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 Where is the weirdest place that you knit?
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Seriously Hooked

960 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  12:33:47 PM  Show Profile Send Tabbico a Private Message
I was just reading in another post that someone here knits while in the bathtub, and another while on her treadmill! So where is the weirdest place that you knit or have knitted?

I guess mine was when I used to fly cargo late at night. I would set the autopilot on my airplane and knit away!

Whether you think you can or you can't, you are probably right.

Permanent Resident

1948 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  12:39:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit LJ's Homepage Send LJ a Private Message
Waiting for the gift registry printer in Target to be fixed.....traffic jam outside of Paris....

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Guardian angel

9776 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  12:40:34 PM  Show Profile Send fmarrs a Private Message
In the recovery room after surgery. With all of my medical problems, I always have to stay extra long and tell them they get one hour and then I'm knitting.

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Sustaining Member

517 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  1:05:37 PM  Show Profile  Visit DietchGirl's Homepage Send DietchGirl a Private Message
At a concert... gave me something productive to do during the set change between the opening and main act.


"This is mohair." "Mohair", he said and placed the furry ball on his head. "Mohair for me?" - from a very funny moment with my boyfriend in a LYS.

My blog in training:
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Permanent Resident

1543 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  1:06:09 PM  Show Profile Send jade a Private Message
Once in the car at night, using the maplight. I wasn't driving, of course. We got some strange looks.

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Gabber Extraordinaire

384 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  1:17:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit Leanne's Homepage Send Leanne a Private Message
I knit everywhere...while camping, at bluegrass concerts, in the car, on the ferry,...
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Chatty Knitter

150 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  1:23:19 PM  Show Profile Send girlgenius a Private Message
This sounds like one of the questions from the Newly Wed Game. . .
This is bad: My sweetie leaned over to smooch me while we were sitting on the couch watching a movie. As we smooched, I kept knitting. I didn't even realize it until he broke away and said "Were you knitting that whole time?" I fibbed and said that I hadn't been, but that I had to finish the stitch I was in the middle of when he leaned in for a kiss, or the row would be off.

I normally don't fib AT ALL, even to spare feelings, (I'm from the if you don't have anything nice to say, stay silent school), but in this case I feel like it was an ok fib to tell.

I blush to write it!

Stumbling through the fiber arts

My blog:
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Permanent Resident

15375 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  2:05:28 PM  Show Profile Send mokey a Private Message
I am the bath tub knitter! It's no different than knitting in a chair, or whilst laying down. I knit Continental, so I keep my yarn in a little container on the floor outside the tub so it doesn't get wet. My knitting has never fallen in the tub, but even if it did, no big deal - it's sock yarn!

I also knit whilst on the toilet, watching my son in the tub. He's at the age where I could leave him on his own but I feel better being there and not bored.

I knit at ACC during intermission if I don't feel like getting a drink or snack.


"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." Gandhi
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Seriously Hooked

710 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  2:09:02 PM  Show Profile Send knittykat a Private Message
I knitted in the movies! Not on screen, mind you. DH won tickets to a movie and I wanted to go, but it wasn't really my cup of tea. So I brought a really easy project that I could do in the dark and knitted away. There really was plenty of light because in this theatre you eat dinner while you watch the show and so there are a lot of house lights. I got some extremely strange looks! But I got the sleeves done for a sweater and watched the movie, too!

Kat in Illinois
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Gabber Extraordinaire

433 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  2:12:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit Knit2Relax's Homepage Send Knit2Relax a Private Message
I always knit in the car, even if it's night time, by using a little book light. Not very wierd, but it's the best I can do!

Knitting and More
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Permanent Resident

3073 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  2:31:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit Boogie's Homepage Send Boogie a Private Message
I'm the treadmill knitter. It makes exercise almost bearable.
Kate, I've done that. I get so used to knitting away that my hands are working without me thinking about it. At least knitting hasn't gone beyond a kiss.
I just knit any spare minute I can sometimes, in restaurants, cars, camping, traveling. You name it, if I have a project that needs to be done I'm working on it.

:) amy
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Chatty Knitter

348 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  3:14:10 PM  Show Profile Send GreysMom a Private Message
Well, I don't really knit in too many weird places. Maybe that's a sign I need to get out more! he he he. Well, I have knit in the bathroom while my son is bathing, I've knit in the car, not driving of course, I've knit in hospitals, on airplanes, and definitely in coffee shops. All that seems so mundane, so my new mission will be to find a new, unusual place and knit!

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Chatty Knitter

220 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  4:18:46 PM  Show Profile  Visit geekgirl's Homepage Send geekgirl a Private Message
I never thought of the bathtub- what a great idea!

