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On the Road:
Adventures in Knitting

Harwich Port, MA

Whenever I visit a new town, the first item on my agenda is to check out the local yarn shop. On a sunny Saturday recently, I ventured to Adventures in Knitting.

The store is located in Harwich Port on Cape Cod, which is just south of Boston, Massachusetts. Like many towns on Cape Cod, Harwich Port is grappling with rapid new development.

Open space and older homes are being replaced by enormous weekend retreats rarely occupied by more than two people. It was comforting to see that some Harwich Port traditions have yet to be lost. Adventures in Knitting, as the oldest yarn shop on Cape Cod, is a case in point.

The Shop
Adventures in Knitting is conspicuously located in the center of town, with ample parking and plenty of places to send the non-knitters in your party so you can indulge in peace.

Daring to Enter
Many people have shared with me their anxiety about entering new yarn shops for the first time. Inevitably there's a group of "populars" who stop their conversation to stare the newcomer up and down. Or worse yet, the shop owner either ignores the newcomer or insists on following her around the store.

I experienced none of this. Gaylene was on duty that day. She lifted her head from her consultation with another customer to give me a smile and make sure I was OK. I was left to play and discover in peace.

The Space
The shop's interior was warm, well-lit, and peaceful. Air in yarn shops can sometimes take on a stuffy, plastic smell. But here it smelled sweet and clean.

Inventory was impressive. I saw several gorgeous novelty yarns I'd never seen before, plus a hand-dyed "house" blend that seemed perfect for out-of-towners seeking a quick vacation souvenir project. But behind these attention-getters was a solid yarn inventory to supply even the choosiest year-round resident.

Patterns were all neatly stored in strong, well-loved binders in an easily accessible spot.

Personal Favorites
I was surprised to find all sorts of yarns I'd never encountered before. My personal favorites were the Lobster Pot yarns, succulently soft wools that are hand-dyed by the shop owner in a rainbow of cheerful colors; a sizeable collection of Morehouse Merino fittingly displayed in an old-fashioned china cabinet; and a basket of dreamy luxury yarns including quivut and a Joseph Galler cashmere bouclé that was out of this world.

If your travels take you to the Cape Cod region, you'll find a home away from home at Adventures in Knitting.

The front

The Specifics

557 Main St.
Harwich Port, MA 02646
(508) 432-3700

Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm
Sun noon-4pm


Lobster Pot Yarns
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