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 Weird knitting prejudices
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Warming Up

71 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  06:32:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit jewishfarmer's Homepage Send jewishfarmer a Private Message
I'm not referring to perfectly legitmate distastes (for example, I personally feel that ponchos fall in the absolutely reasonable to hate them category ), but the things that you simply can't justify.

My weirdest one is that I hate, hate, hate doing knit 2 purl 2 ribbing. I don't know why, but it drives me nuts. I can do K1P1, or K3P3 or just about any other pattern stitch, but I'll do just about anything on earth to avoid extended periods of k2p2 ribbing.

I also really dislike making i-cords, which doesn't make any sense to me either, since it is quite easy and I like using dpns.

Anyone else got these strange preferences?


"Rats and roaches live under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privelege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy" - Wendell Berry

Chatty Knitter

318 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  06:55:52 AM  Show Profile Send margeaa a Private Message
I hate weaving in all those ends after the project is finished!

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Seriously Hooked

851 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  07:02:38 AM  Show Profile  Visit gdelrosa's Homepage  Send gdelrosa a Yahoo! Message Send gdelrosa a Private Message
I hate seaming... and generally I don't like purling. But purling is one of only two stitches in knitting so I have to get used to it.

I changed my blog name:
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Seriously Hooked

750 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  07:45:24 AM  Show Profile Send KarenB a Private Message
Acrylic yarn. Bulky/Super Bulky yarn. Intarsia. Knitted skirts.

Not very weird, perhaps, but definitely full-blown prejudices.

My knitting photos:
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Gabber Extraordinaire

425 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  08:10:43 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kimaroo's Homepage Send Kimaroo a Private Message
After giving it a reasonable try and an open mind.. I must say that I hate chenille yarn.. Hate it! Can't stand it!!

It makes me sad cause it looks so pretty and it's so soft.. but then I remember... the tugging.. the difficulty.. the loose stitches.. OH THE HORROR!

I also hate bamboo needles.. They don't have enough weight to them. I think I'd concider trying them as DPNs but I probably wouldn't like them either.

I probably have more.. but I can't think of em right now.. lol.


The Kimmish Knitting Blog
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New Pal

45 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  08:15:45 AM  Show Profile Send knittingmama a Private Message
I won't knit anything on tiny needles. The smallest needles I will use are 4's and only for a small item (like baby booties). I really prefer to knit worsted weight stuff on 8's.
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Permanent Resident

2401 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  08:58:34 AM  Show Profile Send sallyjo a Private Message
I love knitting blue things. I don't wear blue normally, but knitted blue things (whether I made them or bought them) are good. And this strange desire to knit bright yellow socks. I haven't found a bright enough yellow yet in sock yarn, so maybe I'll do them in worsted.

"We all have our strengths and our weaknesses."
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Gabber Extraordinaire

597 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  09:59:44 AM  Show Profile Send Sketcher a Private Message
I hate knitting baby clothes in traditional pastels. Can't do it.
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Tangled Jane
Seriously Hooked

750 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  10:10:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit Tangled Jane's Homepage Send Tangled Jane a Private Message
Here's a few of mine: I dislike purling so I never ever leave my knitting in the middle of a purl row or purl face up. This probably falls in the battier-than-a four-sided-needle category. Also, I'm no sock lover. At this point in my life, I never plan to knit socks. I can't bear the thought of putting my precious knitting over a pair of feet. I'm also leery over circular needles. I use 'em when I have to but I don't like it (and this is from a round person who should adapt well to going around in circles).

Though I don't look good in ponchos myself, I love knitting them .

I have very little pink in my stash though I knit for other folks. It's the autumn coming out in me, causing pink resistence....
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Seriously Hooked

635 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  10:17:51 AM  Show Profile  Visit Momo's Homepage Send Momo a Private Message
I won't use straight needles, except DPN's and they are acceptable because I am knitting in the round. I also try as hard as I can to only knit in the round. I think this is one reason I don't ever really want to knit anything from Vogue Knitting. It's all piece work.

I have a knitting related prejudice, too. I cannot trust anyone that works in a knitting shop unless I have seen them knit. I don't think that the owner of a LYS would hire an inexperienced knitter, but I seem to need visual confirmation.



My Blog: Kung Fu Knitting
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Permanent Resident

1568 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  10:52:37 AM  Show Profile  Send mamid a Yahoo! Message Send mamid a Private Message
browns, oranges and puke green.

and using any needles other than brittanys for my socks. I love them. I hate metal.

Craftiness is Sanity
The Last Thread
"Knitting is indeed manly. After all you spend a long time poking a rigid object through a flexible opening!" - Mokey
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Permanent Resident

4942 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  12:18:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit Lissa's Homepage Send Lissa a Private Message
Straight needles, ESPECIALLY DPNs. That's why god invented circular needles. And scratchy wool.


During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a
revolutionary act. -- George Orwell

Oh, and I now have a blog:
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Permanent Resident

6604 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  12:21:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit Atavistic's Homepage Send Atavistic a Private Message
BBUS! Let me give you a hint...big, bulky--you fill in the blank!


