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October 15, 2001

If you wondered why you didn't receive your newsletter last Thursday, it's because we didn't send one. Instead, you're getting it today.

Glorious New Digs!

Last week we relocated Knitter's Review to its new, permanent headquarters. The renovated New England farmhouse overlooks fields and rolling countryside punctuated only by a placid lake and blinking radio tower on the distant horizon.

We've more than doubled our library and yarn-swatching space, and we now boast a special "thrashing" room where we perform our merciless wearability tests.

The move took us offline a bit longer than expected, and I do apologize for keeping you waiting. The good news is that you get two newsletters this week -- one today and one on Thursday as usual.

In This Issue

Continuing our sock exploration, we look at the yarn that has taken the knitting world by storm, plus some new DPNs with a cute extra you'll be unable to refuse.

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Happy knitting!


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New This Week...
Yarn Review:
Regia Jacquard Turns Heads

Regia Jacquard Regia Jacquard
Some call it a cheater's yarn, others call it a miracle. What is it about this odd-looking yarn that has so many people talking? We find out.

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Needle Review:
Regia DPNs

Regia DPNs up close
I'll admit it: I always fall for marketing gimmicks. But this one is cute and useful! Read on to learn more about what makes these hard-to-find needles unique.

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