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 I second that notion about service
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Jenny B.
Gabber Extraordinaire

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Posted - 12/28/2004 :  4:32:45 PM  Show Profile Send Jenny B. a Private Message
I was just at my LYS looking for a very chunky yarn in 100% cotton for a pattern (which I bought from that store). Anyway, the owner saunters out to help me and reports that she doesn't have a yarn of that type, she has ordered some,no idea when it would be in, but she ordered extra for her own project and then went back to her office! No suggetion on a substitute yarn, no offer to order it for me or find out when the other stuff was coming in. Sheesh, and small businesses wonder why they are losing customers to the internet! I just ordered it on-line and it arrived today.

Jenny B.
"I wanna live in a BLUE state"

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Posted - 12/28/2004 :  5:17:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit Boogie's Homepage Send Boogie a Private Message
What horrible service. My LYS's are almost too helpful :) Service (and supporting local businesses) is the only reasons I still shop at my LYS's. I don't know why more places aren't aware of it. Maybe they aren't aware of what a competition the internet really is.

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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 12/28/2004 :  5:47:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit klfrazier's Homepage Send klfrazier a Private Message
It's true that your LYSO should have offered to help find a replacement or at the least taken your name so that she could call you when the order comes in. I agree that was a mistake on her part.

However, to answer part of your complaint - she probably didn't offer a suggestion as to when that order was coming in because even she doesn't know. Unfortunately, once the order is placed you just have to wait. Distributors and manufacturers are very backed up - especially with more popular yarns or smaller companies - and so once the order is placed it's beyond the LYS's control.

My LYSO has a delay of six months or more sometimes. In fact, she recently recieved yarn that she ordered early last spring! When she discusses special orders by customers, she always makes sure that they know that while she is happy to do special orders she has no way to determine how long they will have to wait. She also lets them know how serious the delay problem is and how long they will have to wait. It's an unfortunate reality right now.

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Permanent Resident

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Posted - 12/28/2004 :  7:52:13 PM  Show Profile  Visit HoJo's Homepage Send HoJo a Private Message
I can 2nd what Kristin says about the distributors - I placed an order for Prism Yarns "stuff" in MAY for August delivery(and was told that it was a good thing I did because the following week was a show and if I placed after that, I wouldn't get any THIS YEAR at all).

Well, the first part of the order arrived in October, some more came in November, and the rest only a couple of weeks ago in December. Since I'm just starting up, I had to delay my internet store opening until after the first of the year.

I stopped giving dates to my potential customers after August came and went and I missed the opportunity to get holiday gift sales.

Also, alot of the distributors will not take special orders - they force the retailer to place a minimum of $$$$$ (anywhere from $700 to $3000) just so that one customer can wait six months for that 1-5 balls of yarn. So alot of LYSO's (and online stores as well) are no longer taking special orders.

However, I agree that she could have communicated more clearly and politely to you about the realities of yarn buying today.


"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels." Faith Whittesley
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Honorary Angel

5539 Posts

Posted - 01/14/2005 :  12:58:28 AM  Show Profile Send azknitter a Private Message
There are only a few decent yarn shops in Phoenix so I often end up in Mesa where there's a pretty good one, but, and this is my biggest gripe--they're just plain snotty! I was recently in to purchase some needles and while at the counter a lady called to ask if the shop offered senior discounts (this is Arizona you know, land of retirees). It seemed a perfectly reasonable question to me, but the woman answering the phone was curt and rude. Worst of all she mocked the poor lady after she hung up and announced to the other women working there every word she said and acted as if she had asked for free yarn or something. I was embarrassed for the poor lady and angry that these stupid women chose to behave this way in front of so many customers in the store. I left wondering what they must say about me each time I leave.

I'd like to think this was an isolated incident in one store and I certainly don't go looking for this kind of behavior, but I have to say rude and snotty attitudes are pretty common in most LYS's.

I used to tell my husband that I spent so much money in these stores because they were a respite from the malls and terrible service you can always count on there, but I'm finding the service and attitude in my formerly favorite stores is becoming just as bad.

I hope the shop owners/employees I'm talking about here or anywhere else for that matter take note. We deserve better treatment than that!

As for the rest of the LYS owner/employees who treat your customers with dignity, respect and a welcoming attitude, I would like to say "Thank You" , you are deeply appreciated in my life and I'm sure others feel the same.
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Chatty Knitter

114 Posts

Posted - 02/16/2005 :  07:41:18 AM  Show Profile  Send Annabelle a Yahoo! Message Send Annabelle a Private Message
You know, I've noticed this about small-privately owned businesses in general (like yarn shops, tobacco shops, clothing shops, record shops, etc) that they're either hit or miss.

I love going to my LYS "Skein" in Pasadena because they're super friendly and they have someone there giving lessons at all times so if you need help, the owner and the guy/teacher are there to help you. Their only downside is product price.

I've been to a few shops for various needle arts in my life and some are wonderful and some just flat out stink. Snobs, I call them. They have that high and mighty attitude, but Skein is wonderful. They ask you what you're making and do offer input, but don't tell you that you're doing it wrong (unless they see you doing something truly wrong).

I guess it's really all about trial and error.
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New Pal

35 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2005 :  5:35:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit's Homepage Send a Private Message
I'm lucky in that there are many good LYS' in my area, complete with good service. I love Yarnzilla and Coldwater Collaborative; the owners and staff are so friendly and helpful. The owner at Yarnzilla helped me pick out yarn and a pattern for a group project to make an afghan out of knitted blocks for a friend with cancer; she ordered the yarn we needed and held it under my name; and she suggested I buy it all together so as to qualify for her bulk purchase discount. Repeatedly she's offered help to anyone who needs it, as we're pretty much a novice knitting group. She couldn't be nicer.

But I have been in a couple that weren't so nice, and with a good selection locally to choose from, those LYS' won't get any repeat business from me.
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Seriously Hooked

693 Posts

Posted - 04/02/2005 :  12:12:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit umbaba's Homepage Send umbaba a Private Message
This is a good thread for me as I am starting to hire new employees for my store opening in May. I want to have a seperate area with a desk and a computer to show stock available (that can also be an extra checkout) where folks can sit and ask questions and not have to be overheard by everyone and when the shop isn't busy they could get extra help and maybe the private knitting instruction could happen there. What do you think? soon as I finish this row
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Two Sticks and a String
Permanent Resident

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Posted - 06/12/2005 :  04:47:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit Two Sticks and a String's Homepage Send Two Sticks and a String a Private Message
Oh, what a shame! Was she the owner? or an employee? If she was an employee, I am sure that the owner would love to know about it!
I buy all my products, well ususally about 90%, from my LYS. Yes, I know I can buy things cheaper online. But, I do not only buy yarn and needles. Included in that price, I am paying for her fabulous expertise, knowledge, wisdom and 45 years experience. I know, I could never afford to pay her what she is worth, so the price of her yarn is very reasonable for the service that I recieve.
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