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 So what is everyone working on for the new year?
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Molly C
Seriously Hooked

884 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  6:18:03 PM  Show Profile Send Molly C a Private Message
I'm surprised that this topic hasn't come up yet, three days into the new year - or did I just miss it?

Now that your holiday knitting is finished (hopefully!!) what are you working on? More gifts, or something for yourself? Here is my list of what I hope to accomplish this month:

  • Finish the Berkshire Pullover from Weekend Knitting. I should have had it done last week, but I didn't like the way it fit me, so I frogged it and started over on a larger size.

  • Make a hat and mitten set for myself. I have the yarn, but I was focused on my holiday knitting and didn't get to my own set yet. Fortunately the weather around me is unseasonably warm right now, so I'm not in dire need of them.

  • Finish the Vogue Cardi Wrap I started last year. I quit working on it last spring when it started to warm up, and I'd really love to have it finished before this winter is up. I'm using some of Elann's Alpaca from last year's run in a pretty lavendar blue color that is perfect for January. I have the sleeves and back done, so it's just a matter of knitting up the fronts, collar, and belt.

I also have a couple of mateless socks, but they are low priority right now. I'm not buying any more yarn until I have the above three projects finished. Hopefully I can get the Berkshire Pullover finished by the end of the week, and then I might begin on the cardi again.

What's up next for everyone else?


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Sustaining Member

821 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  6:29:05 PM  Show Profile Send freckles a Private Message
I am trying to decide between making the felted jacket from the 1997 Knitter's magazine I got off eBay with Lamb's Pride in a beautiful blue color and one of the cable sweaters out of the winter IK with my Peruvian Highland wool in Peridot (my favorite gemstone currently). The sweater would match the earrings I got last Christmas and the necklace I got this Christmas from my husband. I will make both at some point but can't decide which to tackle first.

karen in the U.P. of MI
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Permanent Resident

3244 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  6:50:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit Wen's Homepage Send Wen a Private Message
All the Wips I was working on at the end of last year!

2 shawls, 2 summer tops...on hold DH sweater, SIL shawl, and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment.


2004 stats: 23 FO, 7 WIP, 5 frogpond.
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Ditzy Girl
Permanent Resident

4723 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  7:06:57 PM  Show Profile Send Ditzy Girl a Private Message
You have missed it, there is a couple of pges worth on this topic.

Zola, Seattle, Wash.

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Lis S
Chatty Knitter

219 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  8:17:41 PM  Show Profile  Visit Lis S's Homepage  Send Lis S a Yahoo! Message Send Lis S a Private Message
I'm going to finish a pair of socks that needs only about another hour's worth of work to be completed. Then, I'm going to finish a pair of black socks for my husband. Then, I'm going to finish the Berkshire Pullover. Then, I'm going to finish my poncho. I refuse to begin anymore projects until I've completed at least three of these! I mean it! No more trips to my LYS until I have accomplished this goal! I'm not kidding! (We'll see.)

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Knit kitty
Permanent Resident

1383 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  8:31:34 PM  Show Profile Send Knit kitty a Private Message
Let's see...
I need to finish the black and gold square shawl I started in December, finish the Recycled Silk Tote bag I started in November, start on a felted tote for my mom, start on a pair of socks for DS, come up with something cool to do with the yarn I got from Inspirations, and sort through the stash to get my next projects organized.


"Where am I, and what am I doing in this handbasket?"
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Permanent Resident

1216 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  8:33:20 PM  Show Profile Send slaggyc a Private Message
I have so much I WANT to do, but things I hope to for sure accomplish by summer:
- finish my brown Rowan Biggy Print scarf (finally something for me!)
- Make my SIL's baby blanket in time for the baby
- Learn how to knit in the round and practice cables
- Find someone to knit with!


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Chatty Knitter

146 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  9:34:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit jovneo's Homepage Send jovneo a Private Message
I'm working on a spaghetti strapped top for myself!!

~ Jovneo ~
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Permanent Resident

2810 Posts

Posted - 01/03/2005 :  10:03:11 PM  Show Profile Send Tam a Private Message
I am on a finishing binge at the moment, I have a few rows to go on the sleeves of my t-shirt, 1/2 the front of a sleeveless dress for my 2-y-o DD and 1 sock to match the lonely sock I have in my project box!

