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of troy
Permanent Resident

2474 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  06:03:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit of troy's Homepage Send of troy a Private Message
every once in a while an old topic will pop up, and its clear, someone has been opening all the folders, and found a topic of interest.

i have my 'bookmark' for KR set to 'active topics', so when i click on the bookmark and open KR, it doesn't open to the forum home page, but to the active topics page. showing all the active topics since my last vistit to the forums.

a recent post in a thread (in this folder) explained the color coding of the file folders on the extreme right hand side, and what the different colors meant. (i think i would recognize them if i were looking, but with out them infront of me, duh, i haven't a clue.)

so how do you read? do you open each topic and then each folder (based on the color code) or do you use the active topics option?

do you read PM before public post's in the forum? (i do, and sometimes they are confusing, because they refer to, but don't actually quote, a comment i have made in some thread!)

before i made my first post, i did go through many of the topics; and read, and read every topic, every post. but i didn't bother to introduce myself in the thread designed for intro's.. i just jumped in and started to make posts. the post counter on the left side lets you know if someone is a newbie or an old hand (a title in an other BB that i prefer to gabber!)

i am not much for using smilies.. but i don't mind them. (some BB's don't permitt them at all!, others allow animated ones.)

and in keeping with old style internet protocal, i tend not to use caps, except to make something LOUD-even louder than bold does. i like to use color for effect, and bold and underline and italic, but i rarely bother to change font, or to change size or color.

and as a final note, i always *RT(f)M-or FAQ before i start posting to a bb or other interactive site. Do you(did you?) read the FAQ?
*(Read The (rude word) Manual--IT's response to silly questions..)

so whats your style?

Permanent Resident

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Posted - 05/18/2004 :  07:58:07 AM  Show Profile Send Elizabeth a Private Message
I also bookmark to active topics to see what has been posted since my last visit. Once I peruse active topics and reply to some, I often set the sort to what has posted in the last 15 minutes to see if there is anything new since I logged on. I also have it set to refresh every minute, and sometimes I jjst knit in front of my screen and see what new activity pops up as the screeen refreshes. It's like a very slow chat room!

I try to do a search on a topic before I post a new one, since many times the topic I want to discuss has already been addressed. If it has and I have a further comment/question, I'll post to it--which, of course, brings an old thread back to life and back to the active topics board!

RE "RTFM": I recently purchased a set of textbooks about writing and study skills for my ESL students, and one section explains some email/internet acronyms. Their definition of RTFM is "Read The Friendly Manual"--isn't that a hoot?
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Permanent Resident

1950 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  08:17:17 AM  Show Profile  Visit purlewe's Homepage Send purlewe a Private Message
I often log in, check any messages I might have, hit the active topics button to see if anything new has popped up.

Other times I might just go into my own name and glance at the topics to which I have replied to see if there are any new bits of discussion.

Sometimes I might want to see only one topic, say shawls, and see what has been written about. Or sometimes I search for a set of words, say copyright (since I wrote you that PM asking Helen what she thought about some things she had written in an older topic) I'll read an older topic and sometimes send PMs to people if I ahev a further question regarding how or what they think about it now.

I think the PMs are a wonderful thing. It gives me the chance to send someone a question or comment pretty instantly after reading something they wrote. I love how you can send a link to the topic of discussion you are discussing, and doesn't interfere with my time online (the whole get out of one program shift pages start something else thing)

Cats always feel underestimated, underappreciated and underfed. ~Jon Carroll
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Permanent Resident

1052 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  08:25:58 AM  Show Profile  Visit linda-gail's Homepage Send linda-gail a Private Message
Purple is my font color. I used to change the font, but on my Mac I have to use too many steps to do that, so I don't bother anymore.
I always go to active topics, though I have my bookmark set for the main page in case I want to drool in the boutique for a while.
I do search for a topic if I have a question - most of the time. Sometimes I just don't think of it.
I too read every post (just about) before posting. It was the unending patience and encouragement found here that made me stay and start posting. I've even gotten brave enough to answer some questions, but don't usually becasue there are so many people here with more knowledge and experience than I. Thank goodness!
And I like the smilies.
I can't seem to break my habit of typing "properly" with the aprropriate capitals, spelling (most of the time) and punctuation, though I don't feel I need to criticize those who don't.

