic are loathed by so many people. (I admit I like knitting ponchos, my kids love them. I like a judicious use of novelty yarn. I think there is definitely a time and place for acrylic yarn, projects on a budget and items for children that need constant washing.)


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New Pal

2 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  09:22:00 AM  Show Profile Send KnittingGrammy a Private Message
I hate bulky yarn and fat needles, easy patterns without a challenge (too boring-I have to add a cable or something to keep my interest in each row and need something I can sink into for a few weeks), straight needles, finishing (working in yarn ends and sewing seams), novelty yarns, synthetic and acrylic yarn, and aluminum needles (I'm a bamboo fanatic)- but my ultimate peeve is patterns with mistakes. I can usually figure it out but the frustration and time wasted really annoys me. I once made a flared dress for my granddaughter's Barbie, which instead of having missing info, had a paragraph that belonged to some other pattern! As I'm knitting along and seeing what is being created here, I'm thinking what the heck is this? Another pattern, which was very intricate with leaves and acorns and cables, had mistakes in the charted graphs with whole lines not printed. Fortunately, I'd done other leaves before so could figure it out but UGH! we need better proofreaders for these patterns. I also dislike when the pattern says (on armholes) "continue decreasing in this manner while maintaining pattern". If it is a very lacy, complicated pattern, I'd rather have it written out row by row than have to count back each row to where and what the stitch is, gets very confusing and I need to be in complete isolation for this!
Knitting Grammy
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Pampered Punkin
New Pal

47 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  09:47:19 AM  Show Profile Send Pampered Punkin a Private Message
[quote]Originally posted by charc

I don't think that the owner of a LYS would hire an inexperienced knitter, but I seem to need visual confirmation.

The LYS down the street from my house hired a woman that had only been knitting for two weeks. After 20 minutes of frustration (on my part) in searching with her "assistance" for the right yarn for a project I gave up and went to another store.

I guess this would fall into the pet peeve category
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Warming Up

53 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  09:50:12 AM  Show Profile Send FibersFan a Private Message
I really think the huge yarns are ridiculous. No one, not even a stick thin, person looks good in garments made with them! And, the huge needles hurt my hands to hold onto. Why bother? I also very much dislike Kitchener stitch and avoid it entirely when finishing my sock toes. I prefer three-needle bind off and I knit LOTS of socks. I prefer circular needles, however I use dpns and straights when necessary. I dislike seaming and try to convert most everything I can to have no or few seams.
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Pampered Punkin
New Pal

47 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  09:55:12 AM  Show Profile Send Pampered Punkin a Private Message
Fun Fur, especially "Cookie Monster Blue" fun fur. Lion Brand makes a color that looks exactly like Cookie Monster's fur. Every time I see it I think, "Oh, poor Cookie Monster, why did they have to kill him?"
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New Pal

17 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  10:06:25 AM  Show Profile Send andielib a Private Message
I hate (HATE) when I am knitting away on my lunch hour at work, and every 30 seconds someone comes in the staff lounge and says, "Ohhh! What are you making?" I tell them, and they say, "Who's it for?" and it's never anyone they know, and they say "oh," and then someone else comes in and the whole thing starts all over again.

I'm really not an antisocial person... I just hate having the same 2-sentence conversation 35 times in a half hour. It's nearly enough to make me give up knitting on my lunch hour (nearly).
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Warming Up

93 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  10:06:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit knittertoo's Homepage Send knittertoo a Private Message
I cannot stand large (i.e. size 15 or bigger) needles, the smaller the better! My mother has a pair of size 35's and I've seen 50's, I just don't get how you'd ever need needles that big!! I dislike acrylic for anything other than teaching my daughter to knit (she's 7) - it's cheap and the light colors are easy to see when learning. I too dislike novelty yarn - eyelash, railroad, etc. - - just something about it I don't like. I have a few people at work who always say "you knit? that's for grandma's" or "are you trying to tell us something" (hinting at the fact that I may be expecting, which I am not!).

Things I love:
* sock yarn, I am sock yarn ho, I love it and can't get enough of it.
* books about knitting - I can't have enough of them either
* Kitchner stitch - I know most people hate it but I love it, I think it is the neatest invention ever.
* my fiber stash - I cannot get enough, no matter how much I tell my husband I need more he tells me that when I spin all I've got I can get more. I told him that he should just look the other way then, LOL

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Permanent Resident

3076 Posts

Posted - 10/20/2005 :  10:11:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit kadiddly's Homepage  Send kadiddly a Yahoo! Message Send kadiddly a Private Message
I know for other people it's not unreasonable, but for me, I have a completely unreasonable prejudice against novelty yarns. I've never worked with them on any project, so I don't know why I'm so against them. They just *look* like a pain to work with. I've never been much of a furry/frills type person, either, so maybe that is it.

Love circs, slowly using my straights less and less (although it's not as if I dislike them, I just prefer having the weight more balanced on the circs), would rather not use dpns if I can get away with it. They're just not portable enough for me, with all the points sticking every which way and fear of losing stitches.

I don't mind acrylic or acrylic blends, if it's really smooth and/or soft (Caron's Simply Soft or Lion Brand's yarns, for instance), but I hate Red Heart now! Too coarse! I feel bad that I made scarves with it and gave them to people!

God created man before woman because it is always necessary to make a rough draft before creating the masterpiece!
Backstage Stitches
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