When all that is finished, I will be knitting a couple of pairs of socks for the kids and a cardi for me.

Happy Knitting,
Tam in Melbourne

2004 Stats: 24 FOs, 2 WIPs, 1 frog, 1 on hold

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Gabber Extraordinaire

359 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  12:47:17 AM  Show Profile Send kimmiebear a Private Message
After I finish the remainder of 2004's Christmas gifts (hey! don't laugh). I am going to frog my Einstein coat, then do my mitered square poncho, then do Jen's poncho, then knit some more socks, then knit some Noro armwarmers.
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Permanent Resident

1092 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  01:13:20 AM  Show Profile Send diana.enky a Private Message
Ok I am having severe completion issues on 'big' projects as I keep starting new ones when I get bored with old ones - so currently have 4 WIP which are:

CAlmer cardigan that just needs 360 stitches picked up and knitted for the band and then is finished (sitting in cupboard)

The bob and weave shawl (poncho for me) from latest Knitty in Colinette Enigma that I have about 10 rows to finish (tonight I promise)

Jo Sharp cotton cardy 70% complete

Just started the chicknits ribby shell in some All Seasons cotton and that is my fav. to knit with at the moment

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Seriously Hooked

604 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  01:28:06 AM  Show Profile  Visit knitlethab's Homepage Send knitlethab a Private Message
Just working on something small. Having just completed 4 pairs of gloves for the family I am finally doing a pair for myself out of Noro Kureyon. It's quite fabulous...the strips are coming out with each finger a different color. Sure makes it interesting. Can't wait to show the knitting club tomorrow night.

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New Pal

30 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  06:08:25 AM  Show Profile Send knitnut a Private Message
I will be getting a head start on Christmas '05 by finishing the unfinished objects that I couldn't complete in time for Christmas '04. I guess that is one way to fufill the promise of being ready earlier for Christmas next year.

DS has also asked for me to knit him a sweater so I am off to the yarn store today to pick out some yarn. DD has a non knitting request for a raggedy ann doll like we made for her 4 year old cousin.

I have also finally ordered some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran from Ozeyarn for a sweater for me. No requests from DH yet but I will also be on the lookout for something special for him. Looks like another busy knitting year at our house.
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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  07:34:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message
This time of the year brings out the sock knitter in me. I have quite a few patterns selected and a good stash of sock yarn. I specifically want to make another pair of beaded socks and also the entrelac socks that I was supposed to make last summer and never did.

I have a new niece as of 12/29 but no pink yarn in my stash. Since I'm only knitting from stash right now she'll have to wait a while for a pink sweater and it will be tres foofy when I do it. Meanwhile I'll weave in the ends of the off-white blanket I made her and maybe knit her some other things in other colors.
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Kelly B
Permanent Resident

2206 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  07:36:06 AM  Show Profile Send Kelly B a Private Message
Daughter's wool socks for the snow we haven't gotten yet (that's working out well!) #1 is 2/3 finished but I need her to try it on before I start the toe, Martheme's Mystery Kit #3, a Heartstrings pattern Mobius cowl from this morning's Peruvian Cashmere, for a March birthday gift, a felted brimmed hat for me from the Highland Wool, and in theory a sweater for me, because I haven't made one for myself in far too long, but that's still in the "vague notion" phase of planning. It'll probably be a simple top-down raglan from that MalAbrigo yarn discussed in another thread. At this point, though, I'd be better off making that Shapely top from White Lies in cotton so it'll be done by the appropriate season.
My album:
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Permanent Resident

2215 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  07:59:01 AM  Show Profile Send MMario a Private Message
Knitting projects underway...

