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What Colors Say About Us

Have you ever wondered why some people are drawn to one color, while others prefer a totally different palette?

Color Theories

Lots of research exists on the subject of color. You'll find complex theories about what colors mean, what they provoke in the viewer, and what they can tell you about the person who chooses them.

As is usually the case, some theories contradict one another. Others don't always mesh with the color traditions of different countries.

But the study of colors can provide an insightful element to your creative process, giving you yet another factor to consider when choosing yarns for a project.

Pick Your Theory

Let's take a look at color theories from around the world. These include the study of color as it relates to:

arrow  Our moods

arrow  Our energy

arrow  Feng Shui principles

arrow  Chakra principles

     A Kool-Aid color rainbow

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