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June 7, 2001

My window overlooks nearly 10 acres of blueberry fields.

When I first took up residence here, I had great dreams of using those same blueberries to dye handspun yarns into garments that reflected my little corner of heaven.

Imagine my dismay at discovering that blueberries don't dye well. How could the same berries that stain our teeth, hands, and anything else they encounter not give the same beautiful color to raw fiber?

Color in Fiber

This week marks the beginning of our monthlong exploration of color. We begin with a high-level look at dyes and yarns, with a focus on the natural dye process.

You'll also find a list of good books to get you started, as well as links to some of the most popular dye products on the market.

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New This Week...
Color in Yarn:
An Introduction to Natural Dyes

A batch of hand-dyed yarns
If you've ever thought of dyeing your own yarns, you'll want to learn about the fundamentals of natural dyeing, including popular ingredients, necessary mordants, and the one thing indigo dye and chamber pots have in common!

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In Print:
Recommended Dye Reading

Before you begin to dye anything, it's essential that you equip yourself with at least one good reference book. Here's a list of titles to get you started.

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