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June 21, 2002

Will the current abundance of design-it-yourself tools drive professional knitwear designers out of business?

Cookbooks Don't Always Make You a Chef
I worried about this when I began looking at knitwear design software for this month's focus. If you plunk in numbers and your computer spits out the instructions, what's left to do?

Plenty. Home Depot hasn't put contractors out of business, and cookbooks haven't alleviated our need for restaurants. Design software provides only part of the solution.

The other part depends on creative inspiration and the ability to translate aesthetic ideas into workable design elements. Some tools can provide a middle ground, with pre-established design types you can modify for a perfect fit.

This week I look at one of the most popular tools in this category.

In the Forums
Is it possible to knit and read at the same time? For many of us, yes. Learn how or share your stories.

June Prize
It's never too late to add to your garden. That's why I'm awarding a $50 gift certificate to White Flower Farm, my very favorite garden shop, in this month's newsletter subscriber drawing. Simply stay subscribed and you'll automatically be in the drawing.

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