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March 15, 2002

I often dream of being invited to exotic places, totally neglecting the issue of what I'd wear.

Yarn with Flair

Well, this week I found a yarn that fits the bill nicely, were I ever to be invited, say, for afternoon cocktails aboard the Count and Countess' yacht in the Cote d'Azur. This is no easy yarn, but then again, getting that type of invitation isn't a breeze either.

Get Your Designs Published

Of course one way of befriending such glamorous folks is by becoming a world-famous knitwear designer. This week I show you how.

In the Forums

What are you working on right now? Talk about it!

March Goodies

This month's subscriber giveaway is a doozy. It's a masterful knitting kit consisting of: Sweater 101, Finishing 101, Janice MacDaniel's Unpattern Patterns, and The Sweater Wizard, all generously provided by Patternworks.com.

Happy knitting, and I'll see you in the forums!


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We're very excited that Clara decided to review Binario.

This yarn has been in the works for about two years. It started out with pre-dyed viscose with a black edge and has come full circle to a fully dyed Polyamid in the most incredible colors dyed by Laura Bryant of Prism Yarns.

In honor of the review, we're offering Knitter's Review readers an exclusive 20% DISCOUNT off Binario!

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New This Week...

How to Get Your Designs Published in Knitting Magazines

Are you interested in becoming a knitwear designer but don't know how to break into the market? For many designers, knitting magazines are the stepping stone to design stardom. Here's how to get started.

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Trendsetter Binario

For those of you who thought yarn couldn't be glamorous, let Trendsetter's Binario prove otherwise.

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