"Is that my Not-Mine Sweater? Whoever gets that Not-Mine Sweater is very lucky."
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Permanent Resident

1198 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  12:36:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit pjkite's Homepage  Send pjkite a Yahoo! Message Send pjkite a Private Message
Hate using straight needles - give me dpns or circs, but you can have the straights.

Really dislike bulky yarns - probably sour grapes 'cause I can't wear them well - too short and chubby.

Any color of acrylic yarn - I'm proud to be a natural fiber snob! That's also probably why I'm a spinner...

Despise people who feel that there is only one way to knit - theirs! I'll change over and knit purl rows backwards, knit combined method, anything I can think of to annoy. I don't know why I can't just live and let live, but I can't - I simply have to aggravate these self-appointed 'knitting police'.

None of these are all that strange, but they're definitely prejudices.

Pamela Kite
East Tennessee

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Knit kitty
Permanent Resident

1383 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  2:31:34 PM  Show Profile Send Knit kitty a Private Message
Count me another straight-needle-avoider. I got rid of all the straights I had gotten when I first learned to knit. I won't do socks on DPNs, but don't mind doing gloves or other things on them. Don't like bulky yarn, eyelash yarn, ribbon yarn, railroad yarn. Lovelovelove my one set of ebony DPNs. Would rather knit with natural fibers even though I can't wear wool sweaters next to my skin (although a outer layer cardigan is sometimes ok). AND am seriously bothered by knitters who insist that they "could not possibly knit (fill in the blank)--it is just TOO hard".

It is fun to read about other knitters' biases. That makes ME feel less abnormal.


"Nothing, why?"
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Permanent Resident

1127 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  2:36:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit fillyjonk's Homepage Send fillyjonk a Private Message
I love green. Nine times out of ten, if a green is available when I'm choosing yarn, I go with it. (Fortunately, it's a good color for me).

I don't like knitting i-cord.

I have a strong preference for traditional styles or for patterns that incorporate some kind of a "historical" or "cultural" element

I do not like "electric" colors or fluorescent colors.

If I think I've made a mistake, I have to put the project aside for a while before I can deal with it. Or if I'm afraid I won't have enough yarn, I procrastinate on the project.
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Permanent Resident

Costa Rica
1987 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  3:27:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit booglass's Homepage Send booglass a Private Message
As a tight knitter, I must admit that I don't love gauging! It is a must but that isn't enough to make me like or enjoy it.

And on a pattern note, I am no fan of knitted pants. For example, I once saw a pattern for knitted gauchos.


Check out my blog:
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Chatty Knitter

United Kingdom
273 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  5:33:15 PM  Show Profile  Visit Wonk's Homepage Send Wonk a Private Message
Okay, I hate ponchos with the fire of a thousand burning suns. I'm desprately waiting for them to go out of fashion. Again. And if I see a book or a magazine that has them in it, I don't buy it, even if I like any of the other patterns. That prejudice runs pretty strong. Heh.

What else don't I like? Stockinette and ribbing. It's boring. Give me cables and lace anyday, or at least a pattern that varies row-to-row.

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Seriously Hooked

711 Posts

Posted - 10/17/2005 :  5:45:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit argoknit's Homepage Send argoknit a Private Message
Add me to the list of straight needle avoiders. I used to use them, but once I started on circulars I won't go back. I'll do DPNs, but no straight needles. No ponchos or trendy items. And I'm with KarenB - no knitted skirts. I think they are terrible. No novelty yarns. No bulky yarns. I generally don't use larger than a size 5 or 6. I average a 1, 2, or 3 (call me crazy). I do socks. I'm not into all the felted items, bags, hats or scarves - won't use them or wear them so why bother. Give me great classic styling, something with a challenge (cables or colors) and some great natural fiber yarn and away I go!


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Chatty Knitter

New Zealand
320 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2005 :  05:14:04 AM  Show Profile  Visit eclair's Homepage Send eclair a Private Message
I loathe mohair. Really REALLY loathe it. Can't stand the way it catches on my skin, the fibres get into my mouth and up my nose and even feel tangled in my eyelashes. They cover the furniture and the clothes I wear and I can't undo the stitches I knit wrong... Will never EVER buy mohair again!

Also hate moss stitch. Just find it very dull and annoying. Don't have a problem with 1xrib though, even though it is the same k1,p1 - wonder why that is?

I hate patterns that look good but are only drafted for under-age midgets or skeletal models with no bust. Very, very annoying. Real women have wobbly bits too! Just for once I'd like to find a commercial pattern for a woman with love-handles and a spare tyre who doesn't want to wear a knitted tent with sleeves. I have a shape- it's not conventional but I'd still like to show it off!

Sorry, rant over...

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Chatty Knitter

203 Posts

Posted - 10/18/2005 :  05:51:03 AM  Show Profile  Visit Manicgirl's Homepage Send Manicgirl a Private Message
I have big problems with bulky and the whole "I want a quick-knit" kind of attitude. Combine that with the ponchos, and I have serious issues.

Also, I hate plastic needles. Which is a shame, cause I have a Denise kit. Ah, well. Lesson learned.

(My blog:
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