1) kidsilk haze shawl in ivory for my mom

2) Kidsilk haze psuedo-shetland shawl for sister's Mom-in-law

3) alpaca muffler in illusion knit with a motto

4) fashion yarn scarf for a sister

5) Påfuglehale (Peacock Tail) doily shawl

6) a lace stole for another sister

7) cat's paw lace stole

8) lace placemat

9) striped fagot stitch stole

and another half dozen or so crochet projects.

yes - I love to start new things - and there just aren't enough hours in the day.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st century - but I play a character who does.
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Chatty Knitter

141 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  08:53:55 AM  Show Profile Send sanesi a Private Message
I just got the yarn to start the cotton chenile baby blanket for a friend of mine. It should be pretty easy since it is simple horizontal stripes (new for me, but it looks easy from the book) and is done in garter stitch. I'm really excited because this will be my first non-scarf project since my 4-H days. After that I have some Baby yarn to make a sweater for myself - purple. I heven't done a sweater in a long time (so long I can't really remember the last one), but the pattern is pretty simple and is done on large needles. I'm too new to this to have unfinished projects and I'm hoping these two go well so I can figure out what to do next.
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Permanent Resident

2463 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  09:08:31 AM  Show Profile Send chris a Private Message
Wow! Some of you are really thinking out into the future! If I do that, I get so overwhelmed, I don't do anything! I do have a few projects I'm planning to do over the next couple months, though.

My first project of the year was to swatch some Paton's classic wool to see if it would felt. It did so beautifully, so I will be making some bags with that.

Other projects I want to do:

A felted baseball cap for MIL (she has had several pieces removed from her nose because of skin cancer and needs a winter hat with a bill on it).

The triangle beret in Knitters (I think it was in Knitters!) I have yarn to do it once as a practice, once for real (inexpensive and expensive yarn respectively).

Frog the foot and re-knit smaller on my Maple Leaf socks. Man are these taking me a looooong time and lots of frogging. DH keeps asking if it's because I love the color of the yarn...I do!

City Nights hat and muff for myself. With the weather we've been having, I won't need it, but I love how it looks!

That's it for now. Like Marge, I'm going to try to shop my stash and get some projects bought long ago done this year, but I can't think beyond those listed above right now. I'm such a basket case!


Keep on knittin', mama, knittin' those blues away!
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Permanent Resident

1050 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  09:18:40 AM  Show Profile  Visit KysKnitnMom's Homepage Send KysKnitnMom a Private Message
I'm working on lots of socks. I definitely want to make some cute strappy tanks for the summer. I didn't get around to it last year. I also want to do some felted projects again.

Megann, in sunny San Diego.

What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about....
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Posted - 01/04/2005 :  10:15:23 AM  Show Profile Send a Private Message
I loved reading about everyone's coming projects. So I thought I'd get my two cents in, too!
I just finished a sleeve for a baby sweater and want to get that project done. There is no real hurry on it; I'm making it for my first grandchild coming in July (Hurrah!)
Don't laugh, here, but I MUST learn how to seam things up and soon. I have all the pieces for a baby sweater, a matching cap, and a pair of two needle socks, but have not got the courage to seam them together yet. Got some great suggestions for doing so from all of you helpful folks here at KR, just have to get to it.
Have one rectangle done for a poncho and am going to start the second rectangle for it tonight. I'm going to try the seaming on this because it is done in a boucle yarn, yummy, and any mistakes (I'm hoping) won't show up too much. Can you tell I'm a beginner.
Learn how to knit on dpns. I really want to do a pair of socks! I've been practicing but find it very awkward. I read the suggestions here and am going to try them maybe tomorrow. Surely, I can do this!
I also want to start on a sweater for me from a pattern from Rowan's Denim People. It is called "Slouch" and calls for a bleaching technique in a random pattern over the sweater after it is knit and sewn up. I was "ohing and ahing" so about the sweater at the yarn shop as the owner was looking for the book for me that all the other customers were leaning over my shoulder when she finally found the book. It got very quiet when I paged to the pattern. No one was very impressed. Finally, one of the woman said, "Well, it certainly is artsy fartsy, isn't it." Yep, it is. It's a Kim Hargreaves design and is very artsy fartsy and since I'm an illustrator it is right up my alley!
More baby stuff.
Felt a hat.
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Permanent Resident

4160 Posts

Posted - 01/04/2005 :  10:31:40 AM  Show Profile Send dschmidt a Private Message
Working on the mercury messenger bag to felt for my daughter. I am going to do a charity project for each project I finish for my family or self so a hat will be next. Then I am going to make some socks and a sweater for my son.

Donna in VA
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