Being a grad student, I knit during conferences (I just got back from a women's sociology conference where at least 6 other people were knitting!). This was GREAT during the "business meeting" part of the conference- I had little interest in the business, but couldn't leave for fear of being rude so knitting was my savior.

I also knit in brownbag talks in our department (where people present research). I usually ask the presenter first if it is okay especially if they are from outside our dept.

Oh and I knit on the bus, I knit on airplanes, in the airport, in the car (passenger of course!) and while waiting at the vet.

-Wendy in Wisconsin
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Chatty Knitter

322 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  4:29:44 PM  Show Profile Send caramel93117 a Private Message
I think they thought I was weird, but I've knit several times while waiting for my car at the shop. Probably not that unusual, but I got a lot of looks from mechanics and customers alike.


"Take your needle, my child, and work your pattern--it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like stitch at a time taken patiently."--Oliver Wendall
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Permanent Resident

1681 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  5:16:31 PM  Show Profile Send carols a Private Message
I'm technically a lawyer, though I haven't practiced law since my son was born over 6 yrs ago. In my state, attorneys have to take 12 hrs per year of continuing education classes. I love going, because it's a chunk of knitting time. People always look at me a little oddly, and usually at least one person comments or says wistfully that they used to knit, but it's certainly no different in principle than someone writing briefs on a laptop, pushing buttons on a Blackberry or reading the newspaper while the videotape drones on...
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Chatty Knitter

164 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  5:40:23 PM  Show Profile Send letti a Private Message
Once while waiting at the bus stop on 57th Street and Broadway in NYC. It was during lunch hour and the streets around the part of town are always jammed. I took out my knitting - was working on a pair of socks. I knitted about two and a half inches before the bus arrived.
I have also knitted while walking along Central Park West, it was a sunny, quiet fall afternoon. One can walk three to four blocks without having to cross the street. Half way through the row I would look up - did not want to walk into someone.

"Anybody is liable to fall off a tightrope in any land, I thought, and God help you if you fall the wrong way."
Langston Hughes
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Gabber Extraordinaire

487 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  5:43:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit cmarks's Homepage Send cmarks a Private Message
In the waiting area at Olive Garden. It was a long wait, but worth it. LOL I also knit in my car in the school car line while I wait to pick up the kids from school. I am also a member of a twelve step program and knit constantly in the meetings. LOL It keeps me focused and I am better able to listen instead of judging everyone. LOL I also knit in bed while watching TV. Hubby is so thrilled.

Peace be with you,
Carol (knitting for my sanity in Alabama)

'Normal' is a setting on the dishwasher.
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Chatty Knitter

307 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  6:47:56 PM  Show Profile Send careynev a Private Message
When I lived in NJ and NYS, I commuted at least 1 hour to work and loved every minute of it because it was free knitting time. But there was one time when a man moved to a different seat on the train because he had been next to me the previous day (when I was also knitting) and my knitting drove him crazy! What is there about plain old knitting that could bother an innocent bystander?! He was just a goofy, cranky man.

I, too have knitted while waiting for my car's oil change. It felt a little weird, but it was better than staring at the crappy junk show the cashier chose to put on the TV.

I knit during my lunch breaks at school (I work in a high school), but that's not very unusual...

I guess I'll have to work harder at knitting in odd places!

Judy, the Nerdy Knitter
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Permanent Resident

2810 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  7:25:45 PM  Show Profile Send Tam a Private Message
I knit while my kids are in the bath, at the computer, outside while we were having a BBQ, in the car and at a Lingerie party, as well as all the usual places like the doctor's surgery.

Happy Knitting,
Tam in Victoria

Women are like tea bags - you don't know how strong they are until they are in hot water.
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Gabber Extraordinaire

491 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  7:26:19 PM  Show Profile Send Smock7 a Private Message
Okay, I must really be out of the loop because now I have to ask some questions! What is the ACC? What does it mean to be pushing buttons on a Blackberry? Hmmm. Do they even have things in central Oklahoma? Just wondering.

Vanessa in Oklahoma

"Children learn by watching & mimicking your actions, not by listening to your 'words of widom'."
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Permanent Resident

3244 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2004 :  8:00:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit Wen's Homepage Send Wen a Private Message
I've knitted in court while waiting for my case to be heard, when I was at uni I knitted in lectures. BBQs, tupperware parties, trains trams and cars (although not while moving in the car anymore). Over the years I have tended to take knitting when I expect to wait anywhere. The carpark at school is one of those 'I have to wait' places.


2004 stats: 4 completed, 3 WIP, 8 wool purchased. 1 frogpond
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