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October 26, 2000

I have good news and bad news. First the worst.

Great Yarns Take a Bow

Rowan has announced that it will discontinue its much-beloved DDK yarn by the end of this year. But that's not all. The company will also discontinue its lightweight DK and Donegal Tweed lines as well. I'm waiting to hear back from Rowan as to why this is happening, but in the meantime I have the good news.

New Yarn Takes Center Stage

Rowan has just introduced a new Kid Soft yarn, which you can see showcased in eight Kim Hargreaves designs in the Kid Soft Collection. There are also several designs for Kid Soft in the Fall/Winter 2000 issue of Rowan Knitting Magazine.

The yarn, which I already have, is truly exquisite. Rowan has taken its stunning collection of colors and applied them to a blend of 70% lambswool, 26% kid mohair, and 4% nylon to bind it together. It's a luxuriously soft but "wooly" yarn with the perfect combination of depth and sheen. Expect a full review soon.

So if you liked the DDK, DK, and Donegal Tweed lines, lower your flag to half-mast and stock up while you can. Otherwise, go get some Kid Soft!

In Other News

Speaking of soft yarns, this week I bring you Baruffa Maratona, a light and soft cabled Merino. If you want to know why it almost gave me a nervous breakdown, read the review.

And just in time for the holiday gift season, I look at Vogue Knitting on the Go: Bags and Backpacks. It's chock full of patterns to suit many people on your list.



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Yarn Review:
Maratona is Tricky but Tasteful

Baruffa MaratonaBaruffa Maratona
Italians have a reputation for putting style before comfort and practicality. This yarn pilled after just a bit of wear, but it sure is beautiful. Read on for details.

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Book Review:

Vogue Knitting on the Go: Bags and Backpacks
edited by Trisha Malcolm

Trisha Malcolm has done it again, with a great little collection of bags, satchels, carry-alls, and backpacks designed by some of the hottest names in the knitting biz.

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Online Shop:
Elann Gets a Facelift
Ann Cannon Brown has been paving the way for yarn e-tailers since the mid-90s. Just this week she relaunched her site, Elann.com, with a host of new features designed to make your online yarn shopping experience easier.

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