Fun topic - thanks.

Linda, knitting and now spinning away in MD
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SustaYning Member

4435 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  09:31:33 AM  Show Profile  Visit Jane's Homepage Send Jane a Private Message
Good idea for a topic...

I bookmarked the main Knitter's Review page -- after all, that's why Clara started this whole thing! -- and then I click on "forums" (you can see who's reading at the same time) and then "active topics." I read all the new stuff, reply whenever I feel the urge, and then I refresh the active topics after a while to see what's new (sometimes I've been here so long that I have to check topics that have had posts in the past hour!).

When I first started I read everything, too. I learned so much about KR by doing this -- and by the time I was ready to de-lurk I felt like I knew how to navigate and who all of you were.

I usually go into the archives to read up on any topic that I have an interest in or a question about, so that I can find an answer without starting a whole new thread. I learned so much about socks by reading the topics that I had no fear when I began my first pair!

I try to type "properly" and hope that I don't make too many mistakes, but I don't care what anyone else does -- I think our spontaneity adds a lot of spice to KR, and I would really miss it if we became slaves to propriety.

(on the end of
Long Island, NY)

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Permanent Resident

6331 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  10:05:34 AM  Show Profile  Visit GFTC's Homepage Send GFTC a Private Message
I have KR in "favorite places" on my Mac and it goes to the main page. That way I can see if I have any PMs and on Thusdays I read Clara's new column. Then I go to either active topics or sometimes I see who is currently signed on and then go to active topics. Once in a while I go into the archives to find something specific that I vaguely remember seeing.
I use blue for my font color. It enables me to scan a thread to quickly see where I left off and also it alerts me that I have responded so I don't keep responding to the same thing. After all, I don't want to bore you guys to death! I always preview & edit before hitting the post new reply button so that I can catch typos and inappropriate tone.
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2810 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  4:25:07 PM  Show Profile Send Tam a Private Message
I also have KR in my favourites so I can jump in more easily. Once I have logged in, if there are no PMs for me (which there rarely are) then I just hit active topics to see what is new and just read the topics that interest me. Occasionally I will search for a particular pattern or thread that I remember seeing.
On Friday mornings, I check my e-mails before coming here so that I can read Clara's column and then log in through there.

Happy Knitting,
Tam in Melbourne

2004 Stats: 12 FOs, 3 WIPs

Women are like tea bags - you don't know how strong they are until they are in hot water.
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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  5:05:21 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
I have KR set up as my browsers homepage in Explorer and my hockey board as the home page on Netscape. That way I get the best of both my passions.

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." Gandhi
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Permanent Resident

2401 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  6:22:46 PM  Show Profile Send sallyjo a Private Message
I'm set for home page, and then go to active topics. I've got a folder in my documents called 'tips" for things I want to save off here. I might expand that - one for wool and one for cotton. If I have a question I usually just wait a few days and somebody else asks it!!

happiness is highly underrated
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Permanent Resident

2145 Posts

Posted - 05/18/2004 :  7:16:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit kimkrafty's Homepage Send kimkrafty a Private Message
When I first started at KR, I didn't really know anything about navigating the site. I had made a google search and it brought me here. Later, another google search brought me back. I then started checking out the entire site, found out there was a newsletter, and decided to join.

I made an intro and then just started posting like crazy. I've been hooked ever since.
When I visit KR, I usually check to see who else is logged-in. I also check to see what the lastest posts are and sometimes I check for posts of people who seem to have a lot of kindness and knowledge to offer.

I'll sometimes to searches for a specific topic but usually I just check out the different folders and people who I find interesting, helpful, and pleasant.

If I have a PM, it depends on my mood as to whether I'll read it first or if I'll read the boards first.

Some days, I get into a profile mood and I read a lot of the profiles for members. I like seeing how long someone has been a member and if they are a frequent poster. Also, sometimes I find someone seems to post to a lot of the same topics that I do, and I'll check for the posts for that person to see if they've said something new that interests me.

There used to be a member here who was very friendly, polite, helpful, etc...that I would always check to see what she had posted. We would PM eachother from time to time as our knitting tastes were similar.

Uhoh, I've almost written a book so I'm stopping here.

PS...I use smilies in a sporadic fashion.

Kimberly, kniting in VA
FO for 2004: 2/3 :)
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