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The tip of Lantern Moon single-pointed straight needles

Needle Profile:
Lantern Moon Single-Pointed Knitting Needles

Close-up of the Lantern Moon needle tip
Lantern Moon
Ebony with light wood top, rosewood with palm wood top, blonde wood with ebony top (pictured), coconut palm wood with rosewood top.
First Take
Choosing a needle type is as personal an act as choosing your toothbrush. Some prefer the cool, firm hand of aluminum, while others find the warmth of wood more appealing.

Even among woods, you have choices: the ultralight blonde woods, the slightly denser rosewood, and the firm, stoic ebony.

Those are just three of the choices you get with Lantern Moon knitting needles, the relatively new and wildly popular needles handmade in Vietnam. They come in combinations of rosewood, ebony, coconut palm, and the more generic "light wood" and "blonde wood."

Attention to Detail
Lantern Moon single-pointed straight needles have an unusual, reverse funnel-shaped end that is always capped in a different wood than the needle body. (The packaging says "patent pending," and I'm trusting this cap style is what they're trying to patent, since the needle itself is like most others.)

Although Lantern Moon marketing materials explain that the needles are all sanded and waxed by hand, I suspect the final coat varies depending on which type of wood you choose. I say this because my needles had a clear varnish finish.

Although the finish is not tacky, it does have a medium amount of drag to keep your stitches in place. The needles vary from lightweight to dense, depending on the wood.

All are warm to the touch and have a short taper and blunt tip.

A Chunk of Change
A pair of these beautiful needles will cost anywhere from $17 to $32. If you have any qualms about such an investment, I strongly recommend you visit a yarn store and try holding all the different needles in your hands at least once before buying. You may find you like the feel of certain woods more than others, and you'll quickly be able to tell if the taper and finish are for you.

Available Sizes
Needles marked in US and metric sizes.
10-, 12-, and 14-inch:
US 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19; palm wood starts as US size 10
Average